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International Affairs Speakers: A Business + Political Perspective

With the ever fluid landscape influencing us on a global level, the importance of international relations economically, politically and commercially is unprecedented. There are great opportunities to be had and these experts can show you how.

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Speakers and Entertainers : Brad Blaze

Brad Blaze

....Entertainer of the Year Award winner

Future Crunch

Future Crunch

.... mind blowing insights into disruptive technologies

John Key

John Key

.... Prime Minister of New Zealand from 2008 to 2016

David Morrison

Lieutenant General David Morrison AO

.... 2016 Australian of the Year

Robbi Mack

Robbi Mack

....vivacious, engaging and passionate

Rosemary Vilgan

Rosemary Vilgan

....2013 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year

Roy Slaven and HG Nelson

Roy Slaven and HG Nelson

....legendary Australian sports broadcasters

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By Platinum Speakers + Entertainers

Political and International Affairs Speakers are ideally suited to many industry and association Conferences and Summits and include some of the most respected political commentators, advisors and journalists, former Prime Ministers, State Leaders, business and thought leaders. The insights and experience from some of the leading political and business minds in recent history provide excellent input for a conference session or formal event and include invaluable leadership, business and economic insight.

With the ever fluid political landscape influencing us on a global level not just locally the importance of international relations between Australia and the rest of the world is unprecedented. The importance politically as well as economically or business wise is critical particularly when trading partnerships with Asia and most prominently China are essential.

Industries require innovative thinking, progressive implementation of technological advancement and strong relationships in their sector to compete and stay ahead in a time of great change and opportunity. In a resource and agriculturally rich country such as Australia we are in such an enviable position globally not to mention the science and technology, education and tourism sectors we are so well known for. We really are living in exciting times to take advantage of many opportunities.

The wealth of knowledge and experience speakers with international political and business experience place them perfectly for industry specific panel discussions and forums, hypotheticals, economy and finance overviews, client lunches and dinners and consultation. Platinum’s leading political and experienced International Affairs speakers are held in high regard and are well respected for their insight and expertise.


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