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The importance of an experienced draw card after dinner speaker cannot be underestimated. When organizing a corporate dinner or conference, charity event or awards dinner you certainly want the guests to leave with the impact of the evening’s festivities in mind. So what makes someone an excellent after dinner speaker? A guest speaker may not necessarily be a household name but must engage the audience with a good speech. Guests always look for an entertaining, informative, sometimes humorous presentation and are chosen to deliver a speech which is relative to the theme or event and audience who are listening to it. The speaker must be interactive, able to capture and hold on to the audience’s attention and even bring the audience on the journey with which they are talking about. There are many advantages of hiring a professional after dinner speaker for your next event and you’ll find the benefits far outweigh the cost involved, always enhancing the success of any event keeping your guests informed, engaged and entertained. You definitely want to end on a high so there’s no better way than to hire the best after dinner speaker.

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Bear Grylls

....Man Vs Wild
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Stan Alves

....One of AFL's favourite sons
Henry Blofeld OBE

Henry Blofeld OBE

....English cricket commentator, writer and media personality
Nick Dal Santo

Nick Dal Santo

.... 300 game AFL champion player
Dr Richard Chambers

Dr Richard Chambers

.... clinical psychologist and leading mindfulness consultant
Speakers and Entertainers : Michèle A

Michèle A'Court

....stand-up comedian, corporate entertainer, actor, voice artist and writer
Deng Adut

Deng Adut

.... Inspiring others, working for others, advocating for others wellbeing
Speakers and Entertainers : Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi

....a tennis legend
Speakers and Entertainers : Jason Akermanis

Jason Akermanis

....talented Bulldogs AFL personality
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Wasim Akram

....one of the finest fast bowlers
Dr Munjed Al Muderis

Munjed Al Muderis

....author Walking Free
Speakers and Entertainers : Terry Alderman

Terry Alderman

....motivational, informative and humorous
Speakers and Entertainers : Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin

....historic Apollo XI moon walk
Kathy Alexander

Kathy Alexander

.... Former City of Melbourne CEO
Lisa Alexander

Lisa Alexander

.... Australian Diamonds netball coach
Nick Allardice

Nick Allardice

....Head of Global Campaigns for Change.org
Jules Allen

Jules Allen

....inspirational youth advocate
Speakers and Entertainers : Tina Altieri

Tina Altieri

....sparkling personality and a polished presenter
Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly

.... 2016 Silver Logie Award for Best Presenter and Gold Logie Award Most Popular Australian TV Personality
Speakers and Entertainers : Marcus Ambrose

Marcus Ambrose

....V8 Supercar Champion
Speakers and Entertainers : Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson

....one of Australia's cycling hero's
Speakers and Entertainers : Angry Anderson AM

Angry Anderson AM

....passionate about health and depression and our children's future
Christine Anu

Christine Anu

....award winning performer and inspirational speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Glenn Archer

Glenn Archer

....courageous North Melbourne star
Speakers and Entertainers : Duncan Armstrong

Duncan Armstrong

....success just doesn't happen, you have to work hard for it
Speakers and Entertainers : Bob Arno

Bob Arno

....charismatic speaker leaves his audiences smarter, with real-world information
Graham Arnold

Graham Arnold

....strong leadership - former coach Australian National Football team
Speakers and Entertainers : Mickey Arthur

Mickey Arthur

....retired coach of the South African Cricket Team (Proteas) from 2005 to 2010
Speakers and Entertainers : Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey

....most sought after motivational speakers
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Baines

Peter Baines

....exceptional leadership speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Jason Bargwanna

Jason Bargwanna

....a natural whose experiences will only bring out the best from all of those who hear him
Paul Barry

Paul Barry

.... Award winning journalist, popular author and former host of Media Watch
Liam Bartlett

Liam Bartlett

....entertaining speaker and host for many prestigious events
David Bartlett

David Bartlett

....one of Australia's Top 50 most influential people in technology
Rosie Batty

Rosie Batty

....leader in the crusade against domestic violence
Steve Baxter

Steve Baxter

.....'Shark' on reality TV show Shark Tank, Entrepreneur, investor and mentor
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Beattie

Peter Beattie

....Nine year reign as Queensland Premier
Captain Jan Becker

Captain Jan Becker

.... Becker Helicopters CEO
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Peter Bell

....Dealing with Success & Failure’
John Bell

John Bell

....Lessons in Leadership - “To thine own self be true” – Macbeth
Speakers and Entertainers : Wayne Bennett AM

Wayne Bennett AM

....one of Australia's most successful, influential and innovative sports coaches
Mark Beretta

Mark Beretta

....Covering international sport for the past 20 years
Rachael Bermingham

Rachael Bermingham

....infectious energy, wisdom, vibrance, honesty and generosity in sharing her knowledge and experiences
Peter Berner

Peter Berner

.... deftly blending political satire, contemporary commentary and razor sharp insights
Speakers and Entertainers : Caspar Berry

Caspar Berry

....incredible life journey
John Bertrand AM

John Bertrand AM

....skippered Australia II to victory in the 1983 America’s Cup
Michael Bevan

Michael Bevan

....brilliant one day batsman, team performance coach
Speakers and Entertainers : Bob "the Cat" Bevan

Bob "the Cat" Bevan

....leading after dinner speaker
Luke Beveridge

Luke Beveridge

.... Brilliant coach Western Bulldogs
Speakers and Entertainers : Mark Bickley

Mark Bickley

....assistant coach of the Adelaide Crows
Speakers and Entertainers : Kevin Biggar

Kevin Biggar

....one of the first New Zealanders to walk unsupported to the Pole
Speakers and Entertainers : Tony Bilson

Tony Bilson

....one of Australia’s leading chefs for over 30 years
Estelle Blackburn

Estelle Blackburn

....often described as Australia’s Erin Brokovich
Speakers and Entertainers : John Blackman

John Blackman

....is one of the most visible and successful personalities in Australian radio and television
Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair

....outstanding conference speaker, MC and facilitator
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Bland

Peter Bland

....helps people identify the goals that engage their heart
Anna Bligh

Anna Bligh

....passion, commitment and leadership
Jude Bolton

Jude Bolton

.... inspirational and courageous Swans player
Chris Bombolas

Chris Bombolas

....popular MC and Brisbane media profile
Anthony Bonnici

Anthony Bonnici

....The Move Mountains Experience
Speakers and Entertainers : David Boon

David Boon

....engrossing, motivational and hilarious cricket legend
Speakers and Entertainers : Allan Border

Allan Border

.... Australian cricket captain and champion batsman
Speakers and Entertainers : Mark Bosnich

Mark Bosnich

....arguably one of the finest footballers Australia has ever produced
Speakers and Entertainers : Glen Boss

Glen Boss

....one of Australia’s most accomplished and successful jockeys
Ian Botham

Ian Botham

....one of the greatest all rounders that cricket had or will ever see
Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch

.... a deeply talented communicator who inspires people to live bravely and laugh often.
Nick Bowditch

Nick Bowditch

.... ‘Reboot Your Thinking’ social futurist and thought leader
Speakers and Entertainers : Graeme Bowman

Graeme Bowman

....immensely talented corporate hoax and speaker
Raelene Boyle

Raelene Boyle AM, MBE

....one of Australia's greatest track and field athletes
Speakers and Entertainers : Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury OAM

....the Last Man Standing
Speakers and Entertainers : Edwin Bradley

Edwin Bradley

....from manager to leader, everything is possible
Mike Brady

Mike Brady

.... Mike takes the audience on a musical journey, weaving his music into his life stories
Speakers and Entertainers : Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson

....pushing the boundaries of common business practices
Speakers and Entertainers : Gordon Bray

Gordon Bray

...the “Voice of Rugby”
Speakers and Entertainers : James Brayshaw

James Brayshaw

...key sporting media personalities with an impressive career in television, radio and journalism
Nigel Brennan

Nigel Brennan

....held hostage for 462 days in Somalia
Speakers and Entertainers : Dermott Brereton

Dermott Brereton

....regularly seen on The Footy Show
Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges

....straight talking red team trainer of Channel Ten's The Biggest Loser
Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley

....author 'A Long Way Home'
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Marianne Broadbent

Dr Marianne Broadbent

....Executing on Strategy and Innovation – The leadership, people and values factors
Trisha Squires Broadbridge

Trisha Squires (Broadbridge)

....Courage in the face of Adversity
Rob Broadfield

Rob Broadfield

....uplifting, motivating, inspiring and often humorous
Bev Brock

Bev Brock

.... Bev Brock – ‘Life to the Limit’
Speakers and Entertainers : John Brogden

John Brogden

....passionate and charismatic business and political leadership
Darryl Broham

Darryl Broham

.... big-hearted personality, an absolute winner in front of any audience
Martin Brooker

Martin Brooker

.... Former Naval Commander, cultural change and leadership speaker
Bernie Brookes

Bernie Brookes

.... former CEO of Myer Limited
Speakers and Entertainers : Bob Brown

Bob Brown

....tireless campaigner for the environment and human rights
Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown

....three-time Premiership player and Brisbane Lions Club Champion
Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

....highly popular radio and television sports presenter
Campbell Brown

Campbell Brown

.... tough Hawthorn Premiership player
Speakers and Entertainers : John Brown AO

John Brown AO

....highly motivating, enigmatic and irreverent
Speakers and Entertainers : Billy Brownless

Billy Brownless

....the Footy Show's loveable larrikin
Speakers and Entertainers : John Buchanan

John Buchanan

....Coaching and Australian Cricket Team leadership insights
Speakers and Entertainers : Tanya Bulmer

Tanya Bulmer

....Tanya’s presentation styles are eclectic and her ability to integrate comedy and creativity
Speakers and Entertainers : Les Burdett

Les Burdett

....Awarded the Australian Sports Medal in recognition of Service to Cricket
Matthew Burke

Matthew Burke

....holder of numerous international and Australian points scoring records in Rugby
Nathan Burke

Nathan Burke

.... 323 game St Kilda champion sharing business insight
Speakers and Entertainers : Lauren Burns

Lauren Burns

....transforms her stories and experiences into life skills making them entertaining and relevant
Speakers and Entertainers : Jonty Bush

Jonty Bush

....2009 Young Australian of the Year
Speakers and Entertainers : Margot Cairnes

Margot Cairnes

....named one of the "Great Minds of the 21st Century"
Scott Cam

Scott Cam

....one of Australia’s most loved television personalities, with a laidback larrikin attitude
Preston Campbell

Preston Campbell

Indigenous NRL player shares his story of depression
David Campese

David Campese AM

....widely regarded as the greatest rugby player of his generation
Alisa Camplin

Alisa Camplin OAM

....World and Olympic aerial skiing champion
Wayne Carey

Wayne Carey

....one of the greatest players to have ever played Australian rules football
Dr Susan Carland

Dr Susan Carland

.... 'Fighting Hislam' - academic, author and social commentator
Rob Carlton

Rob Carlton

....Actor and Silver Logie Winner Rob Carlton is an extraordinary MC, conference facilitator and keynote speaker
Carly and Tresne

Carly and Tresne

....My Kitchen Rules contestants 2014
Jane Caro

Jane Caro

....author, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, broadcaster and award winning advertising writer
Bob Carr

Hon. Mr Bob Carr

.... one of Australia’s most recognisable political leaders
Speakers and Entertainers : Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll

....surfer, father, businessman, celebrity and addict.
Speakers and Entertainers: Paul Carter

Paul Carter

....author, oil rig worker and hilarious storyteller with an uncanny ability to find trouble anywhere
Victoria Carthew

Victoria Carthew

....Queensland journalist, broadcaster and presenter
Barrie Cassidy

Barrie Cassidy

....political adviser, host and media personality
Speakers and Entertainers : James Castrission

James Castrission

....they are not crazy they are inspirational, successful and great motivating figures for us all
Sam Cawthorn

Sam Cawthorn

....challenges people to be themselves, believe in themselves, find purpose and focus, nurture their creativity
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Elizabeth Celi

Dr Elizabeth Celi

....turns around the negative impact of depression and anxiety on thinking toward mental health and wellbeing.
Speakers and Entertainers : David Chalke

David Chalke

....one of Australia’s leading Social Analysts
Speakers and Entertainers : Richard Champion

Richard Champion

....sporting and media personality always up for a challenge
Speakers and Entertainers : Greg Chappell

Greg Chappell

....legendary Australian cricketer with stong leadership and motivating tools
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Chappell

Ian Chappell

....highly regarded as one of the world cricket’s finest captains
Ric Charlesworth

Ric Charlesworth

....mentor coach to five national team coaches with the Australian Institute of Sports and a High Performance Consultant
Chyka Keebaugh

Chyka Keebaugh

....star of The Real Housewives of Melbourne and owner of The Big Group
Speakers and Entertainers : Patti Chong

Patti Chong

....inspiring social change and improvement
Speakers and Entertainers : Tony Christiansen

Tony Christiansen

...., bold and straight talking
Matt Church

Matt Church

.... Australia's foremost thought leader
Speakers and Entertainers : Jane Clifton

Jane Clifton

....masterful MC, guest speaker, debater and trivia quiz mistress
Paul Clitheroe

Paul Clitheroe AM

....leading media commentator on financial issues and is renowned for his ability to explain complex money issues in plain English
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Sally Cockburn (aka Dr Feelgood)

Dr Sally Cockburn (aka Dr Feelgood)

....Australia's leading health communicator
Beccy Cole

Beccy Cole

....loved and most celebrated country artist
Nigel Collin

Nigel Collin

....The Mindset of Change. Creating Better Business Conversations
Speakers and Entertainers : Paul Collins

Paul Collins

....The Body Coach
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Ben Collins

....The Stig - Top Gear
Mick Colliss

Mick Colliss

....gifted story teller - author, writer and commentator and Sudoku champion
Keith Conlon

Keith Conlon

....passionate presenter nicknamed Mr South Australia
Speakers and Entertainers : Natalie Cook

Natalie Cook

....Achieve your dreams”; “Unleash your power” Natalie is a full time beach volleyball professional who has secured her a place in the Olympic annals
Carol Cooke

Carol Cooke

....‘Cycle of Life - A Gold Medal Paralympian’s Secrets to Success’
Jacqui Cooper

Jacqui Cooper

....world champion inspiring success in the face of adversity
Priya Cooper

Priya Cooper OAM

.... ‘Success is A Choice’ reminds us that any dream, large or small, personal or corporate, can come true
Glenn Cooper

Glenn Cooper

.... Chairman of Coopers Brewing, Australia’s largest independent brewing company
Stacey Copas

Stacey Copas

....inspirational speaker with a focus on turning change and adversity into opportunity
Allana Corbin

Allana (Arnot) Corbin

....a thriller of adventure, danger, tragedy and love
Speakers and Entertainers : Sarah Cornally

Sarah Cornally

....Leading People, the business leadership consultancy
Speakers and Entertainers : Graham Cornes

Graham Cornes

....South Australian football legend
Peter Costello

Hon. Peter Costello AC

.... the longest serving Treasurer in Australia’s history
Rev Tim Costello AO

Rev Tim Costello AO

.... leading campaigner on social justice issues
Speakers and Entertainers : Kay Cottee

Kay Cottee

....the first woman to complete a solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the globe
Speakers and Entertainers : John Coutis

John Coutis

....defied medical opinion by refusing to die and now speaks all around the world to tens of thousands, very enthusiastic and eagre people, whom he leaves breathless
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Cover

Ian Cover

....anecdotes and observations on sport, media and life are delivered with his trademark relaxed and humorous style
Michelle Cowan

Michelle Cowan

....compelling speaker who's defied convention
Speakers and Entertainers : Graeme Cowan

Graeme Cowan

....Back from the brink - overcoming depression
Matt Cowdrey

Matthew Cowdrey

....Australia's greatest Paralympian
Speakers and Entertainers : Lynne Cox

Lynne Cox

....the world's most extraordinary long distance swimmer
Shelley Craft

Shelley Craft

....extremely popular Australian personality in high demand for corporate events
Speakers and Entertainers : Neil Craig

Neil Craig

...extremely motivational
View Speaker Details

Shane Crawford

....loveable larrikin on the Footy Show and well known for his exceptional fundraising efforts
Carolyn Creswell

Carolyn Creswell

....2012 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year
Speakers and Entertainers : Neil Crompton

Neil Crompton

....passionate and enthusiastic authority on motorsport in Australia
Michael Crossland

Michael Crossland

.... an incredible life story and true inspiration
Kimberley Brennan

Kimberley Brennan (nee Crow)

....inspiring young Australia champion
Speakers and Entertainers : Dan Crowley

Dan Crowley

....member of two winning World Cup teams his ready wit making him a favourite on the luncheon and dinner circuit as function MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Laura Csortan

Laura Csortan

....extensive television experience has now led to Laura becoming a key note speaker at tourism and lifestyle seminars and event MC/host
Speakers and Entertainers : Li Cunxin

Li Cunxin

.... Li Cunxin's inspirational story has to be heard and is truly inspiring and motivating
Stacey Currie

Stacey Currie

....an amazing story of determination and success
Lisa Curry

Lisa Curry

....Australian swimming champion, health and lifestyle expert
Speakers and Entertainers : John Curtis

John Curtis

....established The Grey Man charity
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Daddo

Andrew Daddo

....popular Australian entertainer
John D Anderson

John D Anderson

....an international success story, delivered with sincerity, tears and laughs
Speakers and Entertainers : Kay Danes

Kay Danes

....incredible humanitarian contribution
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Darbyshire AM

Andrew Darbyshire AM

....Member of the Order of Australia, founder of Caitlins Retreat and PacSoft
Speakers and Entertainers : Ben Dark

Ben Dark

....Ben has a genuine warmth and charisma
Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson

....a powerful and moving story
Iva Davies

Iva Davies

....iconic Australian musician and Icehouse frontman
Speakers and Entertainers : Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis

....climate change presenter, corporate performer and entertainer
Bryan Dawe

Bryan Dawe

....one of Australia's finest political satirists

Joel de Carteret

.... incredible story of hope and determination
Paul de Gelder

Paul de Gelder

....master at overcoming adversity, facing fears, and inspiring and motivating others to do the same
Speakers and Entertainers : Robbie Deans

Robbie Deans

....Qantas Wallabies mentor and the most successful coach in the history of Super rugby
Captain Richard de Crespigny

Captain Richard de Crespigny

.... Qantas pilot forced to make an emergency landing saving 469 passengers
Speakers and Entertainers : Chris De Havilland

Chris De Havilland

....overturns mindsets, launches products, motivates malingerers, trains teams, causes controversy, presents spectacular awards and entertains clients
Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa

....“The Young Aussie Millionaire That Didn’t Finish Uni.”
Speakers and Entertainers : Grant Denyer

Grant Denyer

....dynamic presenter, experienced MC and keynote speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Stefano de Pieri

Stefano de Pieri

....passionate and charismatic ‘Cook’
Speakers and Entertainers : Dhinawan


.... multitalented indigenous speaker, performer and artist
Divya Dhingra

Divya Dhingra

....multi award-winning MC and public speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Lord Digby Jones

Lord Digby Jones

....world acclaimed business commentator
Speakers and Entertainers : Robert DiPierdomenico

Robert DiPierdomenico

....AFL Brownlow medallist, AFL Hall of Fame inductee and legend of Australian rules football
Speakers and Entertainers : Stuart Diver

Stuart Diver

....the sole survivor of the 1997 Thredbo landslide that killed 18 people
Ben Dixon

Ben Dixon

....retired AFL player and commentator 
Anh Do

Anh Do

....one of Australia's most popular and well- loved comedians
Speakers and Entertainers : Khoa Do

Khoa Do

.... inspirational story- In every obstacle lies an extraordinary opportunity
Speakers and Entertainers : Kerry "Nigel" Domann

Kerry "Nigel" Domann

....a multi-talented and exceptional entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Steve Donahue

Steve Donahue

....adventurer, author, drummer, storyteller
Corporal Mark Donaldson

Corporal Mark Donaldson VC

....The Cross Road - a story of life, death and the SAS
Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan

.... inspirational indigenous performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Geraldine Doogue

Geraldine Doogue

....a renowned Australian journalist and broadcaster with a distinguished career in news and current affairs
Mario D

Mario D'Orazio

....highly experienced Managing Director of Channel Seven Perth
Brennon Dowrick

Brennon Dowrick

.....most innovative, entertaining and effective motivational speakers
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