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Creativity and Innovation Speakers have the ability to come up with new ideas, think widely, to have a free and open mind and to approach matters in a new way. They’re able to confine the creative idea and turn into reality so as to achieve successful performance. Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created. Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets, governments and society. The term innovation can be defined as something original and, as consequence, new that "breaks into" the market. Creativity and Innovation Speakers think differently, create new thinking and efficiencies, develop innovative ideas solve problems and develop progressive business strategy. From product design to creative business and efficient business management every organization benefits from creativity and innovation.

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Speakers and Entertainers : Keith Abraham

Keith Abraham

....expert on customer loyalty and the enhancement of personal performance
Speakers and Entertainers : Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd

....unique talents to entertaining and inspiring the business and corporate world
Speakers and Entertainers : Lindsay Adams

Lindsay Adams

....helps his audience achieve peak performance
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Yvonne Adele

....creative thinking, sales and marketing strategy and social media imperatives
Speakers and Entertainers : Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin

....historic Apollo XI moon walk
Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander

....founder of Peter Alexander Sleepwear
Janine Allis

Janine Allis

....the success of Boost Juice
Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt

....independent policy advisor
Eve Ash

Eve Ash

....highly experienced presenter, MC and business facilitator
Stu Atkins

Stu Atkins

....specialising in futurism, Digital Disruption, technology innovation
Justin Baird

Justin Baird

....leading innovationist and technology futurist
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Tim Baker

Dr Tim Baker

...art of bridging cutting edge theory with practical application
Gus Balbontin

Gus Balbontin

....digital disruption, business transformation, innovation and culture (former ED and CTO Lonely Planet)
Scott Bales

Scott Bales

....Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting edge arena of “The Digital Shift”,
Claudia Barriga-Larriviere

Claudia Barriga-Larriviere

....talent intelligence and change management expert
David Bartlett

David Bartlett

....one of Australia's Top 50 most influential people in technology
Steve Baxter

Steve Baxter

.....'Shark' on reality TV show Shark Tank, Entrepreneur, investor and mentor
John Bell

John Bell

....Lessons in Leadership - “To thine own self be true” – Macbeth
Speakers and Entertainers : Vicki Bennett

Vicki Bennett

....others to use, expand and share their vibrant energy level
Tenille Bentley

Tenille Bentley

....social media, digital space, innovation and leadership
Rachael Bermingham

Rachael Bermingham

....infectious energy, wisdom, vibrance, honesty and generosity in sharing her knowledge and experiences
Peter Berner

Peter Berner

.... deftly blending political satire, contemporary commentary and razor sharp insights
Speakers and Entertainers : Caspar Berry

Caspar Berry

....incredible life journey
Ian Berry

Ian Berry

....innovative workplace culture, inspiring employees and enhancing leadership
Speakers and Entertainers : Gary Bertwistle

Gary Bertwistle

....has generated ideas for some of Australia’s biggest brand names
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Blasina

Peter Blasina

....a valuable contribution to the high standard of IT journalism both locally and overseas
Speakers and Entertainers : Brad Blaze

Brad Blaze

....Entertainer of the Year Award winner
Speakers and Entertainers : Allen Blewitt

Allen Blewitt

....proven leader and communicator
Anthony Bonnici

Anthony Bonnici

....The Move Mountains Experience
Jordan Borensztajn

Jordana Borensztajn

....comedian, social media trainer and humourist
Speakers and Entertainers : Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch

....well-loved songwriter, writer, social commentator
Speakers and Entertainers : Graeme Bowman

Graeme Bowman

....immensely talented corporate hoax and speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson

....pushing the boundaries of common business practices
Speakers and Entertainers : Charles Brass

Charles Brass

....regular commentator on the future in print and on radio and TV
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Marianne Broadbent

Dr Marianne Broadbent

....Executing on Strategy and Innovation – The leadership, people and values factors
Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

....cutting edge commentator on lifestyle technology
Speakers and Entertainers : John Brown AO

John Brown AO

....highly motivating, enigmatic and irreverent
Mal Bryce

Hon Mal Bryce AO

....passion for innovation
Glenn Capelli

Glenn Capelli

....author, songwriter, radio and television presenter and creator of the Dynamic Thinking course for Leadership
Speakers and Entertainers : Arthur Carmazzi

Arthur Carmazzi

....one of the Global Top 10 most influential Leadership Gurus
Jane Caro

Jane Caro

....author, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, broadcaster and award winning advertising writer
Speakers and Entertainers : Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll

.... helps transform growth-oriented organizations into high-velocity innovation heroes
Speakers and Entertainers: Paul Carter

Paul Carter

....author, oil rig worker and hilarious storyteller with an uncanny ability to find trouble anywhere
Dr James Chin Moody

James Chin Moody

....CSIRO Business Development head, science, innovation and sustainability leader
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Norman Chorn

....organisational culture and strategy
Matt Church

Matt Church

.... Australia's foremost thought leader
Speakers and Entertainers : John Cleese

John Cleese

....one of the funniest, influential and recognizable comedic actors in the world
Nigel Collin

Nigel Collin

....The Mindset of Change. Creating Better Business Conversations
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Costello AO

Tim Costello AO

.... leading campaigners on social justice issues and is Chief Executive of World Vision Australia
Speakers and Entertainers : Stephen M R Covey

Stephen M R Covey

....The Speed of Trust, a groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting book
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Craig Mudge

Dr Craig Mudge

....technology and innovation guru
Carolyn Creswell

Carolyn Creswell

....2012 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Jim Crupi

Dr Jim Crupi

....authority in international business, future trends and leadership development
Iva Davies

Iva Davies

....iconic Australian musician and Icehouse frontman
Speakers and Entertainers : Craig Davis

Craig Davis

....one of the world's most revered creative leaders.
Tom Dawkins

Tom Dawkins

....globally respected social change maker
Will Dayble

Will Dayble

....founder Squareweave
Speakers and Entertainers : Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono

....leading authority in creative thinking and thinking skills
Speakers and Entertainers : Tania De Jong AM

Tania De Jong AM

....dynamic diva, business women and entrepreneur
Dr John Demartini

John Demartini

....founder of the Demartini Institute and author to over 40 books
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Demetriou

Andrew Demetriou

....Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Football League
Speakers and Entertainers : Catherine DeVrye

Catherine DeVrye

....combines substance with humour to inspire and motivate
Phillip Di Bella

Phillip Di Bella

....Founder Di Bella Coffee
Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson

....lead singer of Iron Maiden, a commercial pilot, brewmaster, entrepreneur and creative business thinker
Speakers and Entertainers : Khoa Do

Khoa Do

.... inspirational story- In every obstacle lies an extraordinary opportunity
Speakers and Entertainers : Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty

....`Entrepreneur in Residence' at London Metropolitan University
Speakers and Entertainers : Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez

....at the forefront of sustainable invention and building design innovation
Dr Robert Kay

Dr Robert Kay

....leadership, business, organisational resilience
Caron Egle

Caron Egle

....highly experienced Canberra based educator, coach, facilitator and consultant.
Anne-Marie Elias

Anne-Marie Elias

....igniting change
Adam Elliot

Adam Elliot

....won the Oscar ® for Best Animated Short

Chester Elton

....best selling author and a leadership expert
Shara Evans

Shara Evans

....leading technology futurist
Adam Ferrier

Adam Ferrier

....The Consumer Psychologist and global authority on Behavioural Economics
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Fitzpatrick AM

Peter Fitzpatrick AM

....outstanding contributions made during his professional life at the helm of two peak bodies
Keiran Flanagan

Kieran Flanagan

....Behavioral researcher & strategist, author, educator and corporate coach
Di Fleming

Di Fleming

....finding the extra-ordinary in the ordinary
Speakers and Entertainers : Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn

....inspirational Thankyou Water co-founder who believes in dreaming big and making the seemingly impossible, possible.
Speakers and Entertainers : Abigail Forsyth

Abigail Forsyth

....'KeepCup' Founder
Dr Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox

.... Jason inspires curiosity, progress & change
Speakers and Entertainers : Adam Fraser

Dr Adam Fraser

....one of Australia's foremost experts in the area of amplifying workplace performance
Speakers and Entertainers : Oliver Freeman

Oliver Freeman

....highly experienced futurist offering strategic insight and innovation for your organisation
Speakers and Entertainers : Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman

....learning innovative new approaches
Speakers and Entertainers : Jackie Furey

Jackie Furey

....thought-provoking insights, rich content, and humorous anecdotes
Future Crunch

Future Crunch

.... mind blowing insights into disruptive technologies
Nathy Gaffney

Nathy Gaffney

....a combination of warmth, wit, flexibility and unfailing professionalism
Speakers and Entertainers : Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof

....Sir Bob Geldof is one of the most fascinating public figures of our time.
Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver

....described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation.
Speakers and Entertainers : Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson

....one of the world’s leading experts on business innovation - even labelled “Mr. Innovation”
Speakers and Entertainers : Clive Gilson

Clive Gilson

....co-author Peak Performance: Business Lessons from the World's Top Sports Organizations
Speakers and Entertainers : Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore

....leader in the fields of health, fitness and sustainable peak performance
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Pete Goss

....Pete Goss has sailed more than 300,000 nautical miles
Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan

....world leading expert on strategy and innovation
Speakers and Entertainers : Chris Gray

Chris Gray

....property expert and investor, keynote speaker, author, television host, and self-proclaimed lifestyle junkie
Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory

....innovation and engagement, how to stand out in a competitive marketplace
Nicholas Gruen

Nicholas Gruen

....widely published policy economist and columnist
Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta

.... a business dynamo with heart, vision, values and passion
Speakers and Entertainers : Steve Gurney

Steve Gurney

....international competitor in adventure racers
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Gary Hamel

....the world’s most influential business thinker
Dr Richard David Hames

Dr Richard Hames

....one of our most distinguished futurists.
Speakers and Entertainers : Simon Hammond

Simon Hammond

....Create. Inspire. Think. Change.
Speakers and Entertainers : Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen

....epitomizes “determination”
Craig Harper

Craig Harper

....one of Australia’s most respected motivational speakers and educators
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Harper

Professor Ian Harper

....one of Australia’s best academic economists
Speakers and Entertainers : Rob Hartnett

Rob Hartnett

...improving sales, marketing & staff development
Graham Harvey

Graham Harvey

....winning strategies to attract and retain happy customers and healthy profits
Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler

....thought leader in the areas of productivity, communication, and overcoming adversity
Speakers and Entertainers : Terry Hawkins

Terry Hawkins

....established herself as one of the leading presenters in human performance
Troy Hazard

Troy Hazard

....shares with businesses his powerful Lessons from the Edge
Chris Helder

Chris Helder

....expert in sales, communication, influence, change, strategy and developing a mindset for growth.
Avril Henry

Avril Henry

....motivating, engagement and leadership for your organisation
Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

....Nothing Innovates Better Than x10 Thinking
Speakers and Entertainers : Glen Hiemstra

Glen Hiemstra

....Once you hear Glen Hiemstra speak, the future will never look the same
Paul Higgins

Paul Higgins

....future disruptions to business models
Speakers and Entertainers : Michael Hill

Michael Hill

....vision and determination
Speakers and Entertainers : Darren Hill

Darren Hill

....a new wave of leadership..... based on our Human skills.
Speakers and Entertainers : Ross Honeywill

Ross Honeywill

....internationally recognised leader
Narelle Hooper

Narelle Hooper

....A finance correspondent for ABC Radio, co-anchor of The Business Show on SBS and former editor of the Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine
Speakers and Entertainers : Maxine Horne

Maxine Horne

....co-owner and chief operating officer of Fone Zone
Melissa Hoyer

Melissa Hoyer

....commentator on style and pop culture issues
Monte Huebsch

Monte Huebsch

....presents on how technology shapes strategy, customer service and innovation
Human Rhythms

Human Rhythms

.... using music and rhythm to inspire and motivate teams of people
Speakers and Entertainers : Deane Hutton

Deane Hutton

....is one of Australia's best-known Science Communicators
Speakers and Entertainers : Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde

....corporate MC and creative mind magician
Amantha Imber

Amantha Imber

....creativity and innovation psychologist
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Sohail Inayatullah

Dr Sohail Inayatullah

....presents on futures thinking, strategy development, innovation and foresight
Speakers and Entertainers : Patria Jafferies

Patria Jafferies

....exceptional business, branding, marketing and retail success
Speakers and Entertainers : Colin James

Colin James

....a fresh approach for business to consider culture and leadership.
Speakers and Entertainers : Dare Jennings

Dare Jennings

....founder of Mambo clothing
Speakers and Entertainers : Kristina "Kikki" Karlsson

Kristina "Kikki" Karlsson

.... creative director and founder of international fashion stationery label kikki.K
Speakers and Entertainers : Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman

...., interactive workshops, teambuilding programs, management retreats, conference games and customized curriculum
Speakers and Entertainers : Azim Khamisa

Azim Khamisa

....author, activist and inspirational speaker
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Gretel Killeen

.....Australian journalist and author and is well known for being the primary host of Big Brother Australia
Speakers and Entertainers : Brett King

Brett King

....a globally acknowledged expert on innovation, customer experience, channel distribution strategy and fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour.
Ruslan Kogan

Ruslan Kogan

....Serial Entrepreneur, Pioneer online retail, Founder and CEO of Kogan.com
Speakers and Entertainers : Rhondalynn Korolak

Rhondalynn Korolak

....most respected authority on personal development, peak performance and business acceleration
Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven

....international speaker and author on creativity and change
David Koutsoukis

David Koutsoukis

....leadership and team development specialist
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

....enthusiasm for science is totally infectious
Speakers and Entertainers : Roger La Salle

Roger La Salle

....challenging, dynamic and sought after speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Tan Le

Tan Le

....a technology entrepreneur
Speakers and Entertainers : David Leaney

David Leaney

....social media to business performance
Leonard Brody

Leonard Brody

....respected entrepreneur, venture capitalist, bestselling author 
Jeremy Liddle

Jeremy Liddle

.... the art of ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’
Speakers and Entertainers : Rob Lilwall

Rob Lilwall

....a British-born, Hong Kong-based TV adventurer, writer and motivational speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Lin

Ian Lin

....Business, Social Strategist, and Futurist
Speakers and Entertainers : Anne Lise Kjaer

Anne Lise Kjaer

....specialises in future trends and their impact on tomorrows consumer behaviour

Trevor Long

....influential technology journalist
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Longhurst

Tim Longhurst

....one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation and corporate strategy
Stephanie Lorenzo

Stephanie Lorenzo

....Founder Project Futures
Darryl Lovegrove

Darryl Lovegrove

....phenomenal success story
Speakers and Entertainers : Craig Lovett

Craig Lovett

....inspirational business entrepreneur
Speakers and Entertainers : Graham Lowe

Graham Lowe

....admired for his honesty, integrity and loyalty
Speakers and Entertainers : Warren MacDonald

Warren MacDonald

....a taste for adventure
Andrew MacLeod

Andrew MacLeod

.... highly experienced leadership speaker
Claire Madden

Claire Madden

....Claire Madden is at the forefront of emerging social trends and forces shaping Australia
Dee Madigan

Dee Madigan

....award winning Creative Director
Speakers and Entertainers : Nigel Marsh

Nigel Marsh

....‘Fit, Fifty and Fired-Up'
Speakers and Entertainers : Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews

....articulate and engaging speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew May

Andrew May

....performance and productivity expert
Speakers and Entertainers : Debbie Mayo-Smith

Debbie Mayo-Smith

....the “Queen of Productivity”,
Mark McCrindle

Mark McCrindle

....one of Australia's foremost social researchers
Speakers and Entertainers : Simon McKeon

Simon McKeon

....entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian and 2011 Australian of the Year
Anne McKevitt

Anne McKevitt

....One of the worlds most admired and powerful business leaders
Michael McQueen

Michael McQueen

....2015 Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year
Speakers and Entertainers : Hamish McRae

Hamish McRae

.... one of Europe's leading futurists on global business, economics and society
Don Meij

Don Meij

....Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd
Speakers and Entertainers : Robyn Meredith

Robyn Meredith

....best selling author, economic and geopolitical correspondent across the Asia-Pacific region.
Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger

....Founder & Creator Messenger Group, talented business leader and commentator
Matthew Michalewicz

Matthew Michalewicz

....speaker, author and entrepreneur
Morris Miselowski

Morris Miselowski

....“the secret weapon to future-proofing your business”.
Speakers and Entertainers : Sharon Moore

Sharon Moore

....a People Skills Expert, building leaders and helping people unlock their potential
Speakers and Entertainers : Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan

....building high performance teams
Gemma Munro

Gemma Munro

....improving womens self worth, business women and psychologist
Chandran Nair

Chandran Nair

.... Doing business in a globalised Asia
Matt Newell

Matt Newell

....one of Australia’s leading retail marketing strategists
Dr Jordan Nguyen

Dr Jordan Nguyen

....improving the world - change maker
Speakers and Entertainers : Anders-Sorman Nilsson

Anders Sorman Nilsson

....navigating a constantly shifting business landscape
Josh Norbido

Josh Norbido

.... Brilliant performer using magic to spark creativity and innovation
Phill Nosworthy

Phill Nosworthy

....powerful catalyst for change
Mike O

Mike O'Hagan

....founder MiniMovers
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Kenichi Ohmae

Dr Kenichi Ohmae

....Described as "Mr. Strategy" worldwide
Speakers and Entertainers : James O

James O'Loghlin

....The New Inventors and importance of innovation
Orange Sky Laundry

Orange Sky Laundry

.... Orange Sky Laundry, Young Australians of the Year
Speakers and Entertainers : Tom O"Toole

Tom O'Toole

....phenomenon of Australian small business
Speakers and Entertainers : Darren Palmer

Darren Palmer

....popular designer, writer and speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Allan Parker

Allan Parker

....business negotiation and organisational change expert
Sir Bob Parker

Sir Bob Parker

.... Former Mayor of Christchurch City NZ
Speakers and Entertainers : Chris Parry

Chris Parry

....one of the UK’s top strategic thinkers and forecasters
Speakers and Entertainers : Alan Patching

Alan Patching

....one of Australia's most outstanding leaders, consultants and business presenters
Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos

....an inspirational speaker who turned her life around
Speakers and Entertainers : Corey Payne

Corey Payne

....Chairman, Future Directions Network
David Peake

David Peake

....Cultural Transformation and Innovative business strategy
Speakers and Entertainers : Allan Pease

Allan Pease

....been known internationally as ‘Mr Body Language’
Jonathan Pease

Jonathan Pease

....ideas generator, unlocking creativity and innovation
Gihan Perera

Gihan Perera

.... gifted speaker, futurist, social media and business thought leader
Speakers and Entertainers : Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce

....exploring the frontiers of media and technology for a quarter of a century
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Pethick

Tim Pethick

....inspires others to think creatively, act innovatively
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