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Mark "Squiz" Squirrell

Mark "Squiz" Squirrell

Mark Squirrell, aka Squiz, was awarded the coveted “Green Beret” whilst serving with the Australian Commando’s. His tenure with the military provided him with the skills and confidence to succeed amongst adversity and turmoil. It was the...

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Testimonials for Mark "Squiz" Squirrell

"Oh my goodness! He was amazing. You were absolutely right….he was inspiring, funny and truly had the audience captivated! I actually have one of our franchisees in Melbourne thinking about booking him for another event!"

Kip McGrath


"....it was a pleasure to have you take us all on a journey to some places far removed from our daily work lives, but none the less relevant. The scenario exercise in particular provided our staff with a great opportunity to problem solve using some basic tools that operate at a very human level, something I know the team valued and made for great discussion the next day as we continued to work with these principles

John Holland


"All delegates at the Forum were impressed with his story and the relevance to what we as an industry are trying to achieve. Squiz's story and the way he presented it uplifted all of us to new heights."

Australian Egg Corporation Limited


"The executive team at Indigo was very energized by your presentation to the group. Hearing your stories about working as a team in times of adversity, allowed us to draw some terrific parallels to how we can work closely together as a cohesive unit under difficult circumstances."

Indigo Shire Council

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Mark "Squiz" Squirrell's Biography

Mark Squirrell, aka Squiz, was awarded the coveted “Green Beret” whilst serving with the Australian Commando’s.  His tenure with the military provided him with the skills and confidence to succeed amongst adversity and turmoil. It was the perfect grounding for a career as an International Aid Worker.


Squiz escorted food convoys through the Gaza Strip, negotiated with the Liberation Tigers of Tamel Eelam (Tamil Tigers) and brokered deals with Somali Clansmen to ensure the safe delivery of United Nations food aid.  In doing so, he has mastered the challenges of performing under pressure, communicating effectively and implementing responsible leadership.  Squiz uses anecdotes and presents real time scenarios that demand lateral thinking to deliver relevant and practical tips for those working in today’s complex and fluid global market. 


In addition to this, Squiz has taken the concept of being motivated at work to an all new high.  He was inspired by his organisation, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), and the impoverished people that it feeds, to climb to the top of the world and help raise awareness of the global hunger crisis. After a gruelling six week ordeal, Squiz raised the WFP flag on the summit of Mount Everest. The inspiring and thrilling recount across glaciers and up exposed cliffs reveals the motivation, teamwork and adversity skills that facilitated his success. 


Discover how individuals/teams survive and thrive when confronted with the obstacles and challenges of operating in the worlds most formidable frontlines (e.g. Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Gaza Strip) and whilst striving to conquer extreme outdoor pursuits (e.g. Everest, Special Forces, Adventure Racing).


These extreme frontlines demand the best in teamwork, leadership, communication and resilience etc.  Failure, or a “bad day at the office”, could literally end with fatal consequences.  However, as YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE; the ingredients for success are exactly the same as those required for a PEAK PERFORMANCE ON YOUR VERY OWN FRONTLINE, albeit a little more acute.


Squiz incorporates audience participation, replicates scenarios and offers life-like challenges that ensure a unique and memorable experience.  Whether it is a classroom or auditorium sized forum all presentations are tailored to meet the objectives of the audience.  Messages or themes can be either subtly or directly incorporated into the presentation, depending on your audience and intent. 

Speaking Topics Include

Responsible Leadership - balancing people, profits and the planet.
Effective communication - taking control to ensure favourable outcomes.
Succeeding amongst adversity - managing risk and seeking challenge.
Motivating teams - maximising skill sets to optimise outputs