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Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert 10 May 22

The Uncaged Sky – Kylie’s 804 day ordeal as a political prisoner in Iran

Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert shares her remarkable story after spending 804 days as a political prisoner in Iran. She was released on 25 November 2020 after struggling for more than 2 years to negotiate her release. She is the author of the The Uncaged Sky which is an account of her unbelievable ordeal. [ more ]
Gemma Acton 09 Mar 22

Business, Economics and Finance Update – with Gemma Acton

With global and national issues such as the uncertainty of war in Ukraine, diplomatic China tensions, unprecedented floods on the east coast of Australia, global inflation concerns to a looming federal election Gemma is extremely busy delivering the latest business and financial news to keep us informed. [ more ]
Sir Ian Botham 26 Nov 21

“Beefy is Back” Sir Ian Botham is here for the Ashes

Sir Ian Botham is back in Australia for the Ashes Series and as always will be making himself available for those special corporate events, client lunches, meet and greets and even a game of golf! [ more ]
Dr Norman Swan 13 Oct 21

“So you think you know What’s Good for You” By Dr Norman Swan

So You Think You Know What's Good For You? is the new authoritative must-have for every health-conscious Aussie household. [ more ]
Dan Cockerell 25 Aug 21

Leading, Managing and Improving the Organisation - Safety and Wellness, Insights from 26 Year Disney Executive – Dan Cockerell

Insights from 26 Year Disney Executive – Dan Cockerell “If your employees are injured and unhealthy, all other goals get harder to reach. Creating a world-class safety culture requires not only expertise, planning, and prioritization, but most importantly requires visible leadership support, and an eye on leading indicators.” [ more ]
Lauren Burns 28 Jul 21

A Virtual Energiser on Mindset with Olympic Gold Medallist Lauren Burns

With the Tokyo Olympics and COVID Lockdowns currently very present, Lauren Burns has been working with organisations providing positive and energetic input for virtual meetings and events. Lauren delivers an inspiring and energising 30 or 40 minute chat around mindset. [ more ]
Kevin Sheedy 07 Jul 21


Victoria has been hit with the worst of the coronavirus pandemic compared with any other Aussie state, experiencing four lockdowns. Sheedy partnered with Enthral to share a love letter in hopes of reviving the passion for his home state Victoria. [ more ]
26 Apr 21

Five Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity

COVID-19 has turned the workplace norm upside down and suddenly millions of us have woken up to find our home is now also our workplace. So, just how do you continue to deliver, and deliver with great productivity and discipline, when the rules have so dramatically changed? [ more ]
Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan 18 Jan 21

Reinventing Normal: Why we can’t, go back to ‘business as usual.’

The restrictions, disruptions and challenges we’ve faced as a result of COVID-19 have forced us all to embrace new technologies, to experiment with new ways of working and to re-conceptualise what work/life balance actually looks like. (HINT: It’s more about blending than balance!) [ more ]
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