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20 Feb 20

Inspirational Olympians!

Olympic Speakers and sporting hero’s tell their story of commitment, dedication, goal setting and determination, persistence, adversity and success. [ more ]
Kemi Nekvapil 13 Nov 19

International Women’s Day 2020 “An equal world is an enabled world”

International Women’s Day 2020 - it’s the perfect celebration to engage an inspirational and engaging female speaker [ more ]
Jeff Thomson 17 Sep 19

Ashes insights with Australian Cricket Legend Jeff ‘Thommo’ Thomson

Whether it’s a breakfast, lunch or dinner there’s no better time to include living Australian cricket legend Thommo as your guest speaker. If there’s a Charity Golf Day coming up too imagine having Thommo in your group! [ more ]
Craig Reucassel 30 May 19

"War on Waste" with Craig Reucassel

Craig’s presentation highlights how consumer demand and behaviours are impacting our household and retail waste and how packaging and food waste are contributing to the massive volumes of waste produced each year. [ more ]
Stephen Joyce 04 Dec 18

“Australia’s Place in the Modern World” with Hon. Steven Joyce

Very few people have achieved business strategy, political success and achievement like Hon Steven Joyce. One of the most senior ministers in the successful John Key-led National Government in New Zealand, Mr Joyce was the architect of a number of major government initiatives. [ more ]
04 Feb 18

Peak Performance With P!NK's Drummer Mark Schulman

“Once in a lifetime experience for you and your staff” | 2 P!NK ‘Beautiful Trauma’ backstage passes following the show! [ more ]
29 Sep 17

Future Crunch... "Dynamic. Mind Blowing. Extraordinary."

Do you want intelligent, optimistic future thinking and to empower people to contribute to it? Do you want science and technology to bring about a more peaceful, transparent and abundant world? This is the mission Future Crunch is here to foster... [ more ]
Inspirational Resilience Speakers 22 Jun 17

Inspirational Resilience Speakers: Achievers Against The Odds

There are many ways people face adversity in their lives, but it is the few who rise above a challenge, to thrive and reach a pinnacle that sets them apart. They are resilient under the most trying circumstances to not only recover and succeed, but to excel... [ more ]
25 Mar 17

International Affairs Speakers: A Business + Political Perspective

With the ever fluid landscape influencing us on a global level, the importance of international relations economically, politically and commercially is unprecedented. There are great opportunities to be had and these experts can show you how. [ more ]
Kickstart 2017! Ignite the Passion in Your People. 15 Dec 16

Kickstart 2017! Ignite the Passion in Your People.

Just like a "New Year's resolution" this is the time to set new goals and put steps in place to reinvigorate, transform and make positive change. You will in turn inspire those around you to do the same and ensure you kick start your year in a positive direction. [ more ]
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