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13 Feb 14

Toyota job losses are tragic, but overblown

The new world of price competition means the overpaid and under-worked are vulnerable to job losses and it relies on bosses to invest in the best technology to bring costs down, but no boss will do that if the workforce is virtually saying: “We’re not changing, so up your nose with a garden hose!” [ more ]
12 Feb 14

Unemployment - Services are not the answer!

The last of the auto makers has now decided to exit Australia, that’s not a surprise. How can anybody hope to compete on the world stage with labour prices in Australia amongst the very highest in the world and with such a relatively small population to service? [ more ]
03 Feb 14


In contemporary, successful marketing, context is the new content. Think about that... then go ahead – employ it and be rewarded. [ more ]
28 Jan 14

The Three Lessons Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith can teach us about Effective Marketing

It’s the stories you tell, the increased time you devote to planning and your ability to pull together a team with different perspectives that will enable you to win the battle of consumer market share next year. Throw in some creativity, humility and strong leadership and you never know; your marketing efforts might be recognised for their bravery. [ more ]
23 Jan 14

"Bounce Forward in 2014"

As far as crises go, September 11 was monumental and the images we saw on that terrible day will be seared into our memories forever. And yet even that crisis created new opportunities. [ more ]
20 Jan 14

"Serves You Right" by Barry Urquhart

Michael O’Leary is the Chief Executive Officer of Ireland-based Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost airline. He is widely considered to be abrasive, arrogant and unforgiving about the lack of in-flight customer service, poor baggage allowances and seemingly excessive cost penalties for passengers with heavy hand bags. Long-term success and growth tolerate such attitudes, behaviour and cultures. [ more ]
26 Nov 13

Hot, but is it worth the hype?

There's a self-conscious swagger here, which occasionally lets it down. Food leans heavily on salt and sweet. Sometimes it's just plain sweet. [ more ]
26 Nov 13

GST-free shopping 'totally unfair'

Retail boss Gerry Harvey says the government should abolish the GST exemption on imported goods, adding his voice to a chorus of retailers rallying against the tax-free threshold on online purchases. [ more ]
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