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Are Happy Employees Your Key To Success?

The happiness of our employees is not just about the warm and fuzzies. It actually has a massive impact on business, providing a direct correlation to increased productivity and revenue.

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Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace

.... a deep insight and experience in the fields of gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas 'as Effie'

.... Effie as MC - her infectious comedic talent ensures a vibrant and engaging entertainment experience

Olly Bridge

Olly Bridge

.... Post COVID corporate culture of health

Samantha Armytage

Samantha Armytage

.... Popular media personality and journalist with 23 years experience

Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley

.... separated from his mother only to be reunited with her 25 years later. Author of ‘A Long Way Home

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The Importance of Employee Happiness

By Platinum Speakers

Having happy employees isn’t just about the warm and fuzzies and it isn’t something reserved exclusively for the Human Resources department to manage. The emotional health of staff is the responsibility of every employee regardless of position or purpose. Why? Because the impact on your business is massive. It not only adds up to a significant cost savings per annum, but the happiness of your employees has a direct correlation to better performance and increased revenue.

The benefits are many, but here are just five key reasons why it’s worth to ensuring your workplace is one that has all the feel good vibes buzzing:

1. Teamwork
When staff feel a sense of happiness and security at work, they’re more inclined to bond with colleagues, be open to putting forward ideas and receptive to receiving ideas. The power of a collective effort is enormous.

2. Health
Happiness is an instant remedy to reducing cortisol levels – the hormone that causes stress. At sustained levels, stress is the catalyst for an array of health issues including heart attack, immune deficiencies and depression, not to mention burn out. General wellness and a strong immune system means less susceptibility to chronic illness, flu and viruses and in turn, less sick days.

3. Productivity
Statistics show that productivity increases by a minimum of 12% per annum when employees have a happy work environment and a sense of shared purpose.

4. Creativity
You only need look in any childs’ playground and you’ll see the evidence of this point. Children are innately drawn toward fun, laughter and anything that will bring joy into their world. As a result, their creativity is boundless. How often do we observe with wonder the imagination and invention that comes from children. Their ability to look at things with unique perspective and originality never ceases to amaze. Put this into context of the workplace, and you can see the number of opportunities that would present if our staff operated with a similar mindset of creativity stemming from a sense of security, calm and sheer joy.

5. Retention
We often talk about ‘morale’ in the workplace. When morale is low, staff departures skyrocket, taking with them the intellectual property accrued over the duration of their tenure. This IP is priceless and is the glue that holds businesses together and allows them to learn from past experiences and grow. For every staff member that leaves, ….creates a ripple affect throughout the company inspiring more departures by staff seeking greener pastures. Head this off at the pass by ensuring employee happiness and health remains your priority. Your staff and your stakeholders will thank you for it.

So, this begs the question, how do you create a happy working environment? It really comes down to the basic principles of leadership.Why Happiness at Work is Important

1. Pay Fairly
This is numero uno and it’s non-negotiable. Ensuring great opportunities and encouraging teamwork is all good and well, but at the end of the day, we’re all here to earn a living, so let’s make it a good one.

2. Share Profits
How many times do we ask our staff to dig deep, to work that bit harder, to go the extra mile when times are tough? So when hard work pays off, make sure everyone is rewarded. It’s about shared purpose and shared profits and it’s a direct line in to ongoing productivity, retention and that all-important word, morale.

3. Provide Benefits
You know the saying “a little goes a long way”? Whether it’s free childcare, fitness programs or Friday lunches, providing benefits makes employees feel valued and in turn, inspires loyalty and increased engagement on all levels.

4. Create Opportunities
No-one likes the feeling that they’re in a “dead end” job; it’s a sure fire way to reduce productivity and increase staff turnover. To avoid this situation, make sure you identify plenty of opportunities for employees to be mentored, to build on their skill base and for career advancement. This is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make.

5. Maintain Transparency and Open Communication Flow
It comes down to trust. When staff feel they’re valued enough to be communicated with openly and honestly as to the state of the business, activity, goals, wins and losses, they’re more likely to do the same. Additionally, they’re more likely to get on board with the objectives of the business and make a collective effort to help achieve these.

6. Make the Workplace Fun
This is about encouraging people to bring their personalities, quirks and passions to work. This leads to an increasingly seamless work/life integration and a sense that people can really be themselves at work. Games, laughter and fun are essential to relieve stress, rejuvenate, inspire creativity and to build these very real bonds between employees. After all, it’s the staff that make a business and if your business oozes innovation and originality, chances are you’re doing something right on the fun front!

If you’re keen to increase your investment in your people and lift the happiness levels in your workplace but you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some of these experts. From teamwork specialists to corporate entertainers, these people are dedicated to creating a happiness shift in your company culture and working environment.