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Four Easy Steps to Finding The Right Speaker

Choosing the right guest speaker can spark inspiration and stimulate incredible positives for those attending easily elevating your next business event from the merely satisfactory, to the huge success for which you had planned.

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Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace

.... a deep insight and experience in the fields of gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas 'as Effie'

.... Effie as MC - her infectious comedic talent ensures a vibrant and engaging entertainment experience

Olly Bridge

Olly Bridge

.... Post COVID corporate culture of health

Samantha Armytage

Samantha Armytage

.... Popular media personality and journalist with 23 years experience

Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley

.... separated from his mother only to be reunited with her 25 years later. Author of ‘A Long Way Home

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Find the Right Speaker for Your Event

By Platinum Speakers

When planning a business event you require a lot of planning, time, hard work, experience and thorough attention to detail. Once the date and venue is confirmed you can start building and planning everything required for the event. 

You need to decide on the catering and menu relative to your budget. An event can be remembered for all the wrong reasons if the food is disappointing and not up to standard so the aim is to wow your guests with a memorable menu.  

The marketing and advertising of your event is then required, the sending out personal invitations, finalising the day’s program and agenda and preparing your event staff for the event itself and arranging the responsibilities for them.

With all the planning and attention to detail taking place to stage the event then comes the speaker program reflecting the strength of the event, the theme and content, information, education and messages on the day providing the purpose of the occasion.

Your guest speakers will be the focus and draw card for the event with the goal for them to be the highlight of it.  Your event can be hosted and managed perfectly however the best business event can disappoint or even fail if the featured speakers don’t deliver the goods or wow the audience. So, how can you be sure you have booked the right speaker for your event?

Let’s look at a few simple requirements to keep in mind when choosing a guest speaker for your next business function.

1. Decide on Your Budget

Every decision you make when planning a corporate event or business function starts with your budget. Look at the funds available, and be realistic about your budget and work within your means when hiring your guest speakers otherwise you can waste a lot of time being unrealistic.

Remember to account for additional costs, like travel allowances and accommodation. If you are using a third party booking service to secure your speakers, be sure to make your budget limitations clear from the outset.

This will help to avoid any confusion and false expectations and will ensure that you are only offered speakers whose cost is within your budget.


2. Understand What You Want From Your Guest Speaker

When the speaker budget is determined it’s critical to understand what you want from your guest speaker. Consider the purpose of your guest speaker, and what you expect them to bring to your event. Are they expected to motivate and educate your attendees, or simply to entertain?

If it is to motivate, be sure to review their resume to see if they have experience speaking at similar events. If they are being booked to entertain be sure that their performance style is suitable for your business and event.

It is important to gauge this as a new, young or popular talent may be great for a young and hip dot.com business, but may not be a good match for an older and conservative group of bankers.


3. Is Your Speaker Available?

It occurs only too often that an event manager sets their heart on a particular guest speaker, only to find that they are not available on the day of an event. It is often prudent to actually request an availability of a speaker prior to confirming the date of your event to ensure you can secure the speaker you’re after.

Depending on the travel required for your guest speakers, travel time must always be considered to ensure it’s physically possible for your speaker to arrive on time. The guest you want may technically be free on the day in question, but travel time may make it impossible for them to attend. Confirm through a booking as early as possible, to ensure that your guest speaker’s contract is locked in place.

When considering or deciding on potential speakers for your event, always have a second or third choice in mind in case your preferred choice is unavailable.


4. Consider Your Audience or Demographic

Always be mindful of your audience and the demographic make up of your event. It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of why you’re staging the event and for who it’s intended and the messages or content the event is hosted for. Don’t book a speaker just because you really like them or you’ve always wanted to meet them or see them speak. Stay on track with the brief so you deliver exactly what all stakeholders are wanting.

Will the speaker you book be addressing an audience of mostly older men, or will they be speaking to a group of young urban professionals? Will your audience be filled with technicians and engineers, or will they be mostly creative artistic types?

The secret to hiring the right speaker for your event is to ensure that they match your audience’s general demographic. Remember, an edgy hip and confident entrepreneur may not necessarily appeal to a group of conservative upper management types, and vice a versa.


Finding the right speaker for your business event is not necessarily difficult, but it does take time and a fair amount of consideration and early planning. Know your audience, understand what you expect from your guest speaker, and be sure to book early.

Choosing the right guest speaker can spark inspiration and stimulate incredible positives for those attending easily elevating your next business event from the merely satisfactory, to the huge success for which you had planned.