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Justin Langer AM – Australian Cricket Coach

Virtual presentation/webinar “Managing/Leading through a crisis”

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Justin Langer

By Jason Kidger - Platinum Speakers + Entertainers

Justin Langer is arguably one of Australia’s best motivational keynote speakers who is held in high esteem coaching the Australian cricket team.


While in lockdown Justin momentarily has the time for online presentations for the corporate sector where he speaks candidly about leadership, teamwork, personal development, personal accountability and the people element required to build a winning culture.


Justin’s success is the result of hard work and a strong determined will.  His sincerity, strength of purpose, humour and broad appeal has also made him a much sought after corporate speaker.  His presentations titled ‘The Power of Passion’ or ‘Seeing the Sunrise’ include a bridge between the business world and the world of competitive sport, paralleling the highs and lows, the fears that must be overcome, and the largely unseen preparation and teamwork required for success.


Justin is available for his usual keynote topics in addition to current themes that can relate to COVID 19 themes including:


Managing/Leading through a Crisis (Australian cricket: from South Africa Sandpapergate to Now)

Dealing with Pressure

Building and Re-building a Culture

Working Together as a Team (We not Me)


Justin can deliver a virtual keynote presentation/webinar, Q&A or fireside chat.


Feedback on Justin’s virtual presentations have been described as “phenomenal, brilliant, incredible and sensational!”


Read more at https://www.platinumspeakers.com.au/Speakers/Justin-Langer-AM.aspx


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Virtual presentation/webinar


“Managing/Leading through a crisis”