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In contemporary, successful marketing, context is the new content. Think about that... then go ahead – employ it and be rewarded.

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By Barry Urquhart

Access to online information channels, via mobile smart phones in particular, is effecting significant changes in store visits and buying patterns.
For accommodating businesses, it equates to greater productivity and increased sales.
The new generation of connected “mobile” shoppers tend to spend 30% less time in brick and mortar premises and spend up to 15% more money than the store average unit value. That is understandable.
CONCLUSION: Informed intending purchasers are inclined to be better focused and less detracted, resulting in higher business productivity.
For many, it is decision time.
Reach out, - connect, - engage.
There is increasing recognition among business leaders of the need for and advantages of embracing and implementing the above-listed three-phase process.
Enhancing the relevance and, therefore, the impact of such an initiative is best achieved and sustained by providing a positive and supportive context.
Two key elements of such are:
Effective narratives recognise, respect, respond and influence the decision criteria applied by existing and prospective clients.
Determining the framework and the structure of the decision making process ensures competitive advantage. Alas, the piper plays the tune... which is music to the ears of company secretaries and bankers.
Identifying, isolating, promoting, supporting and celebrating the, say, three key decision-making determinants – reach out, connect, engage – will simplify the processes and increase the probability of success.
Purchases and preferences are not, and should not be, consequences of price alone.
The product, the service, the company and the client could, and arguably should be profiled as heroes. Testimonials, endorsements and ambassadorial statements are strikingly effective in the current marketplace.
Heroes tap into consumer sentiments and the emotionalism which underpins decision-making and customer satisfaction.
Therefore, focus on people, benefits, advantages and outcomes rather than simply products, services, features and price-points.
In contemporary, successful marketing, context is the new content. Think about that... then go ahead – employ it and be rewarded.
Barry Urquhart