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Need Help Finding The Right Speaker for Your Event?

We've put together our list of Top 10 Tips to help you secure the perfect speaker for your audience.

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Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace

.... a deep insight and experience in the fields of gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas 'as Effie'

.... Effie as MC - her infectious comedic talent ensures a vibrant and engaging entertainment experience

Olly Bridge

Olly Bridge

.... Post COVID corporate culture of health

Samantha Armytage

Samantha Armytage

.... Popular media personality and journalist with 23 years experience

Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley

.... separated from his mother only to be reunited with her 25 years later. Author of ‘A Long Way Home

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Platinum Speakers: Top 10 Tips for Finding The Right Speaker

By Platinum Speakers

So, you've been charged with the task of finding the perfect speaker, entertainer or Master of Ceremonies for your next corporate event and not sure where to start? It's not surprising. Finding the right speaker is very important, as they set the tone, the energy level, deliver the key messages and they are usually one of the event aspects audience members most remember.

If you're going to the effort to hold an event in the first place, you want to ensure optimal return on your investment, and that your delegates take away information, drive and inspiration with lasting results.

To help you get started, here are our Top 10 Tips for finding the speaker just for you.

1. Determine your Audience Needs
This is pivotal to correct speaker selection. Do you want your delegates to learn a specific skill? Do you want to motivate them, to inspire them, to energise or to entertain them? Once you have a clear objective as to what message you want your delegates to receive, you're on your way.

2. Establish your Date, Time and Budget

  • Start your speaker research as soon as the date for your event has been set. Many speakers can have bookings up to a year in advance, so you want to get in as quickly as possible.
  • Map out an approximate format for your event to estimate how much time you may need for the speaker and also where they might best fit with your agenda. For example, you may want to provide some entertainment for your audience after a detailed or intense learning session. Your chosen speaker can often give you some advice on this also.
  • Determine how much you can spend on your speaker booking. This will help filter your options. Platinum has speakers and entertainers to accommodate all budgets.

3. Identify the type of speaker that will best match your audience needs

The important thing to keep in mind here is that a celebrity or well known personality may not necessarily be the right speaker for your needs.

Consider specific topics or ideas you would like communicated to your audience. Will your audience benefit most from a celebrity; an expert in their field; a popular sports personality; a best-selling author; or a professional speaker with thorough knowledge of the appropriate topic? Platinum has extensive filtering criteria when searching for a speaker or entertainer, to ensure your search results are as specific to your needs as possible.


4. Utilise your resources

  • Word of mouth is the best referral you can get. If you know of any colleagues or friends who have booked a speaker before that may match your audience needs, make sure you sound them out. This is a great way to narrow your search.
  • Give us a call! We specialise in finding the right speaker for your needs. Often a single phone call will save you hours of agonising internet searching. We're here to make your job easier and to ensure your event is a success. Helping you find the right speaker is what we do, so use us!

5. Create a short list
Our team at Platinum will work collaboratively with you to narrow your search parameters and find the speaker who will meet all your requirements. This includes assessing whether each of your short listed speakers has addressed groups similar to yours, providing a biography, testimonials and videos of presentations for your review.

Most of our speakers will also tailor their presentation specifically to your group, so once selected, you can brief them personally on your needs and what messages you would like communicated. Often our speakers will also ask you what you would like to accomplish from the event to ensure they can best help you deliver this.


6. Select your speaker
When selecting a speaker, remember that you are not only paying for their time on the platform, but also time to research, prepare and tailor their presentation specifically to meet your needs. Some speakers may be willing to negotiate on their fee if multiple engagements are booked or if they will have the opportunity to sell their products at your event, so ask Platinum about your options.

Professional speakers understand that your reputation is riding on their performance. Their experience with hundreds of audiences can add to your peace of mind and to the success of your event.


7. Formalise your speaker agreement
It's important to ensure you have a letter of agreement to confirm your booking and to clearly outline the expectations of both you and your chosen speaker.

Our team at Platinum will take care of all booking formalities for you. This includes:

  • Travel arrangements and transportation;
  • Accommodation and meals;
  • Fees, reimbursements and payment terms;
  • Whether you want the speaker to attend social events;
  • If the speaker may sell products and if so, how this will be handled;
  • An agreement on any audio or videotaping of the presentation;
  • Cancellation policies

8. Team up with your speaker
Make sure you work in partnership with your speaker so they have a thorough understanding of what you want and of your business. Depending on your requirements, your chosen speaker may want to familiarise themselves with your organisation to help them customise their presentation accordingly.

You can assist by:

  • Sending your newsletter or anything that would include key people, buzz words or insider news and views.
  • Give the speaker a clear outline of what you expect.
  • Be specific about the size and demographics of your audience.
  • Let the speaker know in advance about other speakers on the program. This gives the speaker the chance to build on (and not duplicate) what the other speakers say.

9. Location, Location, Location!

  • Make sure your event space is set for optimal impact. Think about number of chairs required and how they are set up to ensure clear visibility to the speaker. Also consider lighting and room temperature.
  • Stay on schedule. Although a professional speaker will be able to fill time if needed, keeping your program on schedule will allow your audience to get maximum benefit from your event and rest assured that their time is safely in your hands.
  • Your speaker will be able to provide you with a good introduction of themselves and their topic. This introduction is best kept short and energising so as to create positive expectations from your audience.

10. Evaluate your event
Ask your audience to complete an evaluation on the speaker and their presentation. This will allow you to gauge your results and plan for future programs. Make sure you send copies of your evaluations to us too. We appreciate receiving feedback on our speakers (and our own services) so that we, and the speakers we engage can continually make improvements to our service.

Contact the team at Platinum today and let us help you find the perfect speaker for your event.

Article Source: National Speakers Association