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Peak Performance With P!NK's Drummer Mark Schulman

“Once in a lifetime experience for you and your staff” | 2 P!NK ‘Beautiful Trauma’ backstage passes following the show!

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Photo by Jordan Todd Caplan

By Jason Kidger | Platinum Speakers + Entertainers


A legend in the music world and currently on his fourth tour with P!NK, Mark Schulman is an incredible musician, dynamic performer and unique keynote and workshop speaker sharing his "Rock Your Mindset" philosophy. A true showman, Mark will elevate your event to the stratosphere.


Participants in Mark’s sessions gain an understanding of how to immediately employ three foundational and powerful concepts into their professional and personal lives to increase individual and team performance regardless of position, disposition and point of view. They gain this valuable and unique information through Mark’s compelling, funny and performance based stories of working with musical greats such as PINK, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Stevie Nicks, Velvet Revolver and Tina Turner.


If you book Mark while he’s touring and in town with the band imagine having him share his insight to your people by day prior to seeing him perform and go backstage that night!


In short, what makes Mark different is that his presentation is like a rock show disguised as a keynote with live drumming, interactive performances, compelling and emotional stories from his experiences playing drums with P!NK, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Cher and other world-class artists. He will include the following:


• Tips and tricks from Mark based on his interviews with world-class performers in all industries that give participants secrets to bust through fear, trepidation and anxiety associated with any type of performance, presentation, pitch or communication.  


• Entertaining live drumming with multi-media and interactive processes that build individual rhythm, increase energy and unify the entire group into one inspired performance. 


• A truly unique, invigorating, entertaining and emotional presentation that moves participants to take immediate action toward increased performance.


View Mark's show reel and read more on what he can provide for your team.