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Platinum - The Bureau Without the Booking Fee

"We're about people, and our core purpose is to team up the right people." So, why use Platinum Speakers when you can just as easily organise your event yourself? Here are just 6 of the many reasons. 

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Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace

.... a deep insight and experience in the fields of gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas 'as Effie'

.... Effie as MC - her infectious comedic talent ensures a vibrant and engaging entertainment experience

Olly Bridge

Olly Bridge

.... Post COVID corporate culture of health

Samantha Armytage

Samantha Armytage

.... Popular media personality and journalist with 23 years experience

Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley

.... separated from his mother only to be reunited with her 25 years later. Author of ‘A Long Way Home

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Why use a speaker's bureau?

By Platinum Speakers

Platinum Speakers & Entertainers | The Bureau Without a Booking Fee

In every industry and marketplace today all organisations compete in a strong competitive environment and the speaker and events industry is no exception.

We have highlighted in previous editions the benefits and services a Speakers Bureau offers which is evident through the ongoing repeat business we value and receive from our clients. The respect and appreciation we have at Platinum for our clients cannot be expressed enough and for a small family run independent business it is essential this is the case. The industry and business is our passion and to be truly respectful and appreciative of the clientele we work with we love assisting them to make their event stand out from the crowd so are proud to not charge a booking or service fee.

With over 2000 speakers and entertainers listed, advertised, promoted and recommended on a daily basis on our website speakers are more than pleased to share a commission out of their fee when engaged. The benefits are shared below for both speaker and client at no extra cost to the client. The commission rate is fair and agreed by the speaker and any successful Bureau can form a viable business without charging an excess for ‘booking or administration costs.’

In a free marketplace it’s of course the right for a business to charge a fee where they see fit however as a consumer there’s plenty of choice which whom to choose a supplier. It has always been and always will be the Platinum Speakers philosophy not to charge a $275 booking fee. We simply don’t believe a valued client should pay an extra fee for choosing working with us.

At Platinum we're about people, and our core purpose is to team up the right people; to make sure your message is communicated in the best way possible, to assure you an event worthy of a standing ovation and to guarantee your staff walk away from a keynote or workshop armed with a new set of skills and perspectives.

In essence, we're about adding value and providing the resources necessary to guarantee your event adds value too.

So, why use Platinum Speakers when you can just as easily organise your event yourself? Here are just 6 of the many reasons.

1. Complete Service Solution
It takes a single phone call or email to get the ball rolling. From the initial talent recommendations, through to selection, booking, talent briefing, travel, accommodation and post event assessment, a speaker's bureau can co-ordinate it all for you. All you need do is ensure the microphone's turned on and the coffee's hot.

2. No Added Fees
Platinum does not charge a booking, administration or service fee when engaging speakers or entertainers for your event. Our speakers cover this for you. It's difficult for a busy speaker to answer all their client enquiries directly, so having a speakers bureau handle this for them means fast response times and an easy booking process.

3. Last Minute Event? No Problems
There's no reason why a short lead-time should compromise the quality of your event. Speaker's bureaus are accustomed to helping organise functions at the drop of a hat, so if your event is next year or today, it's all do-able.

4. Access to World-Class Speakers
Connecting you with the best local and international presenters, leading creative minds, champions of business, sporting and celebrity speakers, MC's, facilitators and entertainers is reason alone for using a speaker's bureau. From the hottest names in entertainment and media, to unearthing brilliant new talent who are emerging leaders in their field, a speaker's bureau has their finger on the pulse of it all, providing you and your delegates with the best talent on offer.

5. Totally Independent Talent Reach
When researching bureaus, it's worth finding out if they have exclusivity with any speakers. Independent bureaus will recommend speakers and entertainers best suited to your needs rather than those exclusively affiliated with a bureau. This also means you will have a broader, richer pool of speakers and entertainers to choose from, both locally and globally.

6. Over 30 Years Knowledge and Expertise
With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry, the team at Platinum is equipped to offer advice and assistance on all aspects of event management and talent booking. This not only saves you time but ensures every part of your event is taken care of and makes an impact in all the right ways.
At the end of the day, if you're serious about making your event stand out from the crowd or ensuring your staff a workshop or keynote that will dramatically change their way of working and thinking, a speaker's bureau is a resource well worth considering.

Take a look at our Platinum Speakers + Entertainers.