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Adam Elliot

Adam Elliot

Academy Award winner Adam Elliot is not only winning Animator, but also one of Australia’s funniest, unique and most refreshing corporate speakers and entertainers. Adam has given his inspiring and motivating presentations to hundreds of groups all over the world.

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Testimonials for Adam Elliot

Adam was extremely entertaining and humorous ... the audience's feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and he has no doubt inspired and motivated those who were lucky enough to see him to pursue their passion.

Apple Inc Australia


“Is there a higher grade than excellent? Adam was absolutely fantastic and a joy to work with. He was inspiring, funny, down to earth and even stayed after the presentation to take photos with the guests - that was an unexpected surprise and bonus.”



“After being involved in many conferences as a delegate and organiser I have been exposed to many high profile speakers all around the world but Adam was head and shoulders above them all. One speaker that I highly recommend to anyone.”

National Association of Australian University Colleges


“Adam had the audience's attention from the outset and presented with the right mix of informative content and humour.”



“Adam spoke exceptionally well and he certainly kept the audience captivated with his success story.  The audience comprised of the highest level CEO and MD of our major clients ....  they could have listened to him all evening.”



“There are a lot of corporate speakers out there, but Adam is by far the baldest!”

Adam’s Mother



Adam Elliot Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Adam Elliot's Biography

Adam Elliot is not only the Academy Award winning Animator of Harvie Krumpet, but also one of Australia’s funniest, unique, refreshing speakers and after dinner raconteurs. A classic underdog tale, he has told his witty and inspiring life story to over 500 groups here and abroad.


The son of an acrobatic prawn farmer, over the last decade Adam has spoken at virtually every type of event and conference, from the giants at Google and Apple to a bunch of hairdressers in Borneo. He often receives applause throughout his talks and leaves audiences thoroughly entertained and exhausted.


Far from an overnight success, Adam spent years animating blobs of plasticine in a run down storage unit in searing summer heat and freezing Melbourne winters. Despite running out of money, being dumped by his partner, moving home with his parents, and ending up on the dole, he was determined to finish Harvie Krumpet no matter what the odds.


The big question…does he bring his Oscar to his talks?

Always bringing his Oscar with him and accompanied by a dazzling slide presentation, he gives a blow by blow account of his Oscar experience in Hollywood and how he took on the giants at Disney, Pixar and Fox to win his Academy Award.


Adam has made new films since winning the Oscar with some of the world’s leading actors that includes Geoffrey Rush, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana, Toni Collette, and Barry Humphries. Viewed by millions of people around the world his six films have participated in over eight hundred film festivals and won over 100 awards. In 1999 he was the Young Achiever of the Year for Victoria and is a voting member for the Annual Academy Awards. He was recently declared a Melbourne Icon by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, and is currently developing his new feature film due for release in 2020.


 Why book Adam?

·                Clients often cite Adam as one the best speakers they have ever booked.

·                He tailors his keynotes for all sorts of groups and has a wonderful collection of glowing testimonials.

·                He has spoken to a diverse range of groups here and abroad that includes multinational conferences, small and large businesses, educational institutions, awards, graduations, local state and federal government groups, even once at a funeral!

·                Many clients book him as the opening or closing conference keynote and his specialty is as an after-dinner raconteur.

·                Accompanied with his Oscar and must see slideshow, he tells his incredible tale of how he accepted his Academy Award in front of one billion people whilst being unemployed and on the dole. A truly hilarious and amazing presentation that has left audiences spellbound and inspired.


Key areas covered in his tailored presentations

·                Overcoming the odds with self motivation, self esteem, self belief.

·                Emphasising the famous quote, That Life is not a Dress Rehearsal.

·                The power and importance of storytelling in our culture, businesses and community.

·                The power and importance of being unique and thinking differently.

·                The importance of teamwork, having great employees and support.

·                Realising and seizing opportunities.

·                The beauty and benefit of being Australian and why to choose to stay in Australia.

·                Fulfilment, job satisfaction, and finding happiness in the simple things.

Adam tailors his keynotes for all sorts of groups and has a wonderful collection of glowing testimonials. Clients often cite Adam as one the best speakers they have ever booked.