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Adam Voigt

Adam Voigt

Having achieved Principal ship at the age of 35, Adam Voigt is a strong and passionate educator. His work has seen him lead programs for disadvantaged families, manage Behaviour and Wellbeing methods and lead the improvement of communication between teachers to aid a strong bond for system demands.

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Testimonials for Adam Voigt

"Adam is undoubtedly one of Australia's leading thinkers on educational change and school improvement. A proven school leader and gifted presenter, Adam's sessions are invariably engaging, inspiring and solution-oriented. Drawing on authentic stories and a robust evidence base, Adam ensures every leader is both personally rejuvenated and equipped with practical stractegies to move learning forward in their context. Adam is lifting the bar in educational professional learning." 
Founder, Global Emerging Leaders’ Summit/Gates Scholar, University of Cambridge.   

"Adam is an inspiring communicator and a tried and tested leader. His ability to clearly communicate not just the 'what' but the 'how' of dynamic educational change engages his audience and inspires them to action. Adam has the ability to connect his authentic stories of leadership to his key messages, creating a deep learning experience for participants whether it be in a key note, a workshop or a coaching conversation. A leader that connects with the hearts and minds of staff, students and parents alike Adam adds real value to any school or organisation through his professional learning experiences that provide real learnings that are engaging and practical."
Director of School Performance, Barkly Region Northern Territory

“We would like to thank Adam so much for taking the time recently to speak to our leadership team and teachers on versatility and behavioural styles in relation to workplace change. You’re coaching on being a versatile teacher/ leader really resonated with people as evidenced by the motivation and enthusiasm in the room.  Your workshop was engaging and came at a critical time of change for our school. Teachers are actively engaging in dialogue based on the key points discussed in the workshop to further improve the way they interact both personally and professionally. Thanks again for giving your valuable time to help us be better teacher/leaders.” 
Nightcliff Primary School

"I have had the pleasure of being  a co-presenter with Adam at large number of workshops involving a total over over 200 participants. Adam readily engages his audience with a relaxed, professional style of delivery which has encouraged them to be actively engaged in the conversation and to feel sufficiently comfortable to ask questions from the most simple to the most complex. He has the ability to weave together pertinent , focussed and relevant information with anecdotal material all delivered in 'user friendly  language' with a touch of humour. I recommend him unreservedly."
Association of Northern Territory School Educational Leaders (ANTSEL)  
Adam Voigt Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Adam Voigt's Biography

Having achieved Principal ship at the age of 35, Adam Voigt is a strong and passionate educator. His work has seen him lead programs for disadvantaged families, manage Behaviour and Wellbeing methods and lead the improvement of communication between teachers to aid a strong bond for system demands.  

Adam can help your organization or school to lift its eyes from the problems and see the possibilities.  His presentations, workshops, mentoring and training programs are both inspiring and meaningful – he pumps up your tyres and gives you the roadmap to a better working and leading experience!  

Above all, Adam is a passionate and lifelong educator.  His mission is to help as many learning focused organizations as possible move from A to any desired B in record time.  And for these improvements to stick!

 Adam has worked with some of the most disadvantaged families and communities in Australia – with real success.  Adam has managed Behaviour & Wellbeing approaches across the Northern Territory and has spoken to thousands of teachers and leaders about forming a bond for improvement that system demands can’t break.   

So what is a great LEARNING CULTURE?
Culture can be an obscure topic that occupies a great deal of conversation space - but is still perhaps rarely defined.  In very broad terms, school culture is the intersection between effective leadership and effective behaviour management.  Edu-neering a great school culture can be done ... with the right models, attitudes and plans.  Each school's path to a great culture is unique, making the edu-neering a tricky job - but Adam is there to walk you, your leaders, your students, your colleagues and your community side-by-side to your desired destination.  

... and unpacking that just a bit further: Adam believes that teaching and learning is a tough job these days, particularly when leaders and teachers are charged with getting the job done in the eye of the tornado that is educational reform - at both local and global levels.  

The business and political imperative these days for school leaders is in meeting some very high end systemic demands … but also valuing staff, nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and following a moral imperative that we all know is there. Adam helps teachers and all other learning leaders with this very task.    

Schools, trainers and organizations who simply wish to effect improvement through better learning and performance are being hammered about by incessant accountabilities – data, staff turnover, being all things to all people, being the panacea for all of society’s ills.  

Adam believes that schools and other learning organizations are still fantastic, wondrous and even magical places.  Albert Einstein said “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education”.  Adam agrees wholeheartedly and he believes that the miracle is in the relationships that teachers and leaders foster every single day – often in some of the most complex and testing environments imaginable.  

But what’s next?  How do we simplify the accountability?  How do we plan for improvement in the areas that really matter, when systems often tell us that contradictory outcomes should be the imperative?  Adam believes there is a way.  Let’s ask the educators what’s REALLY going on and let’s see if we can’t change the conditions in which they work.

Speaking Topics Include

Getting the Best from the Boys - How to understand, engage, motivate & teach our next generation of men
Building Best behaviour
Really Understanding Human Behaviour
The Education Imperative
How teachers and school leaders can meet system demands and engage meaningfully with data driven targets – but also keep the heart, stories and relationship imperatives as drivers of a truly meaningful educational vision.
The Great Enabler – Really Understanding Student Behaviour.
In this presentation, Adam outlines the power and leverage available when we begin to understand student behaviour, instead of just reacting to it.  Teachers and leaders will be inspired to change their thinking about handling even our most difficult students … for much better results.