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Adrian Heath

Adrian Heath

Adrian Heath is a leadership expert and well known as The Pattern Maker. He works with companies, leaders and individuals to decode patterns they are generating and reset them to get the outcomes they need. Adrian is alive and dynamic, naturally authentic, deeply insightful and unpredictably humorous.

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Adrian Heath Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Adrian Heath's Biography

A Pattern is described as 'a man-made design where elements repeat in a predictable manner'. With over 15 years’ experience as a Leadership expert and acclaimed composer, Adrian Heath is ‘the pattern maker’. A charismatic speaker and performer, his purpose is to equip leadership teams to understand the nature of an organisations fabric so they are able to create patterns that are embedded with a blue print for success.


Adrian has always been passionate about helping people decode the patterns that are fundamentally creating their lives. This journey began when he was asked by a friend to teach migrants an English language class. Language – one the most complex patterns known to mankind, was also the key that empowered these migrants with the skills required for employment. It was from here that Adrian’s sense of purpose emerged.


Adrian was inspired by the sheer power of education to transform people and organisations. As a result Adrian founded Evolution Learning, a corporate leadership training and coaching company in 1997. As a leadership coach Adrian worked with clients such as ANZ, AMP, Ricoh Australia and Westpac just to name a few.


This exposed him to the leadership styles of the most successful executives in Australia, and once more Adrian noticed a pattern. It was the patterns found in the organisational structure that determined the success or failure of a business. The ability to perceive patterns, modify any weakness, and evolve as leaders enabled the business to gain momentum, and in turn results.


As a speaker, Adrian is alive and dynamic, naturally authentic, deeply insightful and unpredictably humorous. His core message aligns with his passion for of music composition and leadership where rhythms and harmony create the patterns for success.


Along with inspiring leaders across the globe, Adrian is also a passionate humanitarian who acts as an ambassador for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse across the globe. Having spent years inspiring global leaders to thrive, he is now on board for ASCA transforming the lives of people experiencing the implications of child hood trauma and neglect. On Sunday mornings he can be found on the football field convincing himself that he has still got it!