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Al Jeffrey

Al Jeffrey

Al Jeffery is a 24-year old facilitator, communicator and entrepreneur. Known as a facilitator of personal and social transformation, he has worked with the likes of Apple, Google, Telstra, AusPost and more in crafting places for wellbeing, community and creativity to thrive.

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Testimonials for Al Jeffrey

Having Al at The National Young Leaders Day was a real privilege. He was fantastic to work with prior to the event and his passion and drive was communicated extremely well at the event, the students and teachers were truly moved and driven to take action afterwards! We look forward to working more with Al.

Janice Hickman Managing Director Halogen Foundation (National Young Leaders Day)


We wanted to offer some personal development to our team as a value add to their daily life. We engaged Al across two of our sites to share his experience and thoughts as well as kick off some processes for future team development. Al was very passionate and engaging and was able to adapt seamlessly to the different audiences. We now look forward to further engagement with Al on team building challenges. I have no hesitation in recommending Al!

Paul Thomas Managing Director Coriant Australia


Al’s genuine passion and enthusiasm is truly inspiring. His innate ability to share his learnings as a lean entrepreneur over the last 8 years in engaging stories and activities was outstanding. Definitely recommend him as a speaker or facilitator for any audience wanting authentic stories and clear actions! 

Maree Schipano Graduate Program Manager AusPost


Al did a very engaging talk at Made in Space that the audience really loved - he has a powerful mix of insight and humor that can enlighten us to the power of vulnerability and community in future living and working spaces. Al does much more than talking though, and we have been lucky enough to get the full package of a meditation session and a workshop too. Program Curator Made in Space (Copenhagen)

Al led a workshop that both managed to teach us how to facilitate and break down our barriers. In a short amount of time Al helped our group understand how to create a warm and welcoming space for others to participate in. Throughout the workshop I felt like I was only scratching the surface of the deep knowledge Al holds, and yet that first look gave me a lot of understanding on how to help others be their best selves.

Product Designer Facebook


Al gave an incredibly thought-provoking presentation for our conference. It was a different thread to what we have done in the past, i.e. not just someone’s personal story, and I believe that it was really well received. Our delegates had much to say and discuss together after Al’s presentation and I judge the night a total success. I really liked Al's presentation style and the way that he is able to engage and connect with the audience. I would highly recommend Al.

Business Manager Australian Pipelines and Gas Association

Al Jeffrey Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Al Jeffrey's Biography

Nominated for Young Australian of the Year in 2015 and 2016 Al Jeffrey has presented at 2 international TEDx Conferences and Listed in the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia. Al is also author of Modern Tribe: Finding community and meaning in the 21st Century

Al Jeffery is a 24-year old facilitator, communicator and entrepreneur. Known as a facilitator of personal and social transformation, he has worked with the likes of Apple, Google, Telstra, AusPost and more in crafting places for wellbeing, community and creativity to thrive. 

Al began his journey at just 12 years old, and has started up and been involved in many social businesses and projects since, ranging from an online guitar accessories and music store raising money for the Australian Orangutang Project, to a social clothing brand, Dewalio. Now the founder at Base Commons and Realise Flow.

At 11 years of age, Al’s journey towards purpose was sparked while watching Jumanji with his brother on the television and seeing a World Vision advertisement for sponsoring children. This sparked Al’s journey into discovering how - as humanity - we could allow ourselves to get to this point of struggle to to develop spaces and culture for community and wellness, and what the undercurrent of this is. he speaks very often on the topic of finding your purpose and crafting a life of meaning. 

As a natural facilitator since the age of 14, Al has studied meditation and mindfulness, yoga, Ayurvedic therapy, NLP and executive coaching, group facilitation and many modalities of transformation. After seeing how a focus on wellbeing and community transformed his own ability to perform as an entrepreneur Al began taking his insights to the world of business and leadership.

Al is now a well known facilitator of wellbeing, team performance and leadership development programs for progressive and forward-thinking teams. 

When Al is not jet-setting for facilitating or speaking, you might find him writing, hiking, practicing yoga or martial arts, or simply taking time out to sit in silence.

One of very few young keynote speakers in Australia, Al is able to relate to both youth and executive teams with ease. Al’s keynotes are always high-energy, story-based and outcome-orientated. Al is very passionate about facilitating deliberate change through deep connection and embodiment. He expertly tempers powerful content with a balance of warmth and humour. Al’s presentations are dynamic and participatory. He engages audiences with an array of ‘hands on, minds on’ activities to get them integrating conceptual knowledge straight away.

Speaking Topics Include

Mindfulness and it’s role within team wellbeing, performance and intergenerational communication 

Modern Tribe: Building High-Performing Places for Intergenerational Teams

Purpose in the Workplace: Creating places that foster a sense of purpose 

Creating places that capture and nurture upcoming leaders

Preparing for 21st Century careers: Entrepreneurship, soft skills and making your mark!

Mindfulness, Community & the Future of Work