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Allan Bolton

Allan Bolton

Allan Bolton is the people's renewable energy man. As a speaker, writer and program developer Allan has the rare ability to translate the latest in human science so that it is both entertaining and compelling.

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Allan Bolton's Biography

Allan Bolton is the people's renewable energy man. As a speaker, writer and program developer Allan has the rare ability to translate the latest in human science so that it is both entertaining and compelling. His achievements in business and human performance are equally as impressive.   


Clever organisations know that the key to growing and sustaining a high performance business is to look after its power source - its people. Allan Bolton has impressive credentials; addresses hard health issues with humour not ridicule, and is living proof that regardless of life’s challenges, we can all win. He walks the talk!


If a positive attitude is contagious - Allan Bolton is dangerously infectious! The underpinning X-factor of his delivery is his inspiring and continuing triumph over a life-long disease. It speaks volumes about taking charge without saying a word. Allan motivates and inspires changes in headspace from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’, from ‘not interested’ to ‘I want to’.


No matter what industry, no matter what type of delegate - CEO or council worker, lawyer or miner, accountant or highflying sales executive - Allan’s deliveries are relevant and valued across all business and association platforms.


Allan was the first person in the world with insulin dependent diabetes to complete an Ironman Triathlon - and has completed over 100 other alpine, water and road-based endurance events around the world. In 2004, Allan raced the 237km Le Tape du Tour - the longest stage of the 2004 Tour de France. He trained the 1992 America 's Cup crew of Challenge Australia and Australia 's first female cyclist to complete the 4,700km Race Across America.


Allan motivates and inspires his audiences with his positive ‘can do’ message from someone who really has ‘done it’.


He is recognised internationally as an expert in the areas of health, lifestyle, motivation and performance science. As a scientist he knows what works but perhaps even more importantly, he can translate the latest research into terms everyone can understand. And crucially, he also makes it fun - perhaps the key asset in inspiring and re-energizing his clients!


In business, Allan developed the series of health and fitness courses that set the standard in 42 countries for professional accreditation in the Fitness Industry. He was the co-developer of the internationally acclaimed GutBusters Waist Loss Program for Men, and is the key developer of the Australasian Weight Watchers for Men Program. In 1997 he was recognised with the prestigious ' Australian Fitness Leader of the Year' award.


Allan is a presenter who powers up lives through the inspiration, information and impact of his carefully researched and expertly delivered talks. Allan shows people that maximising their energy and feeling alive, rather than just staying alive, is well worth the challenge - and he can renew the energy and sustain the achievements of your business, your employees and yourself.


Being alive, as opposed to just staying alive. Consider what technology and so-called “convenience” services are doing to us. Sitting in front of a computer all day. Working longer and longer hours. Less and less time for the family. Eating on the run, often unwisely. It’s like science and commerce have ganged up to diminish the quality of your life. Yes, convenience is damaging us, physically and mentally. Take the car wash ‘café’. You drive there. Then sit with a cappucino and a slice of chocolate mud cake while your car is washed. Then drive away. Contrast that with the twenty minutes or so it would take you to wash it yourself, at home. Yes, it is exercise and it doesn’t come with a cappucino and cake. Allan Bolton’s message is simple, practical and science-based. It puts you in control and centres on your quality of life and improving daily performance.


Humor, energy and background are the key to Allan's delivery. He empowers you to take ownership of your health and, take action for improving your personal health and performance for a life time. His extensive background allows him to tailor Quality Health Australia's presentations to your objectives, audience needs and time requirements!