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Allan Pease

Allan Pease

World class speaker and author, Allan Pease is a communications expert. He inspires and motivates audiences to understand the behavior and body language of individuals. An engaging speaker who leaves your audience uplifted and energised.

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Testimonials for Allan Pease

Allan had us in stitches with his wonderfully fresh insights into the self-evident truths about relationships between the sexes his keynote address was the highlight of the Annual Dinner.
Employers First

Sensational is the only way to describe Allan’s presentation at the 'Successful Selling Conference'. Audience reaction on the day and since has been overwhelming and highlights why he is in so much demand in the U.K.
Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

Delegates were absolutely delighted with Allan's session and I would not hesitate in recommending him.  The only downside is that speakers who follow him inevitably appear rather dull in comparison.
Universities Personnel Association

Thank you for your magnificent performance at our Perth seminar.  Without a doubt you have been hailed as the number one speaker to the seminar.  Your presentation absolutely blew them away!
Independent Liquor Group Co-Operative Limited

When looking for a Guest Speaker to entertain our Pirelli Approved Dealers for our delegates conference, we knew they had to be something special.  Not only did Allan entertain, he informed us, touched our emotions and made us think. He made this an experience to remember.
Jax Tyres Pty Ltd

Allan's perceptive and memorable presentation achieved the balance of being informative and highly entertaining in the area of human relationships and gave delegates the opportunity to both learn and relax at the end of a demanding day.
British Telecom

Without exception our delegates voted this our best conference yet, and I can honestly say this was thanks to Allan.  He captivated their attention from the moment he walked on stage Enchanting, entertaining and sheer brilliance aren't good enough to describe his performance.

Wow, what a night!  The evening was more successful than I could have hoped for.
Commonwealth Bank

At the National, our values include 'Quality in everything we do' and 'Professionalism and ethics in all our actions'.  We look for the same values in our business partners and you certainly exceeded our expectations.
National Australia Bank Ltd

In my view, Allan's ability to grasp the audience’s attention with humour, whilst relaying a serious sales message is undoubtedly a special talent, and one which will result in increased retention of information by our managers.
Birkby PLC

Your delivery on the night was powerful, and touched the hearts of all those present and I was extremely impressed by the level of care your office took in preparing to meet the needs of our members and guests.
National Speakers Association


Allan Pease Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Allan Pease's Biography

World class speaker and author, Allan Pease is a communications expert. He inspires and motivates audiences to understand the behavior and body language of individuals. An engaging speaker who leaves your audience uplifted and energised.

For almost 4 decades, Allan Pease (aka Mr Body Language) has been recognised as one of the world's most influential body language speakers. Allan's expertise in Body Language and Communication continues to change the way companies do business, how people communicate, and offers a unique, refreshing insight into understanding human behaviour.

Allan's fast moving, highly entertaining presentation is
 guaranteed to impress, inspire and educate your audience, leaving attendees feeling motivated and seeing the world through different eyes!

Your choice of business communication speakers can make or break your meeting.

Allan is a born achiever, starting his career at age 10 selling rubber sponges door to door. At 17, he was the No.1 national salesman for a company selling bed linen and pots & pans. At 21, he was the youngest person ever to sell over $1,000,000 of life insurance in his first sales year.

He has addressed audiences in 65 countries, and his programs are used by businesses and governments to teach powerful relationship skills. His messages are relevant to any area of life that involves winning people over and getting them to like you, co-operate, follow you or say 'yes'.

Allan’s public speaking pedigree is equally matched by his stellar literacy career. Together with wife Barbara, he has written 17 Top Ten Bestsellers, including 9 Number Ones. Their works have been translated into 53 languages and have sold a staggering 25 million copies worldwide.

Allan is an Honorary Professor at ULIM International University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (UK), a Fellow of the Institute of Management, Fellow of the Lifewriters Association, a Paul Harris Fellow (UK), JCI senator and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall Of Fame.

With Allan Pease as your body language speaker, not only will your event be a huge hit, but your audience will listen, laugh and learn like never before. Your attendees will be entertained, motivated and take home inspirational messages that will last. 
Importantly, your bottom line will improve.

Although he's a specialist business communication speaker and body language expert, his messages are relevant to any area of life where you need to win people over, convince them to co-operate, follow your leadership or simply say 'yes' to what you want.

Speaking Topics Include

Communicating For Results

(based on the No. 1 Best-Selling Book – over 13 million copies sold in 53 languages)

  • How to get the opposite sex to say ‘yes’
  • What men & women need to do to get on in business
  • How to avoid arguments, disagreements and conflicts
  • How to get co-operation and gain credibility
  • Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps

 Body Language – It’s Not What You Say

(based on the No. 1 Best-Selling Book – over 6 million copies sold in 46 languages)

  • How to spot if someone is lying or hedging
  • Sales and negotiation – reading across the table
  • How to develop instant rapport and get co-operation
  • How to read between the lines of what is said
  • Why men should never lie to a woman

 How To Be A People Magnet – It’s Easy Peasey

(based on the latest Best-Selling Book)

  • How to make powerful lasting first impressions
  • How to effortlessly turn any situation to your favour
  • How to be a great conversationalist
  • How to make others feel important
  • How to become a ‘human magnet’

 Questions Are The Answers

(based on the Best-Selling Book – over 1.5 million copies sold in 32 languages)

  • How to get interest and keep attention
  • How to motivate others to WANT to join your cause
  • How to give powerful presentations
  • Why the law of averages always works
  • The 5 Solid Gold Questions that never fail