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Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens

2018 Keynote Speaker of the Year Amanda Stevens is a renowned thought leader on the customer experience. She combines current consumer insights with fascinating research into buying behaviour, delivering organisations and business owner’s powerful strategies for connecting with their customers.

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Testimonials for Amanda Stevens

Amanda is world-class. Her keynote was the talk of the conference and everyone commented on how practical and valuable her ideas were.

LJ Hooker Real Estate


Our previous speaker was (former Federal Treasurer) Peter Costello. Enter Amanda Stevens. She blew the room away and turned our clients into raving fans.



WOW ... just amazing. Amanda took us on a 60-minute mind-blowing journey and we were with her ever second of the way

Millennium 3 Financial


What a way to finish the conference. Amanda is without doubt the best speaker I have seen in 20 years.

Cosmetics and Fragrance Association


If you’re looking for a speaker who will over deliver and have your audiences talking long after she’s left the stage, book Amanda ... you won’t be disappointed.



Amanda was highly entertaining and our group engaged easily with what she had

to say and were left feeling motivated and inspired to change our current sales

process to include many of her techniques. I would give Amanda 10 out of 10 and

have been happily recommending her to my colleagues and friends since I heard

her speak.

Flight Centre Travel Group

Amanda Stevens Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Amanda Stevens's Biography

 2018 Keynote Speaker of the Year Amanda Stevens is a renowned thought leader on the customer experience. She combines current consumer insights with fascinating research into buying behaviour, delivering organisations and business owner’s powerful strategies for connecting with their customers.


Amanda has a double degree in consumer psychology and marketing. She has consulted to some of the country’s biggest brands, including Lend Lease, Microsoft, Procter and Gamble and even the Australian Liberal Party.

Recognised as one of the most entertaining speakers on the circuit, Amanda has presented at over 700 conferences in 14 countries. She combines practical strategies with a mesmerizing storytelling style, leaving audiences with memorable messages and actionable insights.

Amanda is a former Young Australian of the Year (Career Achievement, NSW) and in 2003 was awarded the prestigious Centenary Medal by the Governor General for Business Innovation. Amanda is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), one of the highest accolades awarded by the Professional Speakers Association of Australia. She has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Sir Bob Geldof and in 2014 was the supporting speaker for Condoleezza Rice at the Global Leadership Summit.

Speaking Topics Include


Good brands have satisfied customers. Great brands have raving fans.

Decoding the science of advocacy, Amanda explores why existing customer bases are the greatest hidden asset in any business and outlines a plan to create a brand that customers willingly and enthusiastically rave about. She presents a customised approach for harnessing brand advocacy in a post digital age and why the combination of high tech and high touch is the next frontier in brand disruption.


What your audience will learn:

How to cultivate customer centricity and what it means to put customers first

Why developing brand advocates is the fastest and most effective way to grow

The shift from word of mouth to word of mouse and the opportunity it presents

How to identify and cultivate brand advocates and how to make them multiply

The six keys to creating a memorable customer experience worth raving about



How can your brand be part of the Retail Revival and maintain relevance in a changing market?


The retail sector is Amanda’s pet passion. Combining the latest consumer research with a proven process for attracting, retaining and maximising a loyal customer base, Amanda presents a plan for creating a world class in-store experience and innovative marketing strategies for the modern age. With passionate and meaningful insights, Amanda will motivate, inspire and reinvigorate your audience.


What your audience will learn:

The new rules of retail and how to calibrate your business to maximise profits

How to anticipate the changing needs of today’s highly distracted consumer.

The five emerging trends for the retail sector and what it means for all brands

The six proven strategies that any retailer can implement immediately for growth

How to create a sustainable competitive advantage in a changing retail landscape



Employees are the new customer. Discover the power of internal brand builders.

Outlining the innate connection between employee engagement and customer advocacy, Amanda shares a formula for building the most potent type of advocacy - that which exists between the four walls of your business. A fresh new approach to leadership fundamentals, this keynote, workshop or program will unite your team on the most powerful common goal - your customer.


What your audience will learn:

The future of leadership and why strong leaders have a customer centric view

How to build a culture of innovation and how to leverage collective the wisdom

How to step outside your business and industry to draw inspiration from others

How to build a flow of customer experience initiatives and constantly raise the bar

Why responsibility for the customer experience rests with everyone in an organisation



In a post digital era, how to we balance high tech with high touch?


The more connected we are, the more disconnected we feel. Deconstructing the science of influence, Amanda reveals practical strategies for digital detoxing and how it benefits our ability to connect authentically with those around us. She reveals how technology is changing our fundamental definition of relationships and what it means for building influence and advocacy - professionally and personally.


What your audience will learn:

The three ways technology and social media have changed how we connect

What digital distraction means for our ability to communicate and persuade

How to build and maintain a personal brand of influence — online and offline

The six fundamentals of influence — how to build lasting connections

How to weave storytelling into your personal brand DNA to be people magnet