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Andrew Horabin

Andrew Horabin

Andrew Horabin is one of Australia’s most versatile personalities encompassing passion for speaking, entertainment and comedy. As a speaker Andrew is influential, as an entertainer he is highly engaging and as a comedian he is outrageously hilarious.

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Testimonials for Andrew Horabin

“What a hit you were with our staff, they loved you! I was really impressed with how well you were able to include our key issues and challenges. Many speakers talk about customising their presentations but none have executed it as well as you did.“
Australian National Credit Union

“Do you know what you think you know? If not then Andrew Horabin will clear the fog and show you how to find your way. His presentations will be a highlight of any event and he has the breadth of knowledge to fit in with all industries as he takes his audience along for a humorous ride to show them how to negotiate their way through the intricacies of today’s business environment. Andrew has so many ways to show you a better way to do business that you could use him for years and never go over the same material twice. A true individual with an openness that will appeal to all.”
Jetset Travelworld Ltd


"Andrew transformed our planning days from a typical ‘death by PowerPoint’ to a really interactive and enjoyable experience. In particular the BULLSHIFT presentation struck a chord with everyone there – the difference in the office post-event was amazing ! If you haven’t been BULLSHIFT’d you need to .... now!"
Pino Todesco, Woodside


“Bullshift was an awesome, awesome session. LOVED IT!! Andrew Horabin was an excellent presenter. He captured the audience from start to finish while still delivering a message… Andrew is always great to listen to, whatever he is speaking about. I think he could take the most boring subject and make it great…”
WASSRA Convention


“Your energy and commitment to the project was outstanding and made a huge contribution to the success of the event. Your material was terrific, extremely professional and entertaining. You are a very talented man and it was a real pleasure to work with you …”
West Australian Symphony Orchestra


Andrew Horabin Travels from WA
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Andrew Horabin's Biography

Andrew Horabin is one of Australia’s most versatile personalities encompassing passion for speaking, entertainment and comedy.  As a speaker Andrew is influential, as an entertainer he is highly engaging and as a comedian he is outrageously hilarious. 


Andrew Horabin is also a Trainer and Facilitator, Author and the creator of “Mick the Demotivational Speaker”.  Last year, Andrew took his hilarious one-man musical comedy show WHAT A MAN’S GOTTA DO on a tour of 45 towns in five states.


As a body language specialist, he has trained undercover police officers, detectives and Australian Federal Police surveillance operatives and human source handlers in such skills as infiltrating groups, establishing rapport, building trust, recognising deception and communicating for influence.


As a communication skills specialist, he has worked with big and small business, Government departments, community organisations and schools in leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, stress management and building relationships.


As a presentation skills expert, he has trained senior managers, directors, sales people, lawyers, detectives and teachers in the attitudes, knowledge and skills of giving effective presentations.


As a facilitator, Andrew has led forums, planning sessions and hypotheticals for community groups, Government agencies, businesses and educational institutions.


Andrew has also acted as Master of Ceremonies or Conference Facilitator for hundreds of conferences, awards nights and special events..


As a motivational speaker, he has inspired athletes, sales people, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, franchisees and 60,000 students, teachers and parents in 110 schools.

“Mick the Demotivational Speaker” – performed by both Andrew Horabin and fellow comedian Malcolm Dix – has encouraged mediocrity at conferences, awards nights and special events across Australia for hundreds of clients.


He is the author of three corporate books, entitled: Bullshift, Lose the Teenage Face and The Listening King. Andrew is a natural, passionate, creative and highly skilled speaker who was lucky enough to find his calling early in life.

He has been self-employed for eighteen years, starting at age 18, including nine years in a partnership that employed thirty people in four states. He has lost and made money in business and led many community, commercial and artistic projects.


He has succeeded through initiative, creativity and persistence and by constantly refining his skills.

Speaking Topics Include

Mick the Demotivational Speaker


Bullshift costs time, money and energy.

We need to get better at speaking – and hearing – the truth.

How robust are your people? Are they honest with you? Can you be honest with them?

In 2009, we cannot afford the bullshit. A tough economy and uncertain future make it more important than ever to see the truth and speak it.

In this presentation, Andrew explores some of the fourteen principles of his book, BULLSHIFT.

The aims are to:

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Be honest with others.
  • Encourage others to be honest with you.

The principles include: # Don’t be defensive – Be curious. # Don’t make excuses – Say what happened and take responsibility. # Don’t waffle – Use less words. # Don’t use corporate speak – Use real words.# Don’t mutter – Speak up. # Don’t express opinion as fact – Express perception as perception. # Don’t hide your judgments in jest – Say it straight or don’t say it.

These are seven of the fourteen principles in the book – all things you can do to cut the bullshit in your workplace today.

This presentation is hilarious and fun but also very provocative – it calls participants to make permanent changes to how they act and communicate.

And for a few dollars extra per head, your delegates can take home a copy of Andrew’s pocket-sized book, BULLSHIFT.


If you’ve ever wanted to jump up at a meeting and say, “For God’s sake, can’t we just grow up and be adults about this!” … Then this workshop is for you.

Drawing on his new book LOSE THE TEENAGE FACE, Andrew explores thirteen teenage behaviours that tend to hang around adulthood – and how to change them in yourself and manage them in others.

The behaviours include: Whinging, Blaming, Sulking, Avoiding, Dramatising, Wishing, Reacting and Justifying.

Throw yourself courageously into leaving your adolescent self behind forever.

If you don’t enjoy the workshop, you can spit the dummy and storm out.



Drawing on his work with state, federal and international police and with sales people, leaders, negotiators and others who live and die by their communication skills, Andrew has developed a comprehensive set of tools to increase your ability to influence – under the radar.

Like the tools of a surgeon or carpenter, each influencing tool has its specific value and use. The skill is in knowing how and when to apply them. This workshop will also test your AGILITY – the swiftness and ease with which you move between them.


Develop your leadership, get the best out of people and increase your ability to deal with difficult people by understanding the archetypes.

Explore the four archetypes of the KING/QUEEN, WARRIOR, MAGICIAN and LOVER and – even more importantly – meet the Shadow types, including The Tyrant, The Manipulator, The Sadist, The False Innocent, the Victim and the Addict.

How well do you know your associates, your staff, your customers, your suppliers? How well do you know yourself?

Get a better look at your own strengths and weaknesses and those of the people around you. Invoke the power of the archetypes to be brilliant and enjoy life.



Summon the universal energies of the psyche to be a powerful leader.

What makes a great leader and what does it take to get the best from a team of people? It’s a question that’s fascinated people for ages. In this insightful and unusual seminar, Andrew explores the deeply rooted energies of the King/Queen, Warrior, Magician and Lover and how they relate to powerful, inspiring, balanced leadership.

Participants will:

  • Get an immediate understanding of what the archetypes are and what we can do with them
  • Get the Shadow types and become more alert to their capacity for sabotage and destruction
  • Chart their own strengths and weaknesses in relation to the archetypes
  • Discuss the leadership qualities of others and how they relate
  • Never look at people the same way again …By drawing on the power of the archetypes, the person becomes full, ready and extraordinary and can lead with greatness.

(This keynote is similar to the above introduction to archetypes except that it focuses specifically on leadership)