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Annabelle Williams OAM

Annabelle Williams OAM

Courage and fearlessness - Annabelle Williams OAM has worn a number of different hats over the years: international speaker, Paralympic gold medalist, five-time world record holder, corporate lawyer at Allens Linklaters, sports broadcaster, stunt-double for Charlize Theron, and Mum to little Josie.

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Testimonials for Annabelle Williams OAM

Annabelle gave a very impactful, inspiring and human speech that, at the same time, was very practical as she also gave us tools to become more resilient in life and be able to face adversity better equipped. We also realized that our challenges are most of the time nothing compared to what other people have to cope with. All in all, it gave us a lot of energy and strength to fight for what we want to achieve as a company.

Celsa Group


Diversity Council Australia has been privileged to have Annabelle Williams speak at a variety of our events. She is a really engaging speaker, who is able to draw on her own experiences as well her extensive knowledge to give great insights into how workplaces can create environments that are more inclusive for all.

Diversity Council Australia


Annabelle came and spoke at our Legal Team offsite on the theme of being “fearless”. Her honest yet uplifting talk was highly engaging. She had a great sense of humour and captivated the room with stories of her challenges and triumphs, lows and highs. Annabelle spoke from the heart in a way that really inspired us all to think about what being fearless in working relentlessly towards your goals can look like, despite (or perhaps because of) life’s never-ending battles and the pursuit of overcoming them. Thank you Annabelle.



We had the pleasure of Annabelle speaking at our event. Annabelle gave a fantastic account of the challenges she faced growing up and how her steely determination and resolve led her to the take the gold medal at 2012 London Paralympics. Her talk captivated our audience with her uplifting experience, combining really valuable messages with some light hearted humour. I can certainly recommend Annabelle as a keynote speaker. She inspired me and my team that with the right mind set and attitude and with a supportive team behind you, you can achieve just about anything.


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Annabelle Williams OAM's Biography

Annabelle Williams OAM has worn a number of different hats over the years: international speaker, Paralympic gold medalist, five-time world record holder, corporate lawyer at Allens Linklaters, sports broadcaster, stunt-double for Charlize Theron, and Mum to little Josie.

Annabelle’s life has been full of excitement and she’s cherished every moment; not just because she’s accomplished what she’s set out to do, but because she’s always been grateful for the support she’s had from those around her.

Annabelle was born without a left hand and forearm, but she hasn’t let that affect her life—outside of the small things, like getting half-price manicures, which is obviously awesome! In her twenties, Annabelle trained six days a week as captain of the Australian Paralympic swim team while simultaneously building a professional legal career, which included stints in Paris at the Australian Trade Commission and Washington D.C. as a representative for an NFL/NBA player agency.

In 2012, her dream came true when she won a gold medal at the London Paralympics. Since then, she’s continued with sports as a commentator, legal counsel for the Australian Olympic Committee, and Vice President of Paralympics Australia. She feels fortunate to have built a successful legal career, but also to have the opportunity to get married and discover what it means to be a Mum.

Annabelle’s always found strength in her own determination, but at the same time, feels her life has been so significantly shaped by the empathy and kindness of others. It’s hard to emphasise how important that is to her. It is such a simple thing, and yet, she would not have accomplished nearly as much without it.

‘In a larger way, finding the courage to be kind to others can sometimes be as daunting as the finding the courage for our own aspirations.’ It is something that Annabelle always reflected on and threaded through her life as a part of her mission, her passion, and her inspiration to audiences around the world. There’s a lot more in store for each of us, and she hopes that her story can help you find the strength you never knew you had.

Annie worked in the Mergers and Acquisitions department at top-tier law firm Allens Linklaters and was the Legal Counsel for the Australian Olympic Committee. She has worked for the Court of Arbitration for Sport and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to sport. Annie is the Vice-President of the Board of Paralympics Australia, Chair of the Paralympics Australia Athletes’ Commission, and member of the IAAF Disciplinary Tribunal. She has held advisory roles with the Australian Swimmers’ Association and the Australian Sports Foundation and in 2019, graduated from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business where she was selected to deliver the valedictory speech.

Annie is an ambassador for a number of organisations and has partnered with Flo Health, the worlds largest womens health platform with over 100 million downloads, to develop an online course on empowerment. The series of sessions teach people about developing determination and grit, overcoming adversity, learning from failure, finding connection and support, being fearless and courageous, compartmentalising and celebrating success.

Annie promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. She is a champion for diversity and believes that a diverse society creates a more interesting and dynamic world. Annie’s warmth, knowledge, experience and sense of humour make her a highly sought after speaker. Annie speaks on a range of topics, including resilience and overcoming adversity, grit and determination, courage and fearlessness. Be prepared to laugh and cry as she shares her inspiring journey.

Speaking Topics Include

Courage and Fearlessness

Grit and Determination

Resilience and Overcoming Adversity