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Anne McKevitt

Anne McKevitt

Anne McKevitt shares personal stories of leadership that demonstrate that anyone can lead from anyplace at anytime and that – first and foremost – leadership is a choice.

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Testimonials for Anne McKevitt

“You “You don’t get much more informed or switched on than Anne McKevitt. She looks at how corporations run from a different and totally refreshing view point. She helped us to implement new successful system and procedures.”


C.Few, Warner Bros

On behalf of the Executive Organising Committee for Pharmacy 2005, the Pharmacy Management Conference, I would like to congratulate you on your presentation 'Success Barometer for Business; Always Having the winning Touch.The first session on the last morning of a Conference is a prime position in any Conference Programme, however it can also be one of the most difficult. What followed was certainly inspirational, well focussed and of course entertaining - a very important factor in the successful delivery and acceptance of any presentation. Of most importance to myself and many others were the strong messages in relation to each of us having a vision, making decisions be they right or wrong and having the ability to move forward.

Jim Howard, Chairman Pharmacy 2005


ABN International Women’s Day. Feedback from the event was exceptional. I personally spoke to many women who attended the event and were blown away by Ms. McKevitt- she truly inspired us all. Her comments… were powerful, thought provoking, and from a global context. She also presents with a keen sense of humour, which is fun, yet important and educational content shines through. I recommend her highly for any speaking event

A. Lyden Board of Advisors Australian Businesswomen’s Network



Anne McKevitt Travels from NSW
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Anne McKevitt's Biography

At 15, Anne McKevitt had had enough of living in a small rural town in Scotland where she grew up in basic government housing. She dropped out of school without sitting any exams, eager to get to London to make a big impression in the world. With total belief in herself and no fear of failure, she knew that she would make her mark and she has done exactly that.

Fast-forward over two decades and her impact has been enormous, personally, in business and philanthropically. She now heads up 22 separate businesses all part of AMI Group Enterprises, a billion dollar enterprise she founded. By the time Anne was 23 she had already become renowned in the fashion world before moving on to a second successful career, creating a multi-million pound interior design, construction and property development business.


Anne McKevitt is viewed as one of the most powerful women in Britain where she previously resided. She was awarded Leading Women Entrepreneur of the World 2002, recognised by The International Herald Tribune as a World Class Entrepreneur, named by Time Magazine as one of Four International Business Leaders to Watch, placed at #30 in The Sunday Times 500 Most Powerful Britons and Forbes Magazine stated; “at the head of the pack …Anne McKevitt”.


Anne is a member of President Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative, she sits on the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard, John F Kennedy School of Government, and on the Advisory Committee for Brisbane Graduate School of Business at Queensland University of Technology. In 2005 Anne took up the honorary position of Executive - in - Residence at Brisbane Graduate School of Business, QUT. She chaired the judges for the 2006 Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. All of this an astounding achievement when you consider the teenager who left home at 15 without sitting any exams.


Anne McKevitt is hailed as a leading authority on consumer lifestyle changes, competitiveness and diversity, both nationally and globally. She has advised and guided many multinationals world-wide. These include: Mercedes, IKEA, Royal Doulton, Peugeot, Ernst & Young, Wal*Mart, Deloitte, Waterford Crystal, Jeep, Bloomingdales, Saks, Pottery Barn, Moet e Chandon, Freeman’s, Sainsbury’s, Debenhams, Wedgwood, Marks & Spencer, Commonwealth Bank, Optus and Hewlett Packard. She is also a much sought after speaker having performed live at events to audiences of 25,000 people.


In early 1994, with a personal client list that reads like a who’s who, Anne, as Britain’s most sought after interior designer, caught the attention of TV producers looking for a host for a new lifestyle show.

Clients listed here are the most significant names: Sultan of Brunei, Michael Caine, Naomi Campbell, Dyan Cannon, Catherine Deneuve, Faye Dunaway, Linda Evangelista, Sir Bob Geldof, Queen Of Greece, Duchess of Gloucester, Jerry Hall, Sir Elton John, Queen Noor of Jordan, Annie Lennox, Sophia Loren, Paul McCartney, Kate Moss, Joan Rivers, Anita Roddick, Queen of Spain, Ringo Starr, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Raquel Welch and Bill Wyman, as well as the late Paula Yates, George Harrison and Linda McCartney. For the next decade, Anne became a prime time TV star and celebrity in the UK where she was viewed by millions, on her lifestyle television shows and through her books.


At the height of her fame and success, Anne McKevitt decided it was time to map out and move on to the next chapter of her life even though she was due to start into a lucrative new global TV deal. Having accomplished everything she set out to do within the medium of design, she felt that it was time to move away and concentrate fully on her other less public interests. These include multiple businesses, humanitarian work and education. Some have said it was a brave move, leaving behind her TV celebrity status. Instead Anne found it totally liberating to focus on her life as a serial and social entrepreneur. With 3 billion people on the planet existing on less than $2 a day, making poverty history through the medium of micro loans to the third world communities is Anne’s main humanitarian focus, and as she says; “this is way more important than what colour someone should paint their bathroom! Granted a ‘Distinguished Talent’ visa by the Australian Government, Anne moved permanently to Sydney, Australia, which she now calls home.


As well as her own charity projects, Anne McKevitt has worked with micro finance charity Opportunity International Australia during 2005 and 2006. Anne is a moral vegetarian of some 33 years and a lifelong environmentalist. She passionately believes that we must respect our planet and all that live on it. She feels the link between environmental disregard and world poverty needs to come to the forefront and be top of mind with every individual in the affluent western world.


Fall 2007 saw Anne McKevitt’s business reputation take her into global political circles. At the Clinton Global Initiative she worked together with 52 past and present Presidential & Prime Ministerial heads of state to address the issues and make personal commitments to implement changes on poverty alleviation, global health, climate change and education. Following this in December 2007 she was invited to The White House and Capitol Hill to take part in discussions and attend briefings on Foreign Policy, Labor, Legislative Affairs and Climate Change and subsequently fulfilled a long held ambition to visit the Oval Office.


Speaking Topics Include


CEO Anne McKevitt’s dynamic leadership presentation, uses her personal experiences to share with audiences the three essential elements that capture her vision of leadership; Collaboration, Capability and Character. As a high-profile CEO with over two decades of business and corporate experience, she knows that leadership is much more than your title, the size of your organisation, budget or salary.

It requires unlocking the potential in each person within the organisation, instilling clear direction and a strong sense of purpose, and a willingness to take risks and stand alone, if necessary. Anne McKevitt shares personal stories of leadership that demonstrate that anyone can lead from anyplace at anytime and that – first and foremost – leadership is a choice.



Innovation is an undisputed catalyst for company growth. Yet corporate innovation is notoriously difficult if it is not to languish in the limbo of reports and studies. The finest idea will not get implemented unless there is an organisational framework for shepherding it from concept to reality. Anne McKevitt has continually used the power of creating and deploying new ways of performing fundamental business processes as the springboard to success for leading companies. Virtually every industry has many firms that have failed at their efforts to make innovation work. What is the secret to success? Most companies set too narrow a scope for their innovation efforts and thus can make only incremental improvements. Major results demand change to many parts of an organisation; but since each part of the organisation—and its manager—has its own agenda, goals, and metrics, efforts to make major changes typically run aground on the shoals of inertia and resistance. Anne shares her experiences on corporate innovation and breaking down resistance barriers.



Adapt or die: the universal law of nature for the evolution of our species. This law applies equally to today’s businesses who must be able and willing to adapt and change expediently as circumstances change and new information comes to light. Those who don't or can't, won't survive, they will become extinct. Every individual and organisation that strives to be successful must learn how to absorb change, grasp change, manage change, prosper on change and master change as a way of life and for survival. Successful change for organisations requires a holistic framework. Anne McKevitt shares with audiences her successful blueprint for commanding change. In this informative presentation, Anne outlines her seven stage program for managing change; Strategy, Structure, Process, Rewards, Metrics, Culture and Behaviour, giving audiences a comprehensive blueprint for adapting for success.



The relationship between corporate strategy and global trends are often left to individual managers to interpret and address as a matter of individual choice. Yet it is more and more apparent however that treating overall corporate strategy as separate and distinct from outside global trends is unwise, never more so than today. Not seeing corporate strategy aligned with global trend awareness leads to missed opportunities and bad competitive choices. Anne McKevitt examines and shares her insights for forward-thinking analysis of global marketing and consumer trends with hands-on examples of new business ideas that will be making an impact in the near future. She focuses on consumer insights and behavioural trends, and the hands-on marketing/business opportunities they present.


All around the world companies know that their success depends on remaining competitive in the global market. Individual nations and state regions must think about competition as well, particularly in terms of infrastructure, investment and innovation. Nation's must earn their position in the global marketplace – nothing is pre-ordained; they must constantly compete against an ever changing environment of global competition.


Anne McKevitt understands the impact that the new global economy has on markets and while the fundamentals of leadership are universal, nations and companies must also be aware that in other cultures the emphasis and structures may be different to what they are familiar with. She shares with audiences her views on global competitiveness and the strategies and philosophies that businesses and nations must employ in order to be competitive in the global marketplace.


Diversity/Women In Leadership

Diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace is where it’s at – and it pays dividends. The best and most successful decisions and outcomes are the result of a divergence of perspectives and thought processes. Like-minded individuals who look alike will think alike and something vital will be missed. Diversity breeds success. As one of the most prominent, high-profile female CEOs Anne McKevitt draws on her own experiences, sharing with audiences the benefits of diversity in the workplace.



Technology has given mankind a medium through which individuals, organisations and nations can unleash their potential, aiding economic development and making organisations more effective in managing and disseminating information. Those going in search of new technology must understand that it should be used wisely, not invested in foolishly. Anne McKevitt prepares decision-makers to ask the tough questions when investing in a new system or tool: don’t invest in new technology just for the sake of it. What do you want to achieve with this tool? Will the new technology get you there? How will this impact on your people? Will they require re-training and are they amenable to the introduction of new technology? Anne McKevitt helps you better understand what's really at stake.