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Anthony Laye

Anthony Laye

Delivering unique presentations around the globe, Anthony Laye is one of the world’s leading Mentalists. He empowers, motivates and inspires by engaging audiences emotionally and anchoring the lessons learned in their minds!

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Testimonials for Anthony Laye

An outstanding performance! Anthony Laye had the audience in the palm of his hand from the moment he walked on stage. His show is both exciting and intriguing; hilarious and entertaining. Anthony will have your guests wanting more and asking themselves “How did he do it!?”. Anthony is one of the best performers I have come across. A true showman, Anthony Laye is bound to be a hit at your next corporate function.



Anthony captured our audience from the beginning - staff who attended are still asking "how did he do that”. He was spectacular and we would have him again - superb

Gallagher Group


Anthony did a great job of entertaining the audience & very well received. Quite amazed on how he did what he did, lots of fun.

The Laminex Group


Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation at our recent helloworld Frontliners Forum – our delegates loved you!



Continually interacting with his audience, Mr Laye is simply captivating

Lowdown Magazine


Anthony Laye is a truly great performer and entertainer. He engages the audience and makes you feel that he is speaking directly to you, making you feel a real part of his performance. What he does is amazing, incredible and clever. He is an artist of exceptional quality. He is also a very likeable person and acts in the most professional manner with his clients.

Julie Heraghty, CEO, Mascular Degeneration Foundation


How did, how did, how did you do that

Kylie Gillies, The Morning Show


Super smooth mentalist Anthony Laye unleashes his psychic powers on the audience

The Age


Awesome, dazzling, amazing, unbelievable, incredible, Australia’s Pre-eminent Mind Reader

Jean Kittson, Performer, Writer, Comedian.

Anthony Laye Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Anthony Laye's Biography

If you’re in business, you’re in the business of people, there is no one that knows how to get into the mind of people better than Keynote Speaker, Anthony Laye.


Anthony delivers a keynote presentation that you have never experienced before, and will likely never experience again. Anthony shows audiences how to know what other people are thinking, use non-verbal communication to build rapport and also understand the messages their own body language is giving out.


Whether he is reading someone's mind or giving others the tools to accurately decode people's nonverbal behaviour, Anthony's performances are fast paced, interactive and delightfully witty as well as empowering and inspiring. He ensures his audiences have a truly memorable night and a topic of conversation that will be talked about for weeks, months, even years to come.


In the short few years that Englishman Anthony has been in Australia he has made a huge impression. He got the nation's attention when he appeared on Australia's Got Talent and successfully read the mind of judge Kyle Sandilands. He then held the entire country in a state of captivation as he mind read his way to become one of the top three semifinalists on the show. He also performed 40 shows in 40 nights in 40 different locations to help raise money and awareness for the McGrath Foundation.


In 2014, Anthony was chosen over all the other mentalists in the world to perform in the international hit production of The Illusionists.


Whether you can believe your eyes or not, you can be certain that watching Anthony Laye in action is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and truly a phenomenon not to be missed.


This is a unique keynote experience. An entertaining guide through, leadership, influence, communication, career growth, networking tools and strategies, presented through live demonstrations of mentalism, engaging the audience by emotionally connecting and anchoring the lessons in to their minds.

Speaking Topics Include

Certainty & Belief

“Great leaders, influencers, people truly playing the game at another level all have one thing in common”. Anthony opens the keynote with a bang, performing a nail biting performance to show the audience why becoming a master of influence, leadership and success actually starts from within. Understanding yourself, what are your goals and what do you want to achieve is vital, but this knowledge is useless unless you take action, you need to consistently take action to move forward and grow.


Focus & Clarity

“When you know where you are heading it’s easier to plan the route”. Anthony shares the technique he uses consistently to map out his route for achieving success, be it a demonstration of mentalism or a business goal. The audience will learn a valuable tool, giving them a strategy to plan and deal with any situation, be it personal or business.


Act ‘As If’

“We can change the way we are perceived in an instant”. A psychological technique that produces a rapid change not just visually but on a much deeper level. When Anthony walks on stage and tells everyone that he is a mindreader there is an invisible ingredient to back up his claims Anthony shares with the audience a technique that ensures they are perceived the correct way in the business world. We make assumptions about people within the first few seconds, normally before a word has even been spoken it is critical that the right message is being transmitted from the outset.



“You’re responding to them they’re responding to you, there is a total connection…that spark”. Getting people to be on your team, buy into your product, idea or be part of your ‘tribe’ is about forming and building connections. Anthony teaches the audience a simple and easy to remember system to create rapport with anyone… it all comes down to one word ‘M.E.E.T’. Rapport creates and builds relationships, putting you in the position of influence and leadership. Anthony demonstrates just how powerful rapport can be when it comes to leadership and influence by having an audience member read HIS mind.


Body Language - The 5 Step Formula

“Because of the way that we communicate these days we aren’t so nonverbal savvy, if you fail to have these skills you are instantly at a disadvantage”.  Understanding the way that others are thinking is essential, you need to know if they are coming along with you or resisting. They may say one thing but really mean another. Anthony shares his 5 step formula for decoding nonverbal communication that gives you instant feedback, which is so valuable in today’s fast moving world. Not only does Anthony share the formula he also demonstrates and explains live, with a lie detection test with 4 members of the audience. To wrap up the session Anthony performs a demonstration that combines all the tools and strategies together to literally bring the audience to their feet, he takes what most would consider impossible and makes it a reality, leaving them inspired and ready to take their business skills to the next level.