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Belinda Yabsley

Belinda Yabsley

Belinda Yabsley’s has strong commitment and focus to sales and customer service and believes it is vital to nurture relationships to keep business coming back. Belinda is innovative in her approach and a dynamic speaker bringing her passion and enthusiasm to all audiences.

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Testimonials for Belinda Yabsley

"Your talk was extremely inspirational and motivational and you are someone I look up to and want to follow in the footsteps of. Everyone in the office hasn't stopped talking about you. Thank you."
Ray White Real Estate

"I got each of the sales team to make a list of their ideas/plans following your talk and collected them a week later, then photocopied and returned them. At the end of each month now they are going to be measured against the list of things they said they'd do. I'm hoping to get three "Belindas" out of it – but honestly even one would be a terrific asset to me. I was super impressed with your energy, presentation and preparation. You clearly deserve and earn every success."

"I wanted to pass on my personal "thank you" for your session with our BankSA Key Branch Managers. Your session covered many points that are certainly "common sense" but in reality not "common practice" & giving them a different viewpoint, validated by your personal success stories made for a great session overall. Thank you also for spending time covering off the priorities of the day & making time for themselves to work "on" the business as many fall in the trap of saying they are just too busy."
Bank SA

It was lovely to hear and have Belinda speak at our conference. She was very engaging and kept the audience interested. Would definitely recommend her for any sales orientated organisation.
Pittard Training Group
Belinda Yabsley Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Belinda Yabsley's Biography

Belinda Yabsley’s has strong commitment and focus to sales and customer service and believes it is vital to nurture relationships to keep business coming back. Belinda is innovative in her approach and a dynamic speaker bringing her passion and enthusiasm to all audiences.

Belinda Yabsley has built an inspiring reputation as Australia’s most recognised expert on sales and service due to her unique understanding of how exceptional and innovative customer service generates sales. Her extraordinary career to date – moving from receptionist to senior executive in the prestige automotive industry and now in her own leading-edge enterprise – features many firsts; including becoming the first female and youngest General Manager of a Mercedes-Benz-owned dealership in Australia. At the age of 31, she provided an iconic case of entrepreneurship within a business in 2006 when she launched the world-first Mercedes-Benz Airport Express in Sydney, a concept that drove customer satisfaction to new levels and sales targets being exceeded by nearly 400% within the first 12 months of operation.

Belinda certainly holds the key to building customer relationships that last and has an impeccable record for repeat business and referrals to show for it. For her, relationships don't stop after a sale, many of her customers becoming her friends. This level of commitment is evidenced by a stellar sales career that spanned over a decade, which saw Belinda setting new benchmarks in the prestige automotive industry, including writing the first custom order in Australia for the Maybach Saloon valued at $1 million.

Belinda Yabsley is forever achieving extraordinary things' in her amazing professional, personal, sporting and philanthropic life. Belinda received nine nominations for the 2004 Telstra Business Women's Award and has since made it through as one of the six finalists for NSW in the Australian Government Private and Corporate Sector of the Awards. She was named 2005 Sydney Business Woman of the Year. In 2007, Belinda was invited to be an Executive Director of the Customer Service Institute of Australia, and this year has been named an Ambassador for the International Council of Customer Service incorporating Australia, the Asia/Pacific region and United States of America.

Belinda’s sessions highlight and explain the vital interdependence between sales and service. Her compelling examples apply to all industries and show how to act on ideas in ways that are sure to keep customers coming back for more. Belinda believes the art of sales to be creating client experiences based on respect, trust, patience and empathy. This level of commitment and compassion is evidenced by the fact 100% of her sales come from repeat customers and glowing referrals. With such a loyal following and reputation, she also inevitably emerged as a sought–after motivational speaker and trainer. In additio

n to frequently teaching her 'Your Network is Your Net Worth' philosophy to Mercedes–Benz dealerships throughout the world, Belinda also regularly conducts workshops and conference keynotes for corporate clients such as Westpac, National Australia Bank, City Pacific Finance, Manchester Unity and LJ Hooker. Her limitless enthusiasm, charisma and 'Intrapreneurial' flair have proven that Big ideas can not only be fostered within the confines of Big business... but sometimes redefine the very way business is run.

Belinda's commitment to philanthropy is also accomplished through roles as an Advisory Board member of The Kids Earth Fund and the Australian Business Women's Network. She has also twice been invited by the Premiers Department to be a Mentor in the Government initiative "Lucy Mentoring Program".

Speaking Topics Include

How to Engage the Top End of Town
Elegance, class, style and unrivalled customer service are all synonymous with the top end of town. Belinda will reveal how to engage and prosper from this market. You will be challenged to change the way you do things in your business, using a proven strategy that has resulted in $13 million in Mercedes- Benz vehicle sales per annum. Belinda believes value is in the relationship, not the transaction. Her key to success shows ways to give extraordinary service, by creating memorable customer experiences which clients crave and reward you for.

Fostering a Culture of “Intrapreneurship’
The future of business relies on fostering innovation from the inside. Intrapreneurs are those who innovate from within their organisations, the hands-on ‘doers’ who roll up their sleeves and inspire others. Belinda Yabsley has built a laudable reputation for Intrapreneurship.   At 31, she is the first female and youngest general manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Australia, recently launching the innovative and world first Airport Express dealership. By concentrating on simple steps, Belinda Yabsley believes every company can release the Intrapreneurial spirit buried within their teams.

The Art of Customer Service Excellence and Loyalty
In a culture, where we tend to accept poor levels of customer service as the norm, Belinda Yabsley will share with you her secrets and highlight customer experiences which has earnt her an international reputation for delivering and rewriting the rules on customer service excellence.  She will share with you methods to increase your current repeat and referral business, building quality relationships with your clientele.

Innovation – how an idea becomes a reality
Innovation begins with an attitude and a willingness to embrace the unknown. Belinda will demonstrate how to focus on making your ideas happen and the extraordinary results that can be achieved once they become a reality. Her gift of sharing her experiences and stories during her extraordinary career are simple and easy for anyone to implement into their daily business life.  

Networking – an essential life skill and business building tool
Belinda will provide tips and strategies to boost your networking skills. Living by the philosophy that her 'network is her net worth'. Treating people the way in which you wish to be treated, giving without expectation, having a mentality of abundance, regularly giving away referrals, sharing ideas, information and cross–networking to form powerful strategic alliances to boost your business. She will also share with you the benefits of networking for a good cause and the results your business can achieve through cause–related marketing strategies.