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Bella Zanesco

Bella Zanesco

Bella reveals the secrets that took her from burn out to becoming world champion, from creatively shamed to The Weekend Australian Photographer of the Year and from disengaged employee to delivering $5billion in new revenues for Fortune 500 companies.Drawing on her research of 2,000 executives, her best-selling book and personal experiences, you’ll discover what to do to minimise screw ups and how to come back stronger.

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Testimonials for Bella Zanesco

“Downright inspiring, experiential and entertaining. Bella is the ultimate flow hacker and presenter on the topic of flow. She had us Googlers on the edge of our seats and on our feet experimenting with quirky ways we can all find our flow to achieve more in less time. Bella has a unique ability to blend humour, stories and science to inspire anyone into flow hacking action no matter what their background or experience level. Without a doubt, she’s the best entertainer we’ve engaged because she not only speaks about it she walks her talk as well”.  Amy Zhang, Google


“Bella is an outstanding speaker and thought leader. She brings a depth of experience from 20 years’ operating at the top of international business, the arts and sport. The way she found courage and inner strength to banish depression from her life is inspirational. Her insights are second to none and encourage joy and vitality in our own lives no matter what your starting point. I love her heartfelt energy and the way she inspires people.” 

Sam Cawthorn, Young Australian of The Year


“Bella reveals with brutal honesty the fact that many of us face considerable challenges and setbacks these days. But she ain’t no pity party - far from it.  Bella has a genuine interest in exposing truth but then bringing her reflections together with relevant research to produce a practical and accessible approach for uncovering what matters and how to bring out our potential in life and work.”

Dr Adrian Medhurst - Psychologist, Speaker and Thought Leader


“If you’re looking for a speaker with demonstrated results, then Bella is your woman. Bella embodies everything she speaks about - she is bold, raw, vulnerable and genuinely passionate about seeing other people succeed.  With a strong on-stage presence, she's got an exceptional talent for engaging audiences.  When she spoke for us, she had over 150 people inspired, on their feet and engaging with each other.”

Kylee Fitzpatrick, Team Women Australia 


“This is the first time I’ve let down my armour as an adult man and it feels incredible and disarming at the same time.” “We need to create more opportunity in CBA for people to have ‘real’ conversations like we’re having right now. What troubles us, what opportunities we have as people.” “I want to bring Bella’s practices into CBA so people can get out of their head and into their body and really SEE and CONNECT with each other as human beings.”

“This is the first time I’ve deeply looked into a colleague’s eyes and connected with them on a human level”.

Commonwealth Bank Wired for Wonder Participants

Bella Zanesco Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Bella Zanesco's Biography

Bella Zanesco is a modern-day polymath. She is a world champion and record holding sailor and kite boarder, is responsible for $5 billion in new corporate revenues through health and wellness propositions, is The Weekend Australian Photographer of the Year and the UK’s Top 50 Young Changemaker of the Year.

As a business executive, she’s consulted to global giants including Google, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, Pepsi Co, Sainsbury’s, Reed Elsevier and AMP among others.  She is chosen the personal life and leadership coach for executives in transition.

Bella’s mission is to see a world of Fully Expressed Leaders unafraid to bring their whole selves to their work and life.

Bella’s global wellbeing research study and comeback story has been featured on Sunrise on 7, The ABC, news.com.au, Boss Magazine (The Australian Financial Review), Business Chicks, 2UE, 2GB and Talking Business on Qantas.

Her debut book Smart Girls Screw Up Too - The no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want is the best-selling leadership book in 2018 by an Australian author of any gender and has outsold all global female thought leaders including Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In and Sophia Amoruso's Girl Boss.

Speaking Topics Include

Topic 1: Hacking Flow For High Performance

Creating the conditions for leaders to hack flow and get more done in less time.


Traditional strategies for personal and commercial success can no longer sustain the pace of modern life. The future of work requires high levels of creativity, an ability to process vast amounts of information, and consistently produce relevant, impactful outcomes.


To be prepared for the future we must have the ability to harness and hack our FLOW state on demand. It’s the sweet spot between boredom and anxiety, an optimal state of consciousness where we are up to 500% more productive. When we hack flow, we tap into our natural, innate ability to synthesise information, strategise relevant outcomes and shut down the prefrontal cortex: the part of the brain that controls impulsivity and houses our inner critic.


In this vibrant, illuminating keynote we will explore the limitless power of FLOW. Delivered by World Champion and record holding athlete Bella Zanesco you will learn how to get it, hold it and harness it, resulting in a consistent, effortless and effective output. And positioning you, and your leadership team ahead of the pack by unleashing your full creative potential.



  • The science and story of flow
  • Tools to access and harness your flow state, ON DEMAND!
  • How to use flow to improve your focus, build stamina and trust your intuition for staggering success


Topic 2: The Future Is Human

Fully Expressed Leadership: The modern-day approach to nurturing engaged, inspiring and sustainably high performing leaders


We need a new breed of leader. People who inspire the imagination by working in harmony with their own humanity. Leaders who are unafraid to bring their whole selves to work. Who see their wellbeing, authenticity and vulnerability as a strength. And who bring the same care and compassion to themselves as they do to those around them.


Drawing on over 3 years of research, with 2000+ executives from over 80 countries, we have developed a contemporary approach to holistic personal leadership, aligned for the future of work. Exploring everything from gut health to neuroscience, hormones to happiness, vision to vitality, this holistic approach will transform your view of what it takes to become a leader that others want to follow.


In this radical, relevant keynote blending research, stories and emerging science, you will be given practical tools to find clarity, with who you are and what you want, connection, to create a thriving mind, body & spirit, and confidence, to fulfil your potential and live your full self-expression.



  • Clarity - to make sound and authentic decisions
  • Connection - tools to unlock vitality & enhance emotional intelligence
  • Confidence – to fulfil your potential and sustain high performance


Topic 3: Smart Leaders Screw Up Too

What causes our screw up’s and how-to comeback stronger


Any organisations performance is the sum of its individuals’ thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and habits.  In essence, an ecosystem of what makes us succeed and screw up.  Smart Leaders Screw Up Too explores the conditions for and the hidden reasons behind why individuals, teams and organisations screw up and how-to comeback stronger.


Our brain wasn’t designed for the modern always on world, hence we have the potential to screw up more often. Therefore, knowing how to get clarity and restore our mind and body has never been more important to sustainably perform at our best.


Having suffered a severe case of burnout, adrenal fatigue and depression, Bella Zanesco used her breakdown as a catalyst for change. She immersed herself in scientifically proven strategies and practices, retraining her mind, body and spirit to achieve stunning results in professional sport, business and the arts. In this tell-all tale of transformation, Bella reveals the secrets that took her from burn out to becoming world champion, from creatively shamed to The Weekend Australian Photographer of the Year and from disengaged employee to delivering $5billion in new revenues for Fortune 500 companies.

Drawing on her research of 2,000 executives, her best-selling book and personal experiences, you’ll discover what to do to minimise screw ups and how to come back stronger.



  • How to prime your brain and hormones for sustainable focus and high performance
  • Scientifically proven practices to evoke calm and clarity under pressure
  • Techniques to reduce stress, body inflammation and fire up intuitive decision making