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Brett Rutledge

Brett Rutledge

Brett Rutledge is recognized as one of the most skilled and versatile communicators in the Southern Hemisphere and is heavily in demand as a dynamic business speaker, facilitator and executive communication specialist.When it comes...

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Brett Rutledge Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Brett Rutledge's Biography

Brett Rutledge is recognized as one of the most skilled and versatile communicators in the Southern Hemisphere and is heavily in demand as a dynamic business speaker, facilitator and executive communication specialist.

When it comes to communication there is simply no one more qualified. His communication skills and abilities are so honed and nuanced that Brett Rutledge can change his voice and his approach in over 150 different ways. Accents, age and even personalities can all be mimicked or impersonated with the sort of speed most of us reserve for normal, everyday conversation.
Brett also has an extensive corporate background in Marketing and Human Resources Consultancy culminating in his appointment as an HR General Manager at only 26 years of age. In 1998 Brett became only the 4th person outside North America to win the World Championship of Public Speaking. He is a regular contributor to such publications as Fast Thinking and The Punch and has numerous television and radio appearances to his credit.
As one of Brett’s clients said… “He just knows his stuff so well and his ability to read people and situations and take the room to where they need to go is just awesome!”
An utterly unique talent whose ability as a mimic, practical business knowledge and powerful delivery are guaranteed to both entertain and inform, Brett Rutledge is the foremost communication expert in Australasia!

Speaking Topics Include

The Leaders’ Voice – How Your Communication can be the Difference
Communication between leaders and their people is at the heart of everything but most leaders fail to create the organisational focus, commitment and energy to move the entire organisation. Beyond techniques, templates and imitation lie the principles of the Leader’s Voice and when applied they will make you far more powerful and far more influential as a leader. Learn the principles of communication from a World Champion of Public Speaking and be the difference in your organisation.

Effective Business Presentations for the Real World
Is there anything more common in the business world than a confident speaker with a mindnumbing presentation? Effective business presentations are a product of solid content and good structure rather than a confident and articulate presenter but our focus is always (mistakenly) on the latter. Learn from a World Champion of Public Speaking as we break down the myths surrounding business presentations and show you how anyone can create a compelling and memorable talk in any setting to any audience.

Marketing Your Story – How to Build Word of Mouth that Works
Is there anything more valuable or potentially more damaging to a business than word-of-mouth? Good or bad, it is one of the most credible forms of advertising because the people telling the stories don’t gain anything personally from it. Everyone wants satisfied customers telling other people how much they like their business, product, service, or event but most customers don’t do it because word of mouth is not a product of how satisfied a customer is… it’s a product of how INTERESTING you are! Learn how to build word of mouth by creating compelling, memorable stories that people can’t help but share.

Marketing Your Story – How to Cultivate Referrals that Work
Referral marketing and viral marketing are incredibly powerful strategies to generate new business but most referral systems amount to nothing more than sophisticated begging. The most valuable referral is not someone else giving out your name and number – it is someone else telling your story! We are all predisposed to sharing interesting experiences. Learn how to cultivate referrals by creating compelling, memorable experiences that people can’t help but share.

In The Minds of Champions – The Key to World Class Performance
Learn from the experience of hundreds of World Champions, World Record Holders and ordinary people who have done extraordinary things as we delve into the top two inches of the world’s best performers and reveal the 4 key components that drive their success while examining the links to performance, leadership and management. There is more to being a champion than simply engaging in similar behaviour. It is the thinking that goes on behind the technique – the top two inches – that makes the difference. Delivered by a World Champion this is a warm, funny and uplifting presentation that will surprise and inspire.