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Bryan Dawe

Bryan Dawe

Bryan Dawe is one of Australia’s finest political satirists. He has enjoyed a long, successful career writing and performing on national radio, television and film. Best-known for his work with John Clarke on the ABC’s 7.30 Report where they prick the balloons of the nation’s alleged political leaders.

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Testimonials for Bryan Dawe

‘I am writing to express COAT's thanks for your wonderful presentation at the 2019 COAT Conference dinner in Melbourne on 6 June. Your presentation, with its mix of narrative, satire, personal anecdote, humour and much more was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all present, and described by several as the best after-dinner presentation they had heard.’

2019 COAT Conference Dinner


"Bryan in his character as Sir Murray Rivers QC was the most perfect fit you could find for a function at the Bar.  He was of course hilarious but he was clever, insightful, professional  and right on the mark. Our audience had all been at a conference all day and needed a laugh.  That the humour was balanced with intelligence and relevance was perfect for our audience.


Sir Murray Rivers is the product of a brilliant mind. He had our audience in fits of laughter from start to finish. The political barbs, the cleverly turned phrases and the perfect timing and delivery made for one of the most entertaining performances I have seen. Sir Murray is bombastic, outspoken, highly politically incorrect... and a complete and utter delight."

The Victorian Bar Annual CPD Conference Dinner


Bryan's performance was top class, Sir Murray Rivers red carded the Mayor! Bryan is a very talented and funny man ! It was a pleasure to have Bryan and Sir Murray at the World Environment Day Dinner and we hope in the future he will come again”

City of Greater Geelong


"Bryan was more than excellent; he was absolutely brilliant. Our delegates were still talking about his performance the next day and how much they had enjoyed it.”

Credit Union Services Corporation


"Bryan's Sir Murray Rivers QC act was just as funny as the first time I saw it. He was very well received by the guests at the CMC Chamber Mayoral Ball in Hervey Bay."

Civil Mining and Construction


"A masterful performance... The evening was enjoyed by all, with lots of comments on the skill and humour of Bryan."

Austin Health


"Bryan was certainly the right choice of speaker for our business forum. We have received extremely positive feedback from our attending guests on Sir Murray River’s appearance, rated very highly.  Sir Murray River certainly captured the essence of our event and delivered a very well research performance that hit the spot with our Executives and guests."

Westpac Business Network

Bryan Dawe Travels from VIC
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Bryan Dawe's Biography

 Bryan Dawe is one of Australia’s finest political satirists. He has enjoyed a long, successful career writing and performing on national radio, television and film. Best-known for his work with John Clarke on the ABC’s 7.30 Report where they prick the balloons of the nation’s alleged political leaders.   Bryan was also a cast member and writer of the critically acclaimed and highly successful spoof of the Sydney Olympics, the ABC TV series ‘The Games’.

His film credits include the Australia hit comedy ‘The Castle’, ‘The Honorable Wally Norman’, and Paul Cox’s ‘Lust and Revenge’.

For many years, Bryan has been writing and performing two much loved satirical characters on ABC Radio: ‘Sir Murray Rivers QC and ‘Roly Parks’ with his ‘Letter from Kalangadoo’.

A Satirist's Journey

 At school, Bryan was told he couldn't be a writer, performer or work on radio. His expressed desire to become a Barrister was quickly dismissed by his career advisory officer on the basis that he came from the “wrong background”. Despite this 'advice' Bryan went on to write, direct and perform on radio, stage, film and television for over 35 years. His journey echoes the comment of fellow humorist, the late Spike Milligan, who said of his life: 'I have nothing organised, so nothing can go wrong'. A Satirist’s Journey is a highly amusing and at times poignant story in which we also meet Bryan’s two endearing characters Roly Parks from Kalangadoo and the outrageous Sir Murray Rivers QC. In a hilarious interview “via satellite from the Melbourne Club ”, Bryan on stage interviews Sir Murray Rivers on screen. His Honour provides a very opinionated update on a range of urgent matters affecting the colony. It is a clever piece of multi-media illusion.

Sir Murray Rivers QC

Sir Murray Rivers QC (retired) is one of Australia's most controversial legal and political figures. He is a former Victorian Supreme Court Judge and an outspoken media commentator, often described unkindly, and he believes unfairly, as ‘The Graham Richardson of the Liberal Party’.

His Honour’s forthright and engaging 45 minute talk covers issues ranging from the environment, corporate responsibility, refugees, why he loves women and how to combat terrorism; as well, Sir Murray also offers his scathing thoughts on the colony's media, the alleged Opposition and the Greens. Or as Sir Murray describes them: The Seriously Whacko Party.

Sir Murray’s address is a hilariously clever, insightful, talk with political humour and wit so politically incorrect it will annoy or satisfy in equal measure. No-one of any political persuasion escapes unscathed. This is political satire that only Bryan Dawe can deliver.

A Short History of Roly & Sonya Parks

Originally created by Bryan Dawe and Jody Seidel, Roly and Sonya Parks first appeared on 3RRR in Melbourne in 1987. A number of series followed nationally on ABC radio, including ‘You wouldn’t read about out it’ and ‘On the smell of an oily rag - a European Odyssey’ The twelve half hour radio programs were broadcast on ABC Radio National and across ABC regional stations were recorded on location in Europe, following the couple on their rapid European holiday. Under the auspices of Bryan's National Trouble-Makers Union, in this 45 minute - one hour show, Bryan takes us on Roly and Sonya’s unique journey from the beginning to present day. Along the way we gain insight into how the characters originated, the early days recording at ABC radio and we see rare footage from the couple’s travel series in Europe. Bryan will also read a selection from his much loved ‘Letters from Kalangadoo’.


Bryan has been MC at countless conferences, dinners and special occasions, spanning 25 years. He was MC at MLC's two international conferences held in Singapore and Vancouver. Bryan also conducted a special one and three quarter hour extended interview with renown Barrister, Geoffrey Robertson QC at Raffles Hotel In Singapore.


After a series of successful earlier exhibitions in Australia, Bryan held his 'Illusion's exhibition in Tangier, Morocco in 2016. Bryan returned to Tangier in 2017 and for a further five month stay in Tangier in 2018. Returning to Australia, Bryan had three very successful exhibitions ‘Passage’ in Bungendore, ‘Improvisé ‘ in Bendigo and ‘Chimera’ in Meeniyan. Bryan’s works, conceived and inspired by Morocco and his travels in Southern Spain and Portugal, explore his love of theatre, circus and dance as well his fascination with the architecture of Tangier, Fez and Porto, Portugal. Bryan also adds his unique humour with a series of his recent quirky drawings. In October 2019, Bryan will hold an exhibition at the artist colony of Monsalvat, near Melbourne.