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Caroline Pemberton – ‘Miss Adventure’

Caroline Pemberton – ‘Miss Adventure’

More down to earth than diva, Caroline Pemberton is an adventurer, a traveller and a master storyteller who is willing to share fascinating tales and some of the powerful learnings she’s garnered from a life on the road. She is most in demand for her ‘Power of Storytelling & Why Your Content Marketing Sux’ keynote as she deeply understands the commercial power of a great tale, well told.

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Testimonials for Caroline Pemberton – ‘Miss Adventure’

"Caroline blew everyone away at our recent Adventure Tales event. Core ingredients our audience respond to is great storytelling, served up in a raw, humble and therefore relatable way - this is exactly what Caroline did. She delved into her wild past, recognised the things that have shaped her as a person and we all had fun as she took us on her (sometime hilarious) journey to becoming the adventurer she is today.

I lost count of the number of people who came up to me after the show to say how energised and inspired they were by her talk!"

Henry Brydon ‘Co Founder - Adventure Tales & Founder of We Are Explorers’


"Caroline's presentation was given with the charming informality and youthful exuberance, combined with the confidence that one can expect from a high end, experienced professional speaker. Prior event speakers have included the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, a former Governor of the Reserve Bank, the Chief of the Defence Force and the Roman Archbishop of Sydney. In such eclectic company, Caroline was regarded by all our regular attendees as one of the most capable and stimulating speakers thus far…I can heartily recommend Caroline for any group who wishes to be inspired by one of Australia's most charming and gifted young Australians."



"You were delightful and a warm presence and you really added to the atmosphere of the day…I wish you luck in all your endeavours and you are fantastic at what you do."

Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children


"Caroline conveyed great messages with warmth and grace and I have no doubt her name will be on everyone's lips for quite a while. She set a new standard four our lecture!"

Dunmore Lang College


"The Dunmore Lang College Annual Lecture, given by Caroline Pemberton was a joy to the eyes and refreshingly an even greater source of stimulation to the ears. Miss Pemberton combined a graceful, refined speaking style with a self-depreciating sense of humour. It was a very poignant, memorable keynote from a woman who can clearly turn heads at a first glance; but, continued to captivate an audience long after the tiara had been put down."

Macquarie Group Limited

Caroline Pemberton – ‘Miss Adventure’ Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Caroline Pemberton – ‘Miss Adventure’'s Biography

Caroline Pemberton is a renowned speaker, television presenter and producer who once upon a time was Miss Australia... but don’t let the sash and tiara deceive you as she’s the last thing you might expect from a stereotypical beauty queen.

More down to earth than diva, she’s an adventurer, a traveller and a master storyteller who is willing to share fascinating tales and some of the powerful learnings she’s garnered from a life on the road. Comfortable in front of the camera and behind the lens, she is most in demand for her ‘Power of Storytelling & Why Your Content Marketing Sux’ keynote as she deeply understands the commercial power of a great tale, well told.

In today’s world good content is not just King… but King, Queen & Court. A great piece of marketing with a solid story will not only connect you to your audience and convert them into customers but has the power to make advertising feel like entertainment that people actually want to watch, like and share. We all know it needs to be part of our strategy but we often get stuck on how to do it.

Caroline can break it down, show the money making power of it, why it works from a neuroscience perspective and then how to do it in a simple, engaging and fascinating presentation.

As a Presentation Skills & Media Speaker Caroline can craft custom workshops as a media training consultant Drawing on a wide base of skills she can teach storytelling, media presentation skills, crafting a message, writing press releases or how to put your best foot forward in front of, or behind the camera to connect with audiences.

Caroline is also an experienced confident and comfortable emcee. She’s hosted formal fundraisers, industry conferences, black tie events, film festivals, panels and more.

Following the pageant (which she fell into through charity work) Caroline hung up the high heels, quit the catwalk and broke a new trail, travelling the world to tell its stories. She coined the nickname MissAdventure in the process. It suits her better. A decade down the track and she’s made a mark for herself in the industry, capturing audiences week in and week out on free to air television specialising in travel, lifestyle, adventure and wellness

She’s filed stories from all 7 continents for the likes of Red Bull, Outside TV and the top rating travel program Getaway to name but a few.

Off the stage, she is a well-published travel writer and an experienced tourism spokesperson consulting with destination marketing organisations and tourism boards the world over on their marketing strategy and content creation. A recognised voice in the adventure travel industry she is one of the founders of the Australian Women’s Adventure Alliance as well as running her own movement under her MissAdventure brand that empowers the next generation of girls through adventure.

She enjoys paragliding, surfing, boxing, canyoning, mountain biking, diving, skiing and mountaineering. Her weirdest and most wonderful globe-trotting memories include ice-climbing at Mount Everest, cave diving beneath rural farmlands, joining a successful paragliding world record in Bali, heli-MTBing the Southern Alps, wearing the blood, sweat and tears of the Kokoda trail and ski mountaineering one of the seven summits in Russia.

Speaking Topics Include

The Power of Storytelling & Why Your Content Marketing Sux - Drawing on over 10 years of production and story telling experience, Caroline has a bee under her bonnet. She wants to see business and brands start engaging in content that works, stop wasting their money and pissing off their audiences with disruptive advertising content that no one wants to watch. She teaches audiences hot to move their messages from advertising to storytelling and the elements of what makes a great story stick.


The Importance of Vulnerability, Authenticity & Self- Acceptance - The biggest trap of being ‘front of house’ whether that’s on TV, on stage, or just as a leader in front of audiences and teams, is thinking that we need to be ‘perfect’ and crafting a version of ourselves, or putting on a mask in order to fulfil that role. The irony is that audiences only love and respect you, when they can relate to you. That happens naturally when you are vulnerable and that authenticity demands brave self---acceptance.


7 Lessons in Failure from one of the 7 Summits - We live in an achievement driven society but what happens when we fail? What are the lessons we can learn and how should we cope? Is there any room for failure in our world and how can we use it to our advantage? Caroline shares 7 lessons in failure that she learned on the slopes of one of the fames Seven Summits.


Log Off & Live - Device addiction is real and it affects us all. Did you know you will spends 35,000 hours of your life looking down at a mobile phone? That 12% of us use our phones in the shower and one in 5 of us check our phones during sex? Why are we so addicted? And how can we create more balance in our lives? Could a digital detox in nature really help?


Real Body Image  - In the whirlwind world of social media that breeds and unhealthy culture of comparison, how can one fall in love with their body? How can we change the focus from what our bodies look like, to being in awe of what they can do? Caroline shows audiences the ins and outs of the mass-produced marketing images that we all see between 400-600x a day to reveal just how unrealistic it is to strive to look like the models in the magazines. She knows, because she is one of them and she certainly doesn’t look like that either!


From Miss Australia to MissAdventure - Growing up a tomboy and a bit of a nerd at school to accidentally winning a beauty pageant, giving up a tracked Honours degree to work in television, travelling and adventuring across all 7 continents and the exciting, weird and wonderful adventures she’s had along the way.