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Chris De Havilland

Chris De Havilland

Chris De Havilland is a Master of Disguise, a Hoax Master and guru. He can radically alter his physical appearance, master languages and accents to achieve maximum result. His charismatic characters will blow your mind, entertain, motivate and deliver key messages.

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Testimonials for Chris De Havilland

‘Lots of laughs thanks to Chris De Havilland. His stream of one-liners about the financial and property industries kept the audience in constant giggles…’  
The Daily Telegraph  

‘Got the message across better than anyone else.’ 
The Qantas Club   

‘A large number of specialists made a point of thanking Pfizer for a most innovative and unique presentation. …the standing ovation given is proof of how well you were received. …we have had positive feedback on the good relationship that your input has generated between our company and this important group of medical specialists'. 
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals  

‘Chris’ performance gelled the occasion into exactly what we wanted’.
Roz Richardson, BHP Billiton  

‘I was so impressed with the professionalism of your character.   Every nuance, physical interpretation, gesture and timing, particularly your control of the character right through to the ‘exposure’ was excellent. A true craftsman – meant as the highest accolade.   Well done Chris.’  
Carole Gregson, Conference Business Manager, National Employment Services Association (NESA)  

‘…we have had responses from many of our guests about their enjoyment of our “Exceptional man of the evening.”  
Chris De Havilland Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Chris De Havilland's Biography

Chris De Havilland is a Master of Disguise, a Hoax Master and guru.  He can radically alter his physical appearance, master languages and accents to achieve maximum result.  His charismatic characters will blow your mind, entertain, motivate and deliver key messages. 

Chris dines, debates and discusses with delegates culminating in a dynamic discourse, during which he will even open the floor for questions if you wish. He’s acknowledged the plaudits from live audiences ranging from twenty to those numbering in the thousands.  Chris De Havilland overturns mindsets, launches products, motivates malingerers, trains teams, causes controversy, presents spectacular awards and entertains clients.  

He is the original Hoax Master who:
* was invited to join Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip for the opening of a city centre,
* broadcast to millions across USA as revolutionary America’s Cup yacht designer
* had all nationalities crying with laughter at the opening of an international airport in Asia.  

Either live or on television, Chris has presented everything from scientific discoveries to legal precedents, corporate takeovers to entrepreneurial genius, sporting strategies to future predictions.  

Chris has over 25 years’ experience since he coined the term ‘Tailor Made Speaker’ to create exactly what his client needed when he opened a building in a capital city centre.  

Since then he has delivered thousands of speeches, adjudicated debates, hosted summits, launched products and lectured internationally.  

Chris has featured on all size screens around the world from international Pepsi commercials to YouTube videos attracting over 10 million hits!  

You will have seen Chris on television across Australia and throughout the Pacific, but you won’t recognize him once he assumes any one of the hundreds of characters he’s created. That is a major reason why he successfully returns many times for the same clients, often to the same groups of people.   During that time he has needed to be funny, clever, witty, motivating and extremely well researched.   He’s had to assume countless nationalities, add 20+ years, add 30+ kilos, shave his head, grow hair, change his face, change his skin colour, dress up and dress down.  

Chris excels in convincing specialists in any field that he’s about to change their world.   Being able to speak numerous languages, master foreign accents and transform his appearance from Hollywood’s leading movie makeup artists has all certainly helped.  

He’s the eminent visiting expert at the convention dinner, the Royal family adviser sharing VIP and celebrity secrets at your product launch or road-show and the international business leader featured on TV!   Voted ‘Best Speaker’ at international and national conferences, ‘Most Entertaining and Useful Presentation’ by university groups and invited to lobby governments on behalf of national associations, he was attributed as a major reason for the world’s largest company’s highest sales growth of any of its products… ever!  

He’s been Richard Branson’s mentor, Warren Buffet’s closest financial advisor and the Pope’s public relations manager!  

Chris is a formidable lateral thinker and whether your subject is Sport, Politics, Business, Television, Finance, HR, Art, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Communications, OH&S, Education, Industry, Mining, Agriculture, Engineering, Law, Labor or Trade, Chris De Havilland has lectured in all these and more.