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Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson is an economist, author and columnist. Specialising inmacroeconomic economic forecasting and modelling, Chris is a leader in this field. An engaging speaker, Chris covers topics including maroeconomics, economic forcasting and the federal budget.

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Chris Richardson Travels from ACT
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Chris Richardson's Biography

Chris Richardson is one of Australia’s best known economists and a Director of Access Economics. In 2011 the partners and staff of Access Economics joined Deloitte. Chris is now a partner at Deloitte and heads up Deloitte Access Economics’ Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting Group.


As a specialist in macroeconomic economic forecasting and modelling, he is widely acknowledged as the leader in this field. He is also the author of Business Outlook and Business Review Weekly’s Eco column. His expertise extends to include such topics as the Australian and global economies, Federal Budget analysis, property markets, demographics, ageing and industry trends.

Chris is the author of Business Outlook, the Business Review Weekly’s Fundamentals column and is often asked to comment on economic trends in wider media.
Chris Richardson has provided tailored economic advice to the corporate sector for many years, assisting in the business planning for numerous private and public organisations. His guest speaker appearances vary from conferences for one of Australia's leading banking institutions, to discussions with the Board of Directors for a major construction company.

Chris Richardson can tailor his presentation to suit organizations in all industries, providing invaluable insights.

Prior to joining Access Economics in 1988, Chris Richardson worked at the Federal Treasury.

He has also worked at the IMF, advising countries in the former Soviet Union and South America.


Speaking Topics Include

·                     Macroeconomics

·                     Economic trends

·                     Federal budget analysis, and property, ageing and industry trends