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Colin Pearce

Colin Pearce

Colin Pearce is writer, story-teller and speaker. Colin brings laughter, wittiness, humour and importantly take-home value to improve sales skills, customer service, retailing, management and motivation.

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Testimonials for Colin Pearce

Using your techniques I can walk into any of our stores and double and triple clothing sales in a day

Michael McIntosh, CEO Powerhouse Men


Colin’s contribution to this year’s property Management Conference not only fulfilled our expectations but, in fact, far outweighed them. His presentation gave our conference an absolute spark. The quality, popularity and inclusiveness of the presentation ensured that the audience was not only extremely well-informed but thoroughly enjoyed the way the message was delivered. Colin generated an atmosphere of learning, fun, enjoyment and, most of all, participation.

Anita Brekalo, First National Real Estate


We have been working with The Franchise Trainer since 1982 when we had 16 franchisees. Today we have over 1,000. A lot of our culture is built on The Franchise Trainer’s principles…

Bill Vis, The Franchise Trainer


Colin was received well by the audience and got plenty of laughs. He offered a different delivery style, whilst still getting the key messages across.

Genesys Wealth


Met our expectations? Blew them out of the water. Awe inspiring, witty, interesting, energetic, spell binding.

Telecom, New Zealand

Colin Pearce Travels from SA
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Colin Pearce's Biography


Author of training programs, business books, children’s stories, songs, TV programs – his stories, characterisations, ventriloquism, backyard wisdom and home-truth messages are loved by grown-ups and kids all over the world.

Using vibrant multi-media and a unique interactive story style, Colin specialises in take-home value to improve sales skills, customer service, retailing, management and motivation.


Designed to bring about changes in skills and attitude, Colin presents business savvy that sticks and common sense ideas that work, all wrapped in a fast moving package of outrageous ventriloquism, wacky stories, zany sing-along songs, active audience participation, and one laugh after another.


Regularly touring Asia, Australasia and the USA, Colin's audiences range from Nuclear Reactor Engineers in Florida to Insurance People in Singapore and even kindergarten kids on the story mat.


Colin started his career teaching deaf children before moving into television which included ventriloquism, children's shows, script writing, sales management, commercial production and song writing.


After becoming a National Sale Manager for a multi-level marketing company, in 1985 Colin became Director of John Clements Training Systems, which produced and sold top-selling telephone and customer service training video packages to major corporations. In 1987, he founded Colin Pearce & Associates Pty Ltd which now trades as The World Sales Center. It specialises in training, speaking, consulting, media production and book writing.


The author of numerous videos, audio tapes and short stories, Colin's bestselling books include: Make More Money From Every Sale, Five Star Service on a One Star Budget, Manage and Lead Without Losing Sleep, This Glorious Quest - Find and Fulfil Your Dream and The Legend of the Fire Bringer. He is also the author of three email newsletters; Sales Person's Kick in the Pants Newsletter, Bright Ideas Newsletter Online and Two Minutes with God.

Colin is one of only 38 speakers to be awarded the CSP accreditation (Certified Speaking Professional) from the National Speakers Association of Australia. A versatile storyteller with a hundred voices and a dozen faces, Colin's workshops and presentations are dynamic and witty, while providing a real take-home value.

Speaking Topics Include

You are ten times better than you think

Motivation is about realising you are the B.E.S.T. ie Big, Exciting, Smart and Talented – seeing a picture of your bigger and better self, giving bigger and better service and having bigger and better relationships at work. Filled with stories and outlandish stage fun with audience members, this will have your audience talking about the conference for months and – being better.


You are your A.S.S.E.T.S.

This is no ordinary customer service yack, yack, yack. Here’s the gist of it: He gets your people to focus on their A-Appearance so they never suffer from store blindness. Your people will know why eye contact and S-Smiling is fundamental to human interaction and none of your customers will be left stranded again. Colin will teach your people the language of S-Sounding happy to help and you wait til he goes to town on E-Enthusiasm. They’ll be leaping out of their socks. It’s hard to describe here but he will have your team performing ‘No! T-Thank YOU !!’ for months. When Colin rams home the philosophy of the S-Servant heart you’ll see a few red faces but you’ll get customer service performance like you’ve never seen from then on.


Make More Money From Every Sale

When you know what to do and what to say, you will make more money from every sale! Add-on sales skills are what you need to boost your sales results to an all-time high. Learn why you should do it, why it’s hard when you don’t know, and how to turn your staff into Add-on sales champions!

Colin says

you CAN make more money from every sale

you SHOULD make more money from every sale

WHY you DON’T make more money from every sale

HOW to make more money from every sale


Speed read people in a blink

Now, you’ll achieve your objectives without pressure, without stress and with more control! This topic is the result of years of Colin’s experiences and research with people of all ages from dozens of cultures and with organisations of six to thousands of people. He outlines the four temperament groups into which all members of the human family fall – regardless of race, nationality, gender or age and then gives you practical hints on what to do and say to help them give you their best

What’s your story?

Everything is story. You are the sum total of your stories so far. So is your business, your club, your association. And the same is true for your family, your religion, your entire values system.
If you have a sick culture, you either have a sick story or you had a good story and you’ve forgotten it. If you have a healthy culture, you can only keep it that way by reinvigorating your story. If you don’t have a good story that captures your culture, you’d better get one fast before you and your precious history die out. Colin is the master story teller. He will hold you spell-bound as he teaches you the importance of stories for building the culture you want most.


Master of Ceremonies

A ‘Conference Energiser’, Colin sets a great atmosphere. He makes you laugh, he is flexible, he sings, he is easy to work with and he even kicks in with production ideas if you want them.