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Conference and Team Meeting Energisers

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Do you want your delegates to sit up and take notice? Do you want your group to engage with each other, rather than constantly check the time or doze off after their complimentary lunch? Maybe the afternoon session is getting too heavy and focus is waning. It's the age-old problem of conference organising - keeping a lively and engaged audience, ready and able to take in the interesting information and the new ideas in your program or at your training event. An energising or icebreaking session for a conference or team meeting will stimulate your audience and is perfect to kick start a conference day or keep your audience focused between sessions. Energisers will warm your attendees up, keep them entertained and amused while stimulating their thinking. An energisers activities and games tend to be short but "punchy" and are suitable while seated theatre style, alternatively "table-top" activities or more physical movement can take place if you have more space. Alternatively energising physical activities can give people a buzz and put them in a receptive frame of mind.

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Bogan Bingo

Bogan Bingo

....grab ya flanny’s, don the moccies, and get ready for Bogan Bingo
Brad Blaze

Brad Blaze

....Entertainer of the Year Award winner
Allan Bolton

Allan Bolton

....the peoples renewable energy man
Speakers and Entertainers : Brett Bower

Brett Bower

....an award winning cartoonist
Speakers and Entertainers : Graeme Bowman

Graeme Bowman

....immensely talented corporate hoax and speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Tanya Bulmer

Tanya Bulmer

....Tanya’s presentation styles are eclectic and her ability to integrate comedy and creativity
Matt Church

Matt Church

.... Australia's foremost thought leader
Nigel Collin

Nigel Collin

....The Mindset of Change. Creating Better Business Conversations
John Deeks

John Deeks

.... recognised as the 'voice of Melbourne' Deeksie!
Speakers and Entertainers : Tania De Jong AM

Tania De Jong AM

....dynamic diva, business women and entrepreneur
Kerry "Nigel" Domann

Kerry "Nigel" Domann

....a multi-talented and exceptional entertainer
Des Dowling

Des Dowling

....meticulous, intelligent and very funny brilliant comedian and corporate MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Troupe du Jour

Troupe du Jour

....a moving feast of actors, musicians, and comics
Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet

....original corporate humorist with hillarious dry wit
Speakers and Entertainers : Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore

....leader in the fields of health, fitness and sustainable peak performance
Speakers and Entertainers : Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde

....corporate MC and creative mind magician
Speakers and Entertainers : Darren Isenberg

Darren Isenberg

...he researches the topic and finds the balance between fun and seriousness needed for the occasion
Speakers and Entertainers : Ella James

Ella James

....professional and diverse media talent
Jay Jay

Jay Jay

....multi-talented MC specialising in magic, comedy and entertainment
Andrew Klein

Andrew Klein

...professional MC and corporate host expert in communication and presentation skills
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew May

Andrew May

....performance and productivity expert
Rupert McCall

Rupert McCall OAM

.... Brilliant MC and corporate host
Speakers and Entertainers : Sue-maree McEnearney

Sue-maree McEnearney

....communications expert
Speakers and Entertainers : Malcolm McLeod

Malcolm McLeod

....masterful MC and team building program developer
Speakers and Entertainers : Explosive Minds

Explosive Minds

....a dynamic combination of interactive improvised comedy, entertainment and training – with a difference
Rhys Muldoon

Rhys Muldoon

....Australian Actor - television and theatre, comedy and radio
Michael Pope

Michael Pope

....Brilliant MC, experienced and professional entertainer
Rusty and Another Guy

Rusty and Another Guy

....add a bit of humour and music to your event
Mark Schulman

Mark Schulman

.... bring out the rockstar in you with P!NK 's drummer Mark
Speakers and Entertainers : Jana Stanfield

Jana Stanfield

....delights audiences with her 'Keynote Concerts'
Speakers and Entertainers : Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson

....inspiring and diverse motivating and creative speaker delivering a unique educational program
Toby Travanner

Toby Travanner

.... brilliant facilitator, keynote presenter, master of ceremonies and consultant
Speakers and Entertainers : Camille Volvo

Camille Valvo

....versatile MC and speaker with extensive experience
Marty Wilson

Marty Wilson

....change, collaboration and employee engagement
Speakers and Entertainers : Zara and Troy

Zara and Troy

....experienced facilitators and corporate presenters