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Corporate entertainment describes private events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients or stakeholders. There are so many varied entertainment options, corporate master of ceremonies and exciting talent available to make your event a memorable stand out occasion. From acoustic duos to big bands, dj’s, comedians, corporate master of ceremonies, magicians, performance artists and dancers and impersonators can entertain and excite turning your conference, Awards, Gala Event, lunch or dinner a memorable one. An opening general session may include entertainment that adds excitement and presents the overall theme of the meeting. Awards or Gala events, usually the last event in a series of meetings, can make use of many options, from celebrity entertainers to exciting bands providing dance music or other options that will leave the attendees with a feeling of excitement and looking forward to the next meeting. The objective is for the entertainment to hold the attention and interest of an audience, or give pleasure and delight. A program including entertainment for your attendees provides a time to interact, celebrate and enjoy.

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Speakers and Entertainers : 100% Kylie

100% Kylie

....disbelief about how much she actually resembles the original Kylie!
The Accidents

The Accidents

.... entertain, enthral and dance the pants off any audience
Speakers and Entertainers : Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd

....unique talents to entertaining and inspiring the business and corporate world
Speakers and Entertainers : Michèle A

Michèle A'Court

....stand-up comedian, corporate entertainer, actor, voice artist and writer
Speakers and Entertainers : Bjorn Again

Bjorn Again

....the most successful tribute band of all time
Wil Anderson

Wil Anderson

....stand-up performer, tv host, podcaster and writer
Speakers and Entertainers : Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson

....totally captivating
Speakers and Entertainers : Angry Anderson AM

Angry Anderson AM

....passionate about health and depression and our children's future
Speakers and Entertainers : String Angels

String Angels

....a dynamic, sophisticated act
Christine Anu

Christine Anu

....award winning performer and inspirational speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Bob Arno

Bob Arno

....charismatic speaker leaves his audiences smarter, with real-world information
Speakers and Entertainers : Dean Atkinson

Dean Atkinson

....blends traditional with modern cutting edge sleight of hand
Speakers and Entertainers : Australian Blues Brothers Show

Australian Blues Brothers Show

....has been referred to as a mobile version of original Blues Brothers film
Joe Avati

Joe Avati

.... brilliant comic with global appeal
Speakers and Entertainers : Axis of Awesome

Axis of Awesome

...."a superbeast of high energy, high impact comedy"


....The ultimate Abba Tribute Band!
Lisa Backhouse

Lisa Backhouse

....one of Queensland’s most experienced and respected news presenters
Robin Bailey

Robin Bailey

.... high profile Brisbane breakfast radio host, media personality
Julia Baird

Julia Baird

.... How to lead deliberately - changing our workplace by the way we think
Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

....ARIA Awards winning triple j breakfast host and brilliant Australian comedian
Arj Barker

Arj Barker

....firmly established himself as one of the golden boys of the international comedy circuit.
Speakers and Entertainers : Mahalia Barnes

Mahalia Barnes

....beautiful, strong and soulful
Speakers and Entertainers : Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes

....a true Australian music legend and a favourite performer
Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

....well known singer, actor and performer, currently the host of the Channel 10 hit ‘So You Think You Can Dance’
Speakers and Entertainers : Nikki Bennett

Nikki Bennett

....one of the most successful and highly sought after performers in Corporate Entertainers
Rachel Berger

Rachel Berger

....unique ability to connect with an audience
Peter Berner

Peter Berner

.... deftly blending political satire, contemporary commentary and razor sharp insights
Speakers and Entertainers : Bob "the Cat" Bevan

Bob "the Cat" Bevan

....leading after dinner speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Big Brother Little Brother

Big Brother Little Brother

....funny, clever, cheeky and full of energy
Speakers and Entertainers : Big Toy

Big Toy

....plays a huge variety of material; from Cherry Poppin' swing band to Kravitz rock, from Anastacia dance mixes to Macy Gray soul
Bogan Bingo

Bogan Bingo

....grab ya flanny’s, don the moccies, and get ready for Bogan Bingo
Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair

....outstanding conference speaker, MC and facilitator
Brad Blaze

Brad Blaze

....Entertainer of the Year Award winner
James Blundell

James Blundell

....nine albums, country fame, pop hits, a national top five album nine Golden Guitars, an ARIA Award....
Speakers and Entertainers : Bodacious Productions

Bodacious Productions

....Bringing to events a dazzling array of fresh and fabulous performances
Jordan Borensztajn

Jordana Borensztajn

....comedian, social media trainer, MC and humourist
Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch

.... a deeply talented communicator who inspires people to live bravely and laugh often.
Speakers and Entertainers : Brett Bower

Brett Bower

....an award winning cartoonist
Speakers and Entertainers : Graeme Bowman

Graeme Bowman

....immensely talented corporate hoax and speaker
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Michael Boyd

....Australia's Got Talent finalist
Speakers and Entertainers : Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury OAM

....the Last Man Standing
Speakers and Entertainers : Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw

....is fast becoming Australia's most sought after magician
Mike Brady

Mike Brady

.... Mike takes the audience on a musical journey, weaving his music into his life stories
Carmen Braidwood

Carmen Braidwood

.... popular Perth MC and corporate host
Speakers and Entertainers : Daryl Braithwaite

Daryl Braithwaite

....Braithwaite is one of Australia’s award winning premier performers
Speakers and Entertainers : Adam Brand

Adam Brand

....draw cards in Australian Country Music
Speakers and Entertainers : Brazilian Latin Dancers

Brazilian Latin Dancers

....Exciting, energetic and colourful Brazilian Latin Dancers
Speakers and Entertainers : Alan Brough

Alan Brough

....brilliant comedic mc and quiz master
Speakers and Entertainers : Billy Brownless

Billy Brownless

....the Footy Show's loveable larrikin
Speakers and Entertainers : Vika & Linda Bull

Vika & Linda Bull

.....cemented their imprint on the Australian music scene
Speakers and Entertainers : Rhonda Burchmore

Rhonda Burchmore

....one of Australia's most sort after entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Dale Burridge

Dale Burridge

....an amazing solo performance
Speakers and Entertainers : James Bustar

James Bustar

....A night of quirky mayhem
Mel Buttle

Mel Buttle

.... new and exciting young comedic talent
Speakers and Entertainers : Opera by Disguise

Opera by Disguise

....continues to amuse, inspire and bring people to their feet
Damian Callinan

Damian Callinan

.... a truly unique comedic talent
Speakers and Entertainers : Joe Camilleri

Joe Camilleri

....one of the most committed and successful musicians this country has ever produced – a man who loves and lives music
Ewan Campbell

Ewan Campbell

....accomplished and experienced Sydney MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell

....a natural all round entertainer
David Campbell

David Campbell

....one of Australia's hottest entertainers and media profiles
Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson

....multi award winning Stand Up comedian
Darren Carr

Darren Carr

.... Australia's number one ventriloquist
Speakers and Entertainers: Paul Carter

Paul Carter

....author, oil rig worker and hilarious storyteller with an uncanny ability to find trouble anywhere
Speakers and Entertainers : Phil Cass

Phil Cass

....an international reputation as one of Australia's most polished and professional comedy entertainers
Speakers and Entertainers : Troy Cassar-Daly

Troy Cassar-Daly

....one of Australian country music’s favourite sons
James Castrission and Justin Jones

Cas and Jonesy

....they are not crazy they are inspirational, successful and great motivating figures for us all
Speakers and Entertainers : Guy Cater

Guy Cater

....kiwi born, performing professionally for over 20 years
Speakers and Entertainers : David Cazalet

David Cazalet

....David Cazalet is "Elvis" and unquestionably one of the most exciting and charismatic performers in entertainment today
Speakers and Entertainers : Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano

....an iconic Australian female vocal sound we have all had the pleasure of experiencing and loving
Dom Chambers

Dom Chambers

.... extremely talented roving stage comedy and magic
Greg Champion

Greg Champion

....part humourist, part folkie, half hippy, half bogan, part Victorian and completely South Australian
Speakers and Entertainers : Jung Chang

Jung Chang

....author of the best-selling books Wild Swans - Three Daughters of China
Aaron Chen

Aaron Chen

.... Brilliant award winning comedian
Speakers and Entertainers : Sean Choolburra

Sean Choolburra

....Australia’s No.1 Indigenous comedian
Speakers and Entertainers : Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Melissa Clark-Reynolds

....entertain, move and inspire
Speakers and Entertainers : John Cleese

John Cleese

....one of the funniest, influential and recognizable comedic actors in the world
Speakers and Entertainers : Jane Clifton

Jane Clifton

....masterful MC, guest speaker, debater and trivia quiz mistress
Nick Cody

Nick Cody

.... sharp, dry,observational comedy genius
Speakers and Entertainers : Marty Coffey

Marty Coffey

....a clever combination of spectacular juggling, fire eating and death defying feats, all wrapped up in non-stop humour
Beccy Cole

Beccy Cole

....loved and most celebrated country artist
Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell

.... sharp dry comedic brilliance


....daredevil performer, an evolution in the art of illusion!
Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas

....her infectious comedic talent ensures a vibrant and engaging entertainment experience including the role of MC with a difference
Speakers and Entertainers : Russell Coutts

Russell Coutts

....winning skipper of the America’s Cup in 1995 and 2000
Speakers and Entertainers : Geraldine Cox

Geraldine Cox

....inspirational international award winning childrens youth and charity worker
Joel Creasy

Joel Creasey

....popular stand-up Aussie comedian
Speakers and Entertainers : Trevor Crook

Trevor Crook

....unique style and sense of humour delights audiences worldwide
Raymond Crowe

Raymond Crowe

....one of Australia's leading contemporary magicians
Speakers and Entertainers : Jen Dalitz

Jen Dalitz

....successful business consultant and coach
Speakers and Entertainers : Darren Reid & the Soul City Groove

Darren Reid & the Soul City Groove

....The band prides itself on always providing a show that is both entertaining and musically brilliant.
Iva Davies

Iva Davies

....iconic Australian musician and Icehouse frontman
Bryan Dawe

Bryan Dawe

....one of Australia's finest political satirists
Adam Dean

Adam Dean

....Magician, Illusionist, Comedian, even Master of Ceremonies
Tommy Dean

Tommy Dean

....stand up comedian, incredibly popular with audiences across the nation
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Dee

Peter Dee

....most sought after comic acts in WA
Speakers and Entertainers : Tania De Jong AM

Tania De Jong AM

....dynamic diva, business women and entrepreneur
Speakers and Entertainers : Dhinawan


.... multitalented indigenous speaker, performer and artist
Ernie Dingo

Ernie Dingo

.... actor, television host, reporter and comedian
Speakers and Entertainers : String Diva

String Diva

....a classical cutting edge virtuoso
Speakers and Entertainers : Malcolm Dix

Malcolm Dix

....outlandish wisdom, hopes dreams and vision for your organisations future
Anh Do

Anh Do

....one of Australia's most popular and well- loved comedians
Speakers and Entertainers : Tap Dogs

Tap Dogs

....currently taking the world by storm with their unprecedented tap show
Kerry "Nigel" Domann

Kerry "Nigel" Domann

....a multi-talented and exceptional entertainer
Domenico and the Latin Mafia Band

Domenico and the Latin Mafia

....an endless repertoire of world music including Jazz, Latin, Ballroom, Background, Rock & Pop
Speakers and Entertainers : Steve Donahue

Steve Donahue

....adventurer, author, drummer, storyteller
Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan

.... inspirational indigenous performer
Des Dowling

Des Dowling

....meticulous, intelligent and very funny brilliant comedian and corporate MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Bob Downe

Bob Downe

....most loved and enduring comedy characters

Dr Elephant

.... brilliant Cairns cover band perfect for corporate events
Speakers and Entertainers : Troupe du Jour

Troupe du Jour

....a moving feast of actors, musicians, and comics
Jamie Dunn

Jamie Dunn

....satirical observations on current affairs
Gary Eck

Gary Eck

....much sought after in the corporate arena as a master of ceremonies and comedian
Speakers and Entertainers : Steady Eddy

Steady Eddy

....the bent man of comedy
Anne Edmonds

Anne Edmonds

....highly entertaining - comic genius
Speakers and Entertainers : Ted Egan AO

Ted Egan AO

....Australian story teller and legend
Speakers and Entertainers : Ego Has Landed

Ego Has Landed

....the ultimate Robbie Williams experience
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis

....record breaking world renowned magician
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Jeremy Elwood

....internationally recognized Kiwi comedian
Larry Emdur

Larry Emdur

....one of the corporate world's favourite Master of Ceremonies
Speakers and Entertainers : Chew Eng Chye

Chew Eng Chye

....magician and psychological illusionist extraordinaire
Rafael Epstein

Rafael Epstein

.... ABC radio drive host, conference facilitator, speaker and MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Danielle Everett

Danielle Everett

....will leave you and your VIP guests either mesmerized with her Soprano octaves or have them dancing in the aisles
Speakers and Entertainers : Everyday People Band

Everyday People Band

....Hot Dance & Sophisticated Jazz n' Groove!
Speakers and Entertainers : Countdown Explosion

Countdown Explosion

....premium class, exhilarating entertainment that will have party guests talking about the occasion for time to come afterwards
Speakers and Entertainers : Fabba


....the most exciting tribute to the Abba experience
Speakers and Entertainers : The Fab Four

The Fab Four

....five versatile musicians
Speakers and Entertainers : Fabulous Opera Dudes

Fabulous Opera Dudes

....from Puccini to Pavarotti, or Mozart to Tony Bennett
Speakers and Entertainers : Michael Falzon

Michael Falzon

....a brilliant singer, actor & entertainer
Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

....immerse yourself in the fun and laughter of this entertaining show
Marty Fields

Marty Fields

....versatile, widely experienced comedian and presenter - a valuable asset to any event
Speakers and Entertainers : Ranulph Fiennes

Ranulph Fiennes

....Described in 1984 as the 'World's Greatest Living Explorer'
Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan

....successfully ventured into the corporate world with her comedic style
Sofie Formica

Sofie Formica

....one of Queenslands most popular presenters
Speakers and Entertainers : The Foxy Hornbags

The Foxy Hornbags

....Australia's premier 'Kath and Kim' MC Impersonators
Speakers and Entertainers : Richard J Frankland

Richard J Frankland

.... indigenous Australian poet, playwright, scriptwriter, author and musician.
Gen Fricker

Gen Fricker

.... sassy stand up star

Hannah Gadsby

.... Hannah's self-deprecating observations have delighted audiences all over the world
Speakers and Entertainers: James Galea

James Galea

....global magic sensation with a unique and innovative style
Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof

....Sir Bob Geldof is one of the most fascinating public figures of our time.
Speakers and Entertainers : Renee Geyer

Renee Geyer

....undoubtedly the most versatile and stunning voice in contemporary Australian music today
Nick Giannopoulos

Nick Giannopoulos

....a perfect comedic element to your upcoming corporate occasion
Tom Gleeson

Tom Gleeson

....there's not much he hasn't done, a stand out comedian and popular personality
Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet

....original corporate humorist with hillarious dry wit
Speakers and Entertainers : L.A Gold

L.A Gold

....Perth's leading corporate show band
Speakers and Entertainers : Corinne Grant

Corinne Grant

....one of the most familiar faces on Australian television
Jeff Green

Jeff Green

....one of the brightest talents of the British comedy scene
Kevin Grise

Kevin Grise

.... stage hypnotist spanning over 30 years experience
Speakers and Entertainers : Midnight Groove

Midnight Groove

....entertaining audiences world-wide for over 10 years
Planet Groove

Planet Groove

....leading six piece, Sydney based Funk/Pop/Dance/Rock Covers band
View Speaker Details

Groove Star

....Start and end your night with Groove Star
Steve Haddan

Steve Haddan

....a reputation for excellence across the widest range of talent-based skills and disciplines
Matthew Hale

Matthew Hale

....brilliant comedy hypnotist
Speakers and Entertainers : Lesley Hancock

Lesley Hancock

....fabulous divas suitable for any occasion
Peter Helliar

Peter Helliar

....creator of Strauchanie, Collingwood rookie and footy superstar in the making
Speakers and Entertainers : Matt Hetherington

Matt Hetherington

....entertainer, performer and highly regarded
Speakers and Entertainers : Syd Heylen Jnr

Syd Heylen Jnr

....sharp wit, warm persona, and ability to interact with his audience
Rodney Hogg

Rodney Hogg

....stories and real-life experiences are told with great aplomb and enthusiasm
Speakers and Entertainers : Matt Hollywood

Matt Hollywood

....one of Australia’s most nationally recognised comedy magicians
Claire Hooper

Claire Hooper

....sought after for MC roles and comedy spots
Narelle Hooper

Narelle Hooper

.... a long commitment to sustainable business leadership models and gender equality.
Andrew Horabin

Andrew Horabin

....insightful speaker and entertaining performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Enormous Horns

Enormous Horns

....a smoldering funk band, a brassy soul revue, a hip jazz combo and a wild rock & roll band
Speakers and Entertainers : Greg Hudson

Greg Hudson

....unique combination of hypnosis, magic, comedy, mind- reading and audience participation
Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

....one of the biggest names in Australian comedy
Human Rhythms

Human Rhythms

.... using music and rhythm to inspire and motivate teams of people
Nazeem Hussain

Nazeem Hussain

.... brilliant comedian and popular radio and TV personality
Deborah Hutton

Deborah Hutton

.... Deborah is a wonderful corporate host, MC or speaker, Deborah enriches and inspires her audiences
Speakers and Entertainers : Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde

....corporate MC and creative mind magician
Dan Ilic

Dan Ilic

....Investigative Humourist, Comedian, Presenter and Filmmaker
Glen Jakovich

Glen Jakovich

....much loved West Australian sporting icon
Speakers and Entertainers : Lady Jam

Lady Jam

....Funk grooves, Jazz beats and Modern soul
Speakers and Entertainers : Ella James

Ella James

....professional and diverse media talent
Cath Jamison

Cath Jamison

....'Women of Deception' leading female magician
Jay Jay

Jay Jay

....multi-talented MC specialising in magic, comedy and entertainment
Dilruk Jayasinha

Dilruk Jayasinha

....Undeniable rising comedic talent
Speakers and Entertainers : Jimeoin


....brilliantly funny and charming
Speakers and Entertainers : Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

....Australia's own Mentalist!
Speakers and Entertainers: Tan Jose

Tan Jose

....highly entertaining improvisation champions and corporate communications teachers
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Kaye

Peter Kaye

....comedy impersonations of famous entertainers and political figures
Speakers and Entertainers : Emmanuel Kelly

Emmanuel Kelly

....amazing courage, determination and spirit for life
Madonna King

Madonna King

....award-winning journalist, author and media commentator
Speakers and Entertainers : Jean Kittson

Jean Kittson

....multi-talented performer and writer
Geoff Knight

Geoff Knight

....from bikie gang to the operatic stage - Geoff Knight's story is extraordinary!
Speakers and Entertainers : Tony Laffan

Tony Laffan

....International Illusionist and roving performer
Jay Laga"aia

Jay Laga"aia

.... much-loved actor and children's entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : James Lamont

James Lamont

....engaging performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Colin Lane

Colin Lane

....the adulation of critics and audiences alike
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Fred Lang

....one of Australia's most sought after stand up comedians
Speakers and Entertainers : Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

....from the Moulin Rouge in Paris to Tokyo Disneyland - Viva Las Vegas dancers are the best the country has to offer

Meshel Laurie

.... popular comedian and breakfast radio host
Anthony Laye

Anthony Laye

....world leading mentalist
View Speaker Details

Rachael Leahcar

....extraordinary vocal talent
Speakers and Entertainers : Leave it to Diva

Leave it to Diva

....extraordinary talent for tailoring and impeccable comic


....lovable and professional corporate comedian, MC and media personality
Cameron Ling

Cameron Ling

....a tremendous leader on and off the field and a legend at the Geelong Football Club
Tommy Little

Tommy Little

....energetic, sharp and quick witted Melbourne comedian
Jackie Loeb

Jackie Loeb

.... Winner of the 2016 MO Award for 'Best Stand Up Comedian'
Darryl Lovegrove

Darryl Lovegrove

....phenomenal success story
Speakers and Entertainers : Graham Lowe

Graham Lowe

....admired for his honesty, integrity and loyalty
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