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Corporate entertainment describes private events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients or stakeholders. There are so many varied entertainment options, corporate master of ceremonies and exciting talent available to make your event a memorable stand out occasion. From acoustic duos to big bands, dj’s, comedians, corporate master of ceremonies, magicians, performance artists and dancers and impersonators can entertain and excite turning your conference, Awards, Gala Event, lunch or dinner a memorable one. An opening general session may include entertainment that adds excitement and presents the overall theme of the meeting. Awards or Gala events, usually the last event in a series of meetings, can make use of many options, from celebrity entertainers to exciting bands providing dance music or other options that will leave the attendees with a feeling of excitement and looking forward to the next meeting. The objective is for the entertainment to hold the attention and interest of an audience, or give pleasure and delight. A program including entertainment for your attendees provides a time to interact, celebrate and enjoy.

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Speakers and Entertainers : James Lamont

James Lamont

....engaging performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Colin Lane

Colin Lane

....the adulation of critics and audiences alike
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Fred Lang

....one of Australia's most sought after stand up comedians
Speakers and Entertainers : Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

....from the Moulin Rouge in Paris to Tokyo Disneyland - Viva Las Vegas dancers are the best the country has to offer

Meshel Laurie

.... popular comedian and breakfast radio host
Anthony Laye

Anthony Laye

....world leading mentalist
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Rachael Leahcar

....extraordinary vocal talent
Speakers and Entertainers : Leave it to Diva

Leave it to Diva

....extraordinary talent for tailoring and impeccable comic


....lovable and professional corporate comedian, MC and media personality
Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw

.... SBS’s Award Winning Destination Flavour host and winner MasterChef
Cameron Ling

Cameron Ling

....a tremendous leader on and off the field and a legend at the Geelong Football Club
Tommy Little

Tommy Little

....energetic, sharp and quick witted Melbourne comedian
Nicole Livingstone

Nicole Livingstone OAM

.... Australian swimming champion, CEO AFL Women's Football, speaker and corporate host
Jackie Loeb

Jackie Loeb

.... Winner of the 2016 MO Award for 'Best Stand Up Comedian'
Darryl Lovegrove

Darryl Lovegrove

....phenomenal success story
Speakers and Entertainers : Graham Lowe

Graham Lowe

....admired for his honesty, integrity and loyalty

Becky Lucas

.... exciting new comedic talent
Ciaran Lyons

Ciaran Lyons

.... An Australian comedic star on the rise
Donald Mackee

Donald Mackee

....MC, comedian, actor, writer, director and entertainment producer with over 25 years experience
Speakers and Entertainers : Magic 2

Magic 2

....Australia's most innovative performers
Speakers and Entertainers : Majestic


....Majestic perform Aerial Strap act and Aerial Lyra act
Speakers and Entertainers : Brad Manuel

Brad Manuel

....very entertaining roving magician and comedian, inspiring speaker and MC
Paul Martell

Paul Martell

....a brilliant comedic host and multi talented performer
Ray Martin

Ray Martin AM

....highly experienced and much loved Australian television journalist
Speakers and Entertainers : Scott Martin

Scott Martin

....performer, jazz, cabaret
Speakers and Entertainers : Maske


....high-energy, impactful classical-pop fusion experience
Speakers and Entertainers : Wendy Matthews

Wendy Matthews

....outstanding reputation as an artist par excellence with a sublime, expressive voice
Ian Maurice

Ian Maurice

....incredibly versatile presenter and entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy

....a rare speaker with the ability to connect with audiences
Speakers and Entertainers : Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy

....impressionist, actor and voice artist
Speakers and Entertainers : Mark McConville

Mark McConville

....If the truth is out there, Mark McConville will find it and spank you with it
George McEncroe

George McEncroe

.... Award winning comedian, radio host and Shebah startup entrepreneur
Luke McGregor

Luke McGregor

....brilliant new comedic talent
Speakers and Entertainers : Todd McKenney

Todd McKenney

....performer, host, radio
Ian McLaren

Ian McLaren

....born with a gift to make you laugh and feel good!
Sharelle McMahon

Sharelle McMahon

....Australian Netball champion
Speakers and Entertainers : Danny McMaster

Danny McMaster

....one of the world’s best impressionists
Darren McMullen

Darren McMullen

.... Internationally acclaimed prime time TV host
Carolyn Miller

Carolyn Miller

.... Business branding, creativity and organisational strategist
Rob Mills

Rob Mills

....performer, host, theatre and media personality
Speakers and Entertainers : Explosive Minds

Explosive Minds

....a dynamic combination of interactive improvised comedy, entertainment and training – with a difference
Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell (Con the Fruiterer)

....Con the Fruiterer and professional MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Brendan MonTanner

Brendan MonTanner

....a professional magician and illusionist of the highest order, an international act for over 18 years
Lawrence Mooney

Lawrence Mooney

...super sharp stand-up comedian, writer, actor, social commentator and an acclaimed performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Julia Morris

Julia Morris

....hilarious standup comic and professional host
Speakers and Entertainers : Russell Morris

Russell Morris

....one of the country's first singer/songwriters
James Morrison

James Morrison

....Australian multi-instrumentalist
Jesse Mulligan

Jesse Mulligan

....Award winning comedian and presenter for New Zealand comedy show 'Best Bits'
Speakers and Entertainers : Soul Mystique

Soul Mystique

....the incredible art of quick change
Brian Nankervis

Brian Nankervis

....RocKwiz star and brilliant MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Nason

Andrew Nason

....one of the most popular comedians on the SE Qld Comedy Circuit
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HG Nelson

....iconic Australian entertainer
Luke Nguyen

Luke Nguyen

....acclaimed owner and chef of Sydney restaurant Red Lantern
Speakers and Entertainers : Glynn Nicholas

Glynn Nicholas

Lorin Nicholson

Lorin Nicholson

....strength, resilience and determination
Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll

.... Australian music sensation
Josh Norbido

Josh Norbido

.... Brilliant performer using magic to spark creativity and innovation
Matt Okine

Matt Okine

.... Award winning Australian comedian and MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Ola


....many magical moments

Fiona O'Loughlin

.... one of the most in demand comedians in Australia
Dave O

Dave O'Neil

....one of Melbourne's most popular live comics
Titus OReily

Titus O'Reily

.... Brilliant AFL and sport satirist
Joel Ozborn

Joel Ozborn

....globally applauded entertainer with a refreshingly unique style of comedy
Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola

.... one of the most in-demand comedians in Australia
Speakers and Entertainers : Silvie Paladino

Silvie Paladino

....one of Australia’s most versatile and talented entertainers
Speakers and Entertainers : Steve Panozzo

Steve Panozzo

....Caricaturist...highly respected and admired
Speakers and Entertainers : Homer Papantonio

Homer Papantonio

....The Corporate Imposter
Speakers and Entertainers : Emma Pask

Emma Pask

....natural, refreshing and unpretentious
Jo Pearson

Jo Pearson

.... entertaining, interactive and polished corporate host and facilitator
Caroline Pemberton

Caroline Pemberton – ‘Miss Adventure’

.... 'Miss Adventure' Positive messages to inspire all audiences
Speakers and Entertainers : Peppermint Jam

Peppermint Jam

....one of Sydney’s favourite party bands
Oliver Peterson

Oliver Peterson

.... Highly respected Perth journalist and corporate MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering

....one of the most exciting names in Australian comedy
Tony Pilkington

Tony Pilkington OAM

.... '50 Years without a real job'
Speakers and Entertainers : Alyce Platt

Alyce Platt

....sensual edge
Michael Pope

Michael Pope

....Brilliant MC, experienced and professional entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Pot-Pourri


....Australia's leading music Theatre speakers ensemble
Liam Power

Liam Power

...captivates and mesmerises his audience with unfathomable magical illusions
Damien Power

Damien Power

.... Three-time Barry nominee
Speakers and Entertainers : Sam Powers

Sam Powers

....dazzled audiences worldwide in high echelon corporate and private functions
Ben Price

Ben Price

....Australia's Best Impersonator
Speakers and Entertainers : Marina Prior

Marina Prior

....leading lady of musical Theatre speakers
Speakers and Entertainers : Quintessential


....Classy and professional wind Quintet
Chris Radburn

Chris Radburn

.... Award winning comedian and MC
Martin Ralph

Martin Ralph

.... unique corporate comedy performer and hoax
Louise Ransome

Louise Ransome

.... experienced FOX Sport presenter, reporter and producer - perfect MC and Awards Host
Craig Reucassel

Craig Reucassel

.... Chaser member and War on Waste environmentalist
Speakers and Entertainers : James Reyne

James Reyne

....song writer, vocalist and recording artist
Speakers and Entertainers : Glen Rhodes

Glen Rhodes

....mind blowing magic and hilarious 'English' sense of humour
Emily Rice

Emily Rice

....brilliant corporate host and facilitator
Greg "Fat Cat" Ritchie

Greg "Fat Cat" Ritchie

....One of the characters of the game, affectionately known as “Fat Cat”,
Speakers and Entertainers : Archie Roach

Archie Roach

....an artist with an extraordinary spirit
Tim Ross

Tim "Rosso" Ross

....TV and radio star, comedian, writer, environmental warrior, ARIA Award winner, well-dressed man
Speakers and Entertainers : Normie Rowe

Normie Rowe

....strong singer and a natural performer
Roy Slaven and HG Nelson

Roy Slaven and HG Nelson

....legendary Australian sports broadcasters
Speakers and Entertainers : Mr Rudd PM

Mr Rudd PM

....Australia’s new PM (Party Maker)
Em Rusciano

Em Rusciano

.... most well-rounded and talented Australian performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Dwayne Russell

Dwayne Russell

....journalist, writer, broadcaster
Rusty and Another Guy

Rusty and Another Guy

....add a bit of humour and music to your event
Jane Rutter

Jane Rutter

....is one of the few classical flautists in the world with the ability to cross over into jazz and pop
Akmal Saleh

Akmal Saleh

....a seasoned comic
Speakers and Entertainers : Joel Salom

Joel Salom

....comic improviser
Speakers and Entertainers : Flaming Sambucas

The Flaming Sambucas

....corporate cover band and Abba Tribute sensations
Sammy J

Sammy J

.... Brilliant comedian and dinner emcee
Speakers and Entertainers : Sammy J and Randy

Sammy J and Randy

....awesome comedic talent
Speakers and Entertainers : Jane Scali

Jane Scali

....An accomplished singer/dancer/actress
Mark Schulman

Mark Schulman

.... bring out the rockstar in you with P!NK 's drummer Mark Schulman
Denise Scott

Denise Scott

....One of the strongest live comic performers
Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian

.... an impression on the corporate stage
Sami Shah

Sami Shah

....Best Local Act 2013 Perth International Comedy Festival
Speakers and Entertainers : Glenn Singleman

Glenn Singleman

....a passionate adventurer
Speakers and Entertainers : James Sleight

James Sleight

...magician with a charismatic charm
Speakers and Entertainers : Vince Sorrenti

Vince Sorrenti

....outstanding comedian and entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Soul Motel Function Band

Soul Motel Function Band

....the soul of yesteryear infused with the smooth grooves of the present
Tony Squires

Tony Squires

....corporate entertainer and speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Jana Stanfield

Jana Stanfield

....delights audiences with her 'Keynote Concerts'
Jo Stanley

Jo Stanley

.... very popular media personality and host
Andrew Startin

Andrew Startin

...impressionist who will leave you in stitches
Tom Steinfort

Tom Steinfort

.... Award winning Australian journalist
Shane St James

Shane St James

... renowned Australian hypnotist
Speakers and Entertainers : Strauchanie


...."part Fev, part Buddy, all Strauchanie"
Richard Stubbs

Richard Stubbs

....cutting wit and clever delivery
Lior Suchard

Lior Suchard

....world renowned mentalist
Greg Sullivan

Greg (Sully) Sullivan

....award-winning stand-up comedian, writer and broadcaster
Speakers and Entertainers : Tahir


....Turkish stand-up comedian
Speakers and Entertainers : John Taylor

John Taylor

....a master in his chosen art of magic and illusion
Speakers and Entertainers : Teejay


....creative DJ
Speakers and Entertainers : Tenor Australis

Tenor Australis

....wowing audiences with their vocal talents
The Kicks

The Kicks

.... Featuring Natalie Pellegrino, the perfect corporate band option in Darwin
The Stevenson Experience

The Stevenson Experience

.... brilliant comics from Canberra
The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

.... Sydney's ultimate cover band
Speakers and Entertainers : The Australian Blues Brothers

The Australian Blues Brothers

....eleven-piece extravaganza
Speakers and Entertainers : The Australian Robbie Williams

The Australian Robbie Williams

....tribute to the sexiest Bad Boy
Speakers and Entertainers : The Beatnix

The Beatnix

....Beatles Tribute Show
Speakers and Entertainers : The Chaser Team

The Chaser Team

....satirical media empire
Speakers and Entertainers : Starman - The David Bowie Experience

Starman - The David Bowie Experience

.... Darryl Lovegrove stars as David Bowie
Speakers and Entertainers : The Glamma Rays

The Glamma Rays

....captivating new retro jazz/pop vocal quartet
Speakers and Entertainers : The Idea of North

The Idea of North

....incredible sound and superb arrangements
Speakers and Entertainers : The John Field Band

The John Field Band

....for a great night you won't forget
Speakers and Entertainers : The Leading Men

The Leading Men

....an evening of unprecedented enjoyment
Speakers and Entertainers : The Mac Project

The Mac Project

....fuse the styles of Jazz, Pop with a dash of funk - delivered to you with absolute Soul
Speakers and Entertainers : The Nelson Twins

The Nelson Twins

....one of the most unique stand up comedy acts in the world - hilarious!
Speakers and Entertainers : The Rat Pack"s Back

The Rat Pack"s Back

....tight, polished, tongue-in-cheek cabaret act
Speakers and Entertainers : The Swinging Martinis

The Swinging Martinis

....high energy, musically entertaining
Speakers and Entertainers : The Ten Tenors

The Ten Tenors

....circuling the globe performing around 250 shows on five different continents every year
Speakers and Entertainers : The Three Waiters

The Three Waiters

....sophisticated and seamless,
Speakers and Entertainers : Josh Thomas

Josh Thomas

....the youngest ever winner of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s RAW Comedy Competition
Speakers and Entertainers : Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson

....inspiring and diverse motivating and creative speaker delivering a unique educational program
Speakers and Entertainers : Dave Thornton

Dave Thornton

....comedian, sometimes actor and breathing enthusiast
Steph Tisdell

Steph Tisdell

.... Australian indigenous comedian on the rise
Speakers and Entertainers : Monica Trapaga

Monica Trapaga

....elite jazz singer, host, television personality and children's entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Tripod


....popular and prolific comedy acts
Speakers and Entertainers : Fiesta Tropicale

Fiesta Tropicale

....Latin and Calypso band specializing in roving music
Pauline Truong

Hon. Pauline Truong

.... entrepreneurial award winning innovator, founder and advisor
Speakers and Entertainers : Nicholas Tweedy

Nicholas Tweedy

....talented illusionist stunning audiences
The Umbilical Brothers

Umbilical Brothers

....funniest and most unique comedy experience
Speakers and Entertainers : Felicity Urquhart

Felicity Urquhart

....award winning superb singer-songwriter
View Speaker Details

Anton van Helden

....talented Wellington based close up magician
Speakers and Entertainers : Swing Vegas

Swing Vegas

....luxurious atmosphere of a retro Las Vegas Nightclub
Speakers and Entertainers : Velvet


....five highly talented musicians offering a flexible playlist
Speakers and Entertainers : Waiters on Tap

Waiters on Tap

....Waiters On Tap show is an exceptional hoax performance
Speakers and Entertainers : Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward

....multi-award winning comedian and television personality
Shelley Ware

Shelley Ware

.... popular Marngrook Footy Show panellist
Speakers and Entertainers : Myf Warhurst

Myf Warhurst

....a refreshingly warm and down to earth media presenter and MC
Shane Webcke

Shane Webcke

.... Author of Warhorse, speaker on workplace safety
Speakers and Entertainers : Jonathon Welch

Jonathon Welch

....multi award winning singer, conductor, teacher, songwriter and recording artist
Bill Wheeler

Bill Wheeler

.... can only be described in one word, “Mesmerizing”.
Jillian Whiting

Jillian Whiting

....poised and polished MC and facilitator
Speakers and Entertainers : Terry Williams

Terry Williams

....leading New Zealand comedy writer and humourist
John Williamson

John Williamson

....True Blue legend
Cal Wilson

Cal Wilson

....outstanding female comedic talent
Frank Woodley

Frank Woodley

....quirky comedic brilliance
Susie Youssef

Susie Youssef

.... brilliant Sydney comedian
Speakers and Entertainers : Yummy Opera

Yummy Opera

....fabulous Corporate Entertainers
Speakers and Entertainers : Zara and Troy

Zara and Troy

....experienced facilitators and corporate presenters
Julia Zemiro

Julia Zemiro

....comedic MC oozing charm and wit
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