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Corporate Governance Advisors

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Corporate governance refers to the system by which corporations are directed and controlled. The governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the corporation such as the board of directors, managers, shareholders, creditors, auditors, regulators, and other stakeholders and specifies the rules and procedures for making decisions in corporate affairs. Governance provides the structure through which corporations set and pursue their objectives, while reflecting the context of the social, regulatory and market environment. A corporate governance expert will advise your company on how to add value and to be more effective in their governance responsibility. It is important to understand that what would be considered 'good corporate governance' differs for each individual organisation according to its circumstances. What is inadequate for one organisation may be onerous for another. It is also important to realise that good corporate governance isn't just about compliance. Whilst compliance will keep you out of trouble, it won't help your organisation be successful. To understand what would constitute good corporate governance for your organisation, it helps to understand what corporate governance is from a fundamental level.

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Kathy Alexander

Kathy Alexander

.... Former City of Melbourne CEO
Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt

....independent policy advisor
David Baggs

David Baggs

....multi-award winning architect, sustainability, healthy and eco-products
Stephen Brady

Stephen Brady AO CVO

.... political advisor and experienced Ambassador
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Marianne Broadbent

Dr Marianne Broadbent

....Executing on Strategy and Innovation – The leadership, people and values factors
Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson

....leading keynote speaker and authority on business strategy
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Fitzpatrick AM

Peter Fitzpatrick AM

....outstanding contributions made during his professional life at the helm of two peak bodies
Speakers and Entertainers : David Galbally

David Galbally

....“A shaper of opinion, thought and events”
Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan

....world leading expert on strategy and innovation
John Hale

John Hale

....Corporate Alchemist who inspires and transforms organisations
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Harper

Professor Ian Harper

....one of Australia’s best academic economists
Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston

Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK, AFC (Ret'd)

....successive governments rely heavily on his wisdom, judgment, leadership and character
Speakers and Entertainers : Julie-Garland McLellan

Julie-Garland McLellan

....one of Australia's leading governance consultants
Speakers and Entertainers : Paul McNamee

Paul McNamee

....Australian tennis champion and sporting entrepreneur
Speakers and Entertainers : Ann-Maree Moodie

Ann-Maree Moodie

....specialist in boardroom dynamics
Alan Oxley

Alan Oxley

.... commentator on international trade, environment and development issues
Sir Bob Parker

Sir Bob Parker

.... Former Mayor of Christchurch City NZ
Dr Keith Suter

Dr Keith Suter

....one of the worlds great thinkers and communicators