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Corporate Hoax and Impersonators

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A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth. A Hoax Character can amuse and confuse your audience when posing under the guise of an overseas industry expert or guru and an impersonator exact in sound in a stand-up routine or full costume and make-up will also fill the room with laughs. Celebrity impersonators are entertainers who look similar to celebrities and dress in such a way as to imitate them.Impersonators are known as look-alikes, impressionists, imitators and tribute artists. Some Hoax Characters can even tailor their presentation to incorporate cleverly crafted content about your company and employees, industry or conference theme. An experienced impressionist or impersonator with a varied repertoire of popular profiles and famous people can appeal to all who appreciate the talent and clever performance of such an act.

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Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

....ARIA Awards winning triple j breakfast host and brilliant Australian comedian
Graeme Bowman

Graeme Bowman

.... immensely talented corporate hoax MC and speaker
Damian Callinan

Damian Callinan

.... a truly unique comedic talent
Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas

....her infectious comedic talent ensures a vibrant and engaging entertainment experience including the role of MC with a difference
Bryan Dawe

Bryan Dawe

....one of Australia's finest political satirists
Speakers and Entertainers : Chris De Havilland

Chris De Havilland

....overturns mindsets, launches products, motivates malingerers, trains teams, causes controversy, presents spectacular awards and entertains clients
Speakers and Entertainers : Malcolm Dix

Malcolm Dix

....outlandish wisdom, hopes dreams and vision for your organisations future
Speakers and Entertainers : The Foxy Hornbags

The Foxy Hornbags

....Australia's premier 'Kath and Kim' MC Impersonators
Steve Haddan

Steve Haddan

....a reputation for excellence across the widest range of talent-based skills and disciplines
Shane Jacobson

Shane Jacobson

....excellent corporate MC and inspirational speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Kaye

Peter Kaye

....comedy impersonations of famous entertainers and political figures
Donald Mackee

Donald Mackee

....MC, comedian, actor, writer, director and entertainment producer with over 25 years experience
Speakers and Entertainers : Alex Manfrin

Alex Manfrin

....K Rudd or maybe Phoney Abbott hoax characters
Paul Martell

Paul Martell

....a brilliant comedic host and multi talented performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Danny McMaster

Danny McMaster

....one of the world’s best impressionists
Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell (Con the Fruiterer)

....Con the Fruiterer and professional MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Glynn Nicholas

Glynn Nicholas

Speakers and Entertainers : Homer Papantonio

Homer Papantonio

....The Corporate Imposter
Ben Price

Ben Price

....Australia's Best Impersonator
Martin Ralph

Martin Ralph

.... unique corporate comedy performer and hoax
Speakers and Entertainers : Mr Rudd PM

Mr Rudd PM

....Australia’s new PM (Party Maker)
Andrew Startin

Andrew Startin

...impressionist who will leave you in stitches
Speakers and Entertainers : Simon Tupman

Simon Tupman

....entertaining and versatile speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Mike Van Acker

Mike Van Acker

....highly experienced Brisbane comedian