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Craig Harper

Craig Harper

Craig Harper is one of Australia’s most respected motivational speakers and educators. He is a highly sought-after corporate coach and is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development.

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Testimonials for Craig Harper

“We recognise that we would not receive such positive feedback from delegates without the excellent presentations and stimulating discussions provided by talented individuals, like you. Your time and effort in ensuring the success of the Convention is greatly appreciated.”

James Symond, Mortgage & Finance Assoc of Australia

“Awesome! We loved your quirky delivery style. Just what we needed as a break-out session on what are typically very serious days.”
Mick McNair, Electrolux


“Haven’t laughed so much at a presentation in years! Thanks for the positive impact you had on our staff. We all loved your frankness and honesty!”
Maria Steele, Telstra


“Excellent! Craig was a fantastic speaker who held the audience captive for the length of his presentation.”
Jennifer Soding, Bayside City Council, Australia


Craig Harper Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Craig Harper's Biography

Craig Harper is one of Australia’s most respected motivational speakers and educators. He is a highly sought-after corporate coach and is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development. Working with hundreds of teams, companies and a wide variety of organisations over the last twenty years has given Craig a unique insight into, and understanding of, human performance and all its variables.


Craig has an ability to educate, inspire and make people laugh all at the same time!In a world where coaches, educators and motivators are hell-bent on convincing you that creating your best life is all about buying into their philosophy, their program and their products, Craig Harper is an anomaly. Craig’s not about convincing people that he’s the answer to their problems; in fact, he knows he’s not.


He teaches that you’re the solution (and the problem). He teaches that forever change is a process which works from the inside out… and that too many people try and fix the internal stuff with external solutions…He’s kind of blunt, challenging, honest, silly, amusing and confronting (periodically offensive) but he knows what works and if you’re genuinely ready to change then perhaps you will connect with him.


“It doesn’t matter how hard we look for a solution, when we’re looking in the wrong place”

Craig believes that anyone can create amazing change and incredible results in any area of their life in a relatively short period of time, if they are prepared to get a little uncomfortable, see old things in a new way, and open their mind and their heart to a different way of thinking and being.


“The biggest obstacle to our success is not our life situation, environment, education, genetics, time availability, parental support, bank balance or God-given talent… It’s US; our attitude, our thinking, our destructive habits, our excuses, our procrastination, our inability to make significant decisions, our amazing ability to blame, our fear, our pride, our ego, our apathy and our laziness. It’s not about what’s going on around us; it’s about what’s going on within us. Once we start to change how we see ourselves… we start to change our reality.”


Craig Harper is an average bloke who has an amazing perspective on life and living, a bloke who believes that success doesn’t ‘happen to us’ or fall on our head; we create it. A bloke who believes that success has nothing to do with fate, destiny or chance and everything to do with attitude, passion and action. If you want to be like everyone else, then do what everyone else does. If you want to be exceptional, then do exceptional things”.

Craig can tailor a presentation, workshop or program to suit the needs of your organisation, in terms of content, aims and duration. While he delivers everything from fifteen minute ‘pep talks’ to two-day, life-changing, live-in programs, the majority of his work comes in the form of thirty to ninety minute keynote corporate addresses.

Speaking Topics Include

• Turning Conflict into Opportunities

• Resolving Conflict Rationally and Effectively

• From Mediocre to Amazing – creating our best life.

• Defining, Exploring and Creating Success? As a company. As individuals.

• Motivation: what is it and how do we maintain it?


• Effective Goal Setting – we know what it is but we don’t do it!

• Exploring the Principles and Mechanics of Positive Change.

• Effective Communication 101 – at work, at home, in relationships.

• The Relationship between Physical, Mental and Emotional health.

• The Obesity Epidemic: why we’re so fat and what we can do about it right now.

• What is Stress – and how do we manage it?

• Changing Workplace Culture Starts with One Small Success at a Time

• Company Culture – What is it and How to Change It?


• Getting the ‘People Stuff’ right in Business.

• Time Management – why we waste so much time (and how not to).

• Effective management; managing ‘me’ first.

• Leadership – in business, in life.

• Self Sabotage – getting out of our own way. Exploring our potential.

• Overcoming our Stinking Thinking – winning the war of the mind.

• The Relationship between Attitude and Outcome – creating a winning attitude.

• Developing our Opportunity Consciousness.


• Time-efficient Fitness.

• Making Change a ‘Forever’ thing.

• The Destiny Myth – it’s not pre-ordained, it’s created. Destiny or decisions?

• The Seven(teen) Habits of Highly (In)effective People

• Excuse-ology; the Science of Excuse Making.

• Energy Vampires and Dream Squashers