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Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven

International speaker and author, Cyriel Kortleven awakens your creative power. Cyriel is a creative centipede who wants to get people moving by making them more aware of the chances in their lives.Cyriel is a much sought-after speaker at conferences, events and internal meetings.

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Testimonials for Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel inspired and touched us with excellent insights, personal experience and to the point examples. Easy to get and immediately useful to integrate in daily life. YES AND ACT supports to realise what you really wish for yourself. Thanks!

Charles Ruiters, Trainer at Soulce


Cyriel is a professional speaker who lives his topics rather than just talking about them.



With an inspiring dynamic kick off, the whole audience was ‘Yes And Act’ minded for the rest of the day.

Joke Dielissen-Rosier, Organizer HRM in government conference


It was truly the highlight session of the 4 day event.

Natasa Denman, participant Professional Speakers Australia event, Canberra


Cyriel’s talks are simple, well-thought and yet ‘unpredictably’ interesting.

Alfred Chin, Sales Director Southeast Asia, AIP Corporation, Singapore


He holds the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Simon Harvey, organiser Fit for the Future event, Auckland

Cyriel Kortleven Travels from Europe
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Cyriel Kortleven's Biography

International speaker and author, Cyriel Kortleven awakens your creative power.  Cyriel is a creative centipede who wants to get people moving by making them more aware of the chances in their lives. Cyriel is a much sought-after speaker at conferences, events and internal meetings. 


With more than 15 years of experience behind him in the field of creativity and innovation, Cyriel is well known and respected speaker internationally.  He is also author of four books in the domain of creativity.


Over the years he has become a master at creating an open and informal atmosphere – ideal for bigger events and conferences. In a very practical and simple way, he enables the participants to experience the power of creative thinking and doing. His presentations are highly interactive (even when working with big groups) and are always tailored to his audience by using innovative examples from their field. Sometimes Cyriel combines his role as speaker with the Master of Interaction or he can facilitate a brainstorming session.


Apart from Belgium and the Netherlands, Cyriel has given various presentations in cities all over the world (New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Calgary, London, Paris, Dublin, Budapest, Cairo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Orvieto, Manchester, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland, … ).


Cyriel is the first CSP-certified speaking professional in Belgium.


Speaking Topics Include

Surfing the waves of Change

The ‘Yes And Act’ manifesto

Are you a shipwreck survivor on a raft or are you a surfer?

Discover how you can turn problems into opportunities. Break your fixed thinking patterns and dare to go for your Lady GiGa dream. Learn methods to explore the world from different perspectives. Get into action and make sure you can fail fast, often and forward by applying NaNo-ideas. Get inspired by several tailor-made examples and stories and experience the power of thinking in a ‘Yes And Act’-mindset. 


Break, Burn or Ban the Box

Tired of fixed thinking patterns?

This interactive presentation will help you to break outside of the box of fixed thinking patterns. You will get hands-on tips and tricks to give your own creativity (and of your colleagues) a creative boost. You will be amazed how fast your brain will switch to the automatic pilot of pattern-thinking; get inspired by several tailor-made examples and stories and experience the power of thinking in yes and …During this presentation, you will be inspired by the possibilities of creativity and break your own fixed thinking patterns.


Less is Beautiful

How ‘less’ can succeed in business.

‘Less is beautiful’ … We live in a society with an abundance of products and services, connections, technologies, information but a downside is that we almost get paralysed by the choices and possibilities (burn-outs, stress and less and less time for the real important things in life).


Life is short. Choose life.

The paradoxes for a successful life.

A lot of people are afraid of dying but there’s one thing that’s a lot worse than death: not daring to live your life to the full potential. Fear is a lot of times the big reason why you don’t choose to live fully (fear for the unknown, fear for criticism, fear for failing, fear for being vulnerable, …).

During this interactive presentation, Cyriel takes you on a path that leads to the ‘Yes And Act’ moment where you have the choice to unleash your full potential. The expedition will pass via different paradoxes like ‘Happiness is a choice’; ‘More success? Fail more!’; ‘Creating simplicity is very complex’; ‘Kill the ideakillers’; ‘Gigadreams and Nano-actions’; … The Yes And Act mindset makes you conscious of your own choice in this expedition – called life.

During this unique happening, you will have the chance to influence the flow and content of the story. Choosing life also means choosing the different tracks that you want to explore. Get inspired by stories, examples, movies in combination with very practical tips to apply those insights immediately. Prepare for a very inspiring presentation with a lot of humor and energy to be able to unleash the full potential of your own life.