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Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory is a captivating speaker whose business acumen is matched by a rapier wit and rare human insight gained during a three year sabbatical working on the UK and US stand-up comedy circuits - skills put to great use in front of 1.5 million Australians as a regular on ABC TV’s The Gruen Transfer and morning news programs.

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Testimonials for Dan Gregory

Dan's talk had the room engaged from the outset and took our team on a 90 minute journey, resulting in eyes and minds being opened to new opportunities. The feedback after the event was overwhelmingly positive and we wouldn't hesitate in working with Dan again in the future.  

Merck Sharp Dohme


Rarely have I heard anybody articulate their thoughts with such clarity and vision. His intelligence and insight provides a much greater understanding of how to engage your customers, consumers and the community. I would whole heartedly recommend Dan, you will never be disappointed.

Horticulture Australia Ltd


Anybody who can attend Dan's presentations should consider themselves very privileged.

Macquarie University

Dan Gregory Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Dan Gregory's Biography

Dan Gregory helps organisations DRIVE engagement at every level, Dan is a captivating speaker and CEO whose business acumen is matched with wit and intellect.


Daniel Gregory is the founder and CEO of The Impossible Institute™, a Research and Training organisation that advises management and sales departments on what truly drives their customers and employees.


Creativity, collaboration, culture, change, innovation, sales, marketing are only a handful of topics Dan has tackled for organisations. He also regularly advises the C-suite and Boards on how to lead with the power of a purposeful and compelling identity in a rapidly changing world.


In a 20 year history as a thought leader in human behaviour, marketing, NPD and communications, Dan Gregory has worked with the biggest global brands and won countless awards around the world for creativity, effectiveness and ROI. In terms of accolades not much has changed as clients continue to rave about his innovative, creative presentations delivered with intelligence and humour. With his experience on the ABC’s Gruen Transfer and time spent the US and UK as a stand-up comedian his delivery and timing is impeccable. With his experience and depth of knowledge there are few topics Dan can’t bring his focus to. His keynotes and workshops are supported with hours of research and some of the sharpest humour our industry has seen.

Speaking Topics Include

Selfish, Scared and Stupid


Stop fighting human nature. If you want to succeed then you must prepare for failure! Taken from the newly released book of the same title, behavioural strategist Dan Gregory / Kieran Flanagan challenges audiences to step away from the ‘motivational hot air’ and instead design teams, systems and products that align with reality; because we are ALL a little selfish, scared and stupid sometimes.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • Drop the delusion - how to anticipate the worst to ensure the best
  • Systemise success - we can all build excellence into our procedure
  • Motivational fear - how we can harness the basest of human instinct for business greatness



SHIFT before the market and drive change by understanding human MOTIVE

In a rapidly evolving business environment, understanding what drives people has never been more important. Whether you work in sales or recruitment, are engaged in building cultures of collaboration, developing human centric innovation or a leader seeking influence, you need to understand the motives that drive human behaviour.

After a career driving change for organisations as diverse as the UN, the NRL and Coca-Cola, Dan Gregory reveals:

  • How to use human motives to drive successful change and innovation
  • How to engage your team and customers at a fundamental level
  • Why change often fails even when the benefits are obvious




Today, we face challenges in our lives that previous generations could scarcely imagine. Product life-cycles are becoming shorter, staff loyalty is decreasing, deadlines are more pressing, we're on call 24/7, customer expectations are rising and the level of pressure leaders face is excruciating. It's like we're being asked to do the impossible.

With decades of experience in New Product Development and Systems Innovation Dan Gregory reveals:

  • The skill sets required to be more adaptable in a rapidly changing environment
  • How to nurture a culture of resilience and innovation on purpose
  • What it takes for a leader to inspire a team to lift and do the extraordinary



Raise your organisation's Collaborative intelligence™ and build a culture with WE-Q™

The increasing interconnectivity of our communities, the complexity and interdependence of the work we do and the unrelenting pressure to innovate have made Collaborative Intelligence™ the killer app. But few of us are prepared for this change having spent our careers in direct competition with even our co-workers.

Using their years of experience developing high achieving, internationally awarded teams, Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan reveal:

  • How to create a culture based on "Co-PIs™" not just KPIs
  • How leaders can detoxify a culture and build highly cooperative teams
  • Why successfully adapting to change demands collaboration