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Darrell Weekes

Darrell Weekes

“Success is not a mystery, it’s a system, and systems can be learned and replicated” This is Darrell Weekes’s mantra. “The Purple Thread” teaches the audience how to generate all the leads they can possibly handle without spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

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Testimonials for Darrell Weekes

"As I warned you Darrell, many of our Toop&Toop guys are hard units as they have seen the best of the best trainers and are battle hardened. We have the Peter Veitch's and Phil Harris's of the Industry, the Number one agent in Australia and Top auctioneer .....all the way down to the new recruits, along with everyone in between. As you know, we have a huge training schedule and yet the feedback from your session was just incredible.

There was a real buzz, and although you presented so early in the morning, you managed to wind the guys up and I watched in awe as you took control and had the team eating out of your hand. That is a real skill that few presenters have and I recon this capability is in your DNA, you just can't learn it.

The outcomes were immediate, and the stories are still being talked about, so like a great wine, the training had 'amazing length'. The other feedback that was important is the way you engaged the change in the market conditions which was important, as it was current and absolutely relevant. You explained who should take responsibility for those market changes and the mindset that the sales team should adopt in dealing with those changes was excellent, and spot on. This has taken anxiety away from the sales guys and was motivational to deal with the new environment and get on with the task at hand.

The Purple Thread worked well and gave the longevity to the presentation.  Anyway, money well spent, even though we were cautious, we believe we did get fantastic value, and the team appreciated the fact we were prepared to invest in such high level trainer."

Anthony Toop, Managing Director, Toop & Toop


Those sessions were some of the best-focused training that I have ever had! Darrell not only “talks the talk”, but without question “walks the walk”. The information, insight and techniques that Darrell “gave” to us is absolutely profound in it’s impact on our business. He MUST come back! Thank you to you and Craig for organizing those sessions."

Derick Hedges, Adelaide.


"Darrell's session was excellent. His straight shooting, no-nonsense style means we can get right into the important areas that make large impacts on our business development and retention. It is refreshing to listen to someone who is sharing their own experiences openly and willing to provide guidelines to make business happen. We came away feeling enthusiastic and motivated to drive our business to another level."

Roger and Di Adamson AVENUES Financial Services

Darrell Weekes Travels from NSW
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

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“Success is not a mystery, it’s a system, and systems can be learned and replicated” This is Darrell Weekes’s mantra. “The Purple Thread” teaches the audience how to generate all the leads they can possibly handle without spending a cent on marketing or advertising.


Darrell Weekes is a SME business mentor teaches a revolutionary new methodology that will allow you to generate all the leads your businesses can handle, position you as the dominant player in your industry... and give you the unprecedented ability to out-market and out-sell your competition.


This new methodology will give you the ability to generate leads at will... WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising. And this has nothing to do with some bogus Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn marketing strategy. You simply won't believe what you're going to see. It’s a true game-changer for SME owners!


Darrell specialises in helping SME owners become successful through strategic marketing. He focuses on showing business owners how to immediately generate more leads, attract more clients, increase their income and profits and build the type of business most business owners only dream about.


His system has been getting a lot of international exposure lately for one simple reason… the strategies and tactics he teaches really work. He has a proven and tested process that has helped thousands of business owners around the world become successful.


If you've ever felt that you have wasted precious marketing dollars...  and you have little to no idea how to generate all the leads your business can handle... then Darrell will show you exactly how to do it successfully.

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level and generating all the new leads your business can handle, then Darrell is an absolute MUST for your event!

Speaking Topics Include

The Purple Thread – How to identify THE most critical element of your success and how to implement it.  This presentation teaches the audience how to crack the secret to successful marketing.  It shares the four key marketing drivers that 99% of all marketing “experts” don’t know about.    This presentation will teach you how to out think, out market and out sell your competition. 


Everything you know about marketing is wrong. -  Why everything you have learned, everything you have heard and everything you know about marketing is wrong.  How to fix it and the fool proof equation you can use to predict the success of your marketing BEFORE you spend a cent.