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Darren Hill

Darren Hill

Darren Hill's own study of human beings extends well past his academic career, with working experience in primary industry, hospitality, education, state and federal government agencies and also small business.Darren is...

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Darren Hill's Biography

Darren Hill's own study of human beings extends well past his academic career, with working experience in primary industry, hospitality, education, state and federal government agencies and also small business.

Darren is fascinated by the Human race. A Behavioural Scientist and Thought Leader specialising in the field of Humanity, Darren assists organisations and individual leaders foster Human skills into their places of work for outstanding results.

Darren took over managing a multi-million dollar hotel, which magically transformed itself into a zoo after 9pm each night, again ensuring his connection with animals. With a aggregate total of 37 hours sleep over the next three years, Darren still sought change and so entered the Public Service spending the next 5 years managing a Tourism and Hospitality College and catching up on his missed sleep, usually under his desk with the door locked.
Despite this, Darren unlocked his own passion for lifelong learning and proceeded to put himself through University whilst working fulltime, resulting in a Psychology Degree and a Post Graduate qualification in Management Communications.
His unfailing commitment to seeing organisations and teams achieve success is well represented in an ongoing re-engagement rate with clients nearing 100%. Now Darren leads a charge. An important one it is too. Humanising workplaces is the new business imperative for success, and through speaking, authoring and training Darren aims to assist a new wave of leadership based on the one common denominator at work; our Human Skills.

Speaking Topics Include

"The Truth About People"
Using the experience of working in abattoirs, pubs, the public service and as a bouncer, Darren Hill understands people like few others. Add to this 10 years of study in the 'dark art' of behavioural science, Darren has discovered something truly unique. The truth about people. A funny, irreverent, and sometimes deeply moving keynote, Darren's exploration of human behaviour and the key drivers behind our actions has application to everyone, in every workplace, in every vocation.
Discover the truth about people in;
Leadership - The Truth About Leadership
Sales - The Truth About Sales
Human Resources - The Truth About Human Resources
Customer Service - The Truth About Customer Service

"Humanity Works: harnessing the power of many"
Humanity is the glue that binds our species. It is everything that is good about the human race, and yet we often choose to ignore the power of Humanity in our workplaces. Humanity has the height, depth and width to provide us a platform for enduring individual and business success, and in this keynote, Darren uncovers how to engage the phenomenal power of Humanity, and make it take flight in your life and place of work. This keynote can be applied across the following areas;
Leadership - Leading Humans requires being a Human leader
Culture development/planning - Success is fleeting, Humanity is enduring. Build your success models on the one thing that is constant in your business... Humanity
Customer service - Great customer service begins and ends with Humanity
Human resources/capital development - Human skills are the key component of building a motivated, high-achieving team

"Courage as a Skill"
Many people believe courage is a monumental act such as running into a burning house, or surviving the horrors of war. Few people consider that courage is a planned act also; that courage is indeed a skill. This keynote addresses the concept of planned courage in our lives, and defines the three elements needed for courage. The keynote using examples of planned courage to illustrate the power and effect that the skill of courage can have on our everyday decisions at work and at home. Courage as a Skill is an enlightening keynote for Executives and Managers wanting to harness the remarkable results that everyday courage in their lives and workplaces can produce. "Human Skills: the focus for accide

"Human Skills: the focus for accidental leaders"
Have you found yourself moved into a position of leadership because of your excellent technical skills? Do you sometimes look at your team and can't understand why they act the way they do, let alone know where to start to motivate and inspire them to new heights? Many people find themselves in positions of 'accidental leadership' where their technical skills have seen them rise to the top, sometimes without the necessary foundation of Human skills. Behavioural scientist Darren Hill explores the foundation Human Skills needed to succeed as a leader in any field.