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David Thomas

David Thomas

David Thomas is a global networker and principal, founder and CEO of Think Global Consulting, a business he established to facilitate business connections between Australia and the rest of the world. As a Thought Leader in his area companies locally and globally look to him in a consulting capacity, to speak or facilitate panels and discussions.

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Testimonials for David Thomas

David's presentation was thought-provoking, inspiring and action-oriented. It has given me a great insight into the nature of the BRICs, and provided me with a trusted colleague who can introduce real possibilities in these countries. I am looking forward to doing more work with David!

David was the guest speaker at the end of year meeting of my Sydney based EGN groups. The presentation was professional; reflecting David's expertise and experience on China. The audience questions proved the level of interest in the subject and the way it was presented. 
Executives' Global Network Australia

David Thomas was one of our key presenters at the Import Export Show in Darling Harbour in September 2010. We chose David as a presenter for our Masterclass on BRIC for his experience, credibility and passion for those countries. He has first hand experience and knows how to project his knowledge to the audience with enthusiasm and humour. David has a practical approach to his presentation which keeps the audience busy writing notes and wanting to know more. It was one of those workshops where it is difficult to evacuate the room on time as they all want to stay and learn more, even after 1 1/2 hours!
Import Export Show

Thank you David for your fascinating presentation on the BRIC nations at CEO Headquarters. You brought complex global economic issues, cultural facts and business reality to the table. Your presentation was interesting, educative and very useful for my clients. They now see their businesses in the light of the global playing field. Each will make different decisions about their future but all will make their decisions informed by this larger context. I would highly recommend any business leader to seek out this information.
CEO Headquarters

David Thomas recently spoke at one of our conferences and we had some great feedback from our participants. Some described his presentation as cutting edge, insightful, highly researched and thought-provoking. So if you are looking for a speaker with ideas about the best way to take a business or any idea global, then David is someone that you definitely need to get to know and work with. 
Dale Beaumont, Business Blueprint

We had David presenting at our National Conference this year and he really knows his stuff. Feedback from his session was excellent and there's little doubt that he's the master of his topic. We look forward to hearing more from David.
Robert Gerrish, Founder & Director, Flying Solo

I am truly grateful for the professional way you conducted yourself, your direction and input into the China Australia Business Congress 2009 throughout the two days. Your depth of knowledge in the China / Australia theatre added enormous value to the delegation as you were able to quickly summarise each session with confidence, clarity and relevance. It is my sincere hope I may call on you again for your guidance and participation to enable us produce another quality event which we can build on from the success of our inaugural China Australia Business Congress in Sydney in May 2009. Your position as Chair for this event enabled the Congress to run smoothly, professionally and seamlessly and I look forward to working with you again very soon.
Association & Communication Events

David Thomas Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

David Thomas's Biography

As we enter the first half of ‘The Asian Century’, it’s becoming ever clearer that Australia’s prosperity will no longer be tied to our western counterparts, but in the developing nations that David Thomas specialises in understanding. Having managed his own financial services firm in China for over 25 years and as the host of regular business delegations to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations David is perhaps the most knowledgeable consultant and speaker on trade and global financial trends in Australia today.

David's career has taken him around the globe from Europe, Asia to Australia. He managed his own financial services business in Hong Kong where he gained unique insight into the changing landscape of the Asia Pacific Region. He is very well respected for his views on BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Driven by his passion for emerging markets his recent work has taken him into Latin America and Eastern Europe. David hosts business delegations to each of the BRIC countries and is constantly traveling. As the Chairman of the Australasian Financial Forum he leads an annual mission to the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong. All of which gives David a perfect platform to stay current and report on relevant future trends.

David extends his experience, credibility and passion for building and facilitating investment relationships around the globe. As a Thought Leader in his area companies locally and globally look to him in a consulting capacity, to speak or facilitate panels and discussions. His keynote and breakout sessions are always insightful and relevant. His research is unparalleled and he delivers case studies, figures and facts in an interesting light. Clients quite often comment on his clarity and ability to keep audiences fully engages and informed.

Whether it's a round table discussion or a large conference David designs sessions for any audience size. David is committed to researching each client's event and customising the right content.  

David looks to provide audiences with:

  • Insight into how and where to do business offshore
  • Motivation to generate revenue streams and higher profits from emerging markets
  • Ideas and inspiration to attract new customers from new offshore markets
  • Tools and know-how to manage cross-cultural challenges

Speaking Topics Include

An Emerging World

The world has changed and this matters to everyone. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have an abundance of land, people and capital and a rapidly growing number of wealthy aspirational consumers. The MINT countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) are hot on their heels. Entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders around the world are considering the impact of five irreversible trends which are setting a new direction for all businesses and economies in the future. These are:

  • Urbanisation
  • Consumption
  • Innovation
  • Aspiration
  • Globalisation

How can your business and industry profit from these emerging trends? How can you surf where the big waves are?!

Why China's 12th Year Five Year Plan is a Game-Changer for Australia!

The amazing transformation of China's economy, and the focus on new industries, innovation and outbound investment, is creating opportunities, challenges and risks for all Australian companies. What does this mean for you and your business? How are you affected? What are the opportunities and threats as you consider China's key priorities for the future:

  • Going Out - investing in Australia's key strengths - food and agriculture, healthcare, property, infrastructure, education, tourism, technology and financial services
  • Going West - moving economic activity from the eastern coastline to the inner west regions and cities, like Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, Xian
  • Going Green - investing in new sources of renewable energy, reducing pollution and carbon intensity, cleaning up their air, water and environment

China's economy has doubled in the last 7 years. It will double again in the next decade and double again the decade after. In 20 years, its economy will be four times the size it is today, and its already the second largest economy in the world! The growth of China has an impact on every Australian. How are you positioning yourself, your business and your industry for this dynamic and rapidly changing new market.

Doing Business in the Asian Century

We live in the Asian Century. Australia is positioned as the only western country in the Asia Pacific region. An exciting but also daunting opportunity for all businesses, industries and Governments as we come to grips with the impact of the rapidly growing economies in our region - China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many others.

Success for you and your business in the Asian Century depends on your ability to adapt to new ways of doing business, new cultures, new languages, customs and traditions:

  • Understanding how cultural differences influence business outcomes
  • Managing high performing teams across cultures, borders and customers
  • Learning about different Asian markets - how they differ and how they are the same?
  • Communicating across cultures - managing the message in complex environments
  • Building relationships with Asian business partners, investors, clients and supplier

Australia's long term future depends on our ability to get it right in Asia. Learn why companies succeed and fail and how to position your business and industry to profit in the Asian Century.