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Diana Chan

Diana Chan

Diana’s popularity and poise on MasterChef Australia has sparked interest in some fantastic Ambassadorship and Sponsorship roles both in Australia and Malaysia. She is an ambassador for Makmur Enterprises and her new range of frozen dumplings hit the shelves in Woolworths and Coles supermarket. Diana is a Delicious Magazine contributor and writes for the Domain Review every fortnight.

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Diana Chan's Biography

Diana Chan, an accountant by profession, grew up in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and loved cooking from a very young age. She learnt a lot through both her parents, but it was only when she moved to Melbourne that her interest grew as she discovered the farmers’ markets that supplied plenty of fresh and local produce from around Australia. She developed her own cooking style, which combined some of the hallmarks of her parents’ styles - her mother’s fresh, herb-driven approach and her father’s love of seafood.

After 4 years of being at one of the Top 4 accounting firms, she decided to pursue her passion of making a career out of food and went on to compete in MasterChef Australia’s 9th season. Diana became the season’s champion and now has an army of fans who love her style, passion and honesty.

Since winning, Diana has been involved in many public appearances including media appearances and interviews on TV, radio and print here in Australia and internationally. She has worked with some big corporates and major developers such as Deloitte, UEM Sunrise and EcoWorld International. Diana’s warmth and charm on Masterchef Australia has led to a number of great partnerships and opportunities in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

More recently, Diana has collaborated with brands such as Nestle, Lurpak, Sirena Tuna, Cobram, Kaboodle Kitchen and Neostrata ect. These have been a mix a social media campaigns and cooking tutorials.

Diana is currently working with children through food education via the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program and is also a regular face on Australian TV with three popular food shows under her belt. You can catch her recipes on Asia Unplated Season 2 on SBS Food, Ten Minute Kitchen on Channel 10 and The Healthy Cooks on Channel 9. Diana is also a Delicious Magazine contributor and is associated with various charities including Beyond Blue, Oz Harvest and Canteen.

Diana still maintains close ties with Malaysia and has been working with various brands including Malindo Airlines to promote the food and culture of Malaysia through different campaigns and media forums. She also has her own range of dumplings with Golden Wok currently being sold at major Australian supermarkets.