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Dr Bronwyn King AO

Dr Bronwyn King AO

Bronwyn is a leader, influencer and future thinker who has mastered the art of translating a simple idea into a global movement. She has been recognised with countless awards. Most notably, she was awarded an Order of Australia (AO) in 2019 for distinguished service to community health and named 2019 Melburnian of the Year.

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Testimonials for Dr Bronwyn King AO

“I have watched Bronwyn build a bridge between worlds that were completely disconnected on an issue of epic scale. With mastery of influence and diplomacy, Bronwyn catalysed change that formed a blueprint for corporates. If you want to be futureready and relevant in a rapidly changing world – listen up!”

HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan


“Like a typical CEO, I thought I knew about most things that matter, but listening to Bronwyn proved that wrong. She shocked, inspired and educated us on staggering global challenges that none of us had really grasped before.”

Pavan Sukhdev, President WWF

International, Goodwill Ambassador UN Environment, CEO GIST Advisory


“From our first conversation I knew that Bronwyn was determined, insightful and ideally endowed to help us think differently and guide our leap into ‘unchartered’ territory. From one-on-one meetings to addressing an audience of world leaders, Bronwyn will capture your attention and challenge you to transform your business for the better.”

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, CEO BNP Paribas


"When I met Bronwyn, I wasn’t expecting the journey that followed - new thinking, new partnerships and new conversations with world leaders from every continent on the planet, a great sense of purpose and a lot of fun. At AXA, Bronwyn inspired us to look at the world differently, to confront challenges and change for the better."

Denis Duverne, AXA Chairman


“Bronwyn doesn’t just ‘present’, she connects. She uses her remarkable collection of life experiences to illustrate indispensable ‘take home’ messages for everyone - from those embarking on a new career to CEOs of the world’s most influential organisations.”

Andrew Penn, CEO Telstra


“Bronwyn King AO is a remarkable real-world leader and an inspirational speaker. Her lived experience of influencing high-profile individuals in complex situations and complex organisations provides a  practical backdrop which strengthens her insights into leadership, resilience, and enabling high performance. Bronwyn is engaging, motivational and authentic: one of the best. (And perhaps add, if you were looking for an event-specific item as appropriate?) Bronwyn addressed attendees at a significant event for several hundred of our State’s most senior leaders from business, government and civic spheres. She tailored her message to the audience and received a standing ovation both for her achievements and for the impactful and implementable insights which clearly mobilised the audience to better leadership.

Mr Richard Dent

Dr Bronwyn King AO Travels from VIC
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Dr Bronwyn King AO's Biography

Dr Bronwyn King AO is a social entrepreneur, movement maker, medical specialist and globally renowned humanitarian on a mission to inspire and transform organisations into purpose driven, sustainable businesses. Tobacco Free Portfolios, a global advocacy organisation she founded, has redefined finance industry standards.

In 2018 Bronwyn took to the stage at the United Nations in New York to launch ‘The Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge’, a global initiative she led, which now has more than 120 Signatories – global financial institutions with combined assets under management of > $US 7.5 trillion (AU $10 trillion).

As a doctor, Bronwyn has worked with everyone from the terminally ill to the fittest athletes in the Australian Swim Team. As a global change-maker she meets with world leaders across the corporate, finance, health and diplomatic sectors. This has provided unique insights into universal power structures – what works, what doesn’t and how to sidestep ‘the impossible’.

Bronwyn is a leader, influencer and future thinker who has mastered the art of translating a simple idea into a global movement. She has been recognised with countless awards. Most notably, she was awarded an Order of Australia (AO) in 2019 for distinguished service to community health and named 2019 Melburnian of the Year.

Speaking Topics Include


Digitisation has undeniably redefined the landscape of business. Consumers have never been more informed or able to express a point of view about the implications of business activities. As a result, consumer expectations have transformed. Trust, transparency, ethics and accountability for social impact has ignited a new kind of trade. An exchange where purpose drives profit, and where the well-being of stakeholders – from farmers and factory workers to consumers and communities – is a key metric alongside investment returns for shareholders.

In this presentation, Bronwyn unlocks a step by step process, inspiring audiences to explore and identify strategies to embed purpose into the fabric of business. She challenges leaders to prepare for the next economy – one that is driven by purpose, sustainable profits and authentic transactions. Audiences will walk away from this presentation able to identify, articulate and integrate the kind of change that is good for business, good for people and good for the world. At the heart of this topic, is the notion that the future of business needs to be built upon sustainable foundations. After all, without people or the planet...profit ceases to exist.



We have entered a new age in business, where those who have the power to influence have built trust and credibility with their target audience. The art of influence is nuanced, deliberate yet delicate, and often found in the spaces ‘in between’ formalities – in the moments, the mannerisms, and the magic in each exchange.

In this presentation, Bronwyn takes the audience through a step by step process highlighting the tools she has tried and tested in persuading some of the world's largest global financial firms to shift more than 20 billion dollars into more sustainable investments. She has mastered executive translation across countries, cultures and industry sectors.   Audiences will walk away from this presentation with a suite of skills to help build metaphorical bridges that deeply connect and create influence.  Bronwyn shares empowering strategies to build authority that can make or break business negotiations on an interpersonal level, within teams, cultures and industry sectors – both locally and on a global scale.



Success. We all want it, but what does it really take to join an elite group of high performing human beings who have the attributes to lead, to start a movement, to be the best, the fastest or a cut above? While some may argue elite performers are born that way, Dr. Bronwyn King believes that success is a choice if we are willing to accept the exchange. So, what does it cost to be the best?

In this presentation, Dr. Bronwyn King decodes what it really takes to win in business and life. As the head doctor for the Australian swim team, in addition to founding an internationally recognised, UN-affiliated global movement, she understands the processes, practices, and perseverance required to perform at the highest level.   Audiences will walk away with unique insights into the exchange required for success. What conscious choices bridge the gap between the mediocre and those who appear to perform miracles whether that be in sport, business or in driving social impact and world change.