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Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and customer service futurist, Dr Catriona Wallace is a highly engaging and sought after. Catriona is internationally recognised for her knowledge and experience in the area of consumer trends and behavior.

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Dr Catriona Wallace Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Dr Catriona Wallace's Biography

Dr Catriona Wallace is one of the world’s most cited expert on the future of Customer Experience having a strong focus on the topic of – When Customers Take Charge: The Rise of the Empowered Consumer. Catriona focuses on macro trends related to customer behavior, the rise of personalisation, disruptive innovation and what happens when customers control their own data.

Her impressive professional achievements are complemented by her many not-for-profit endeavours and a deep commitment to the betterment of women and girls in Australia.

As CEO of Fifth Quadrant, Catriona was presented with both the 2013 NSW Medium-Sized Business of the Year award and the overall NSW Business of the Year in the Telstra Business Awards. She was also selected as one of Australia’s top eight female entrepreneurs in 2014 by the US-based Springboard Program.

Catriona has also led the development of Corpreneurism in Australia, which is the use of entrepreneurial innovation methods in Australian business. As a dynamic and international speaker, Catriona has spoken in over 15 countries, and is the most cited industry and media commentator on customer experience in Australia.

Not only does she have a PhD in Organisational Behaviour, Catriona is a well-published author and is an adjunct faculty member at the Australian Graduate School of Management.

As the founder of three not-for-profit businesses: Indigo Express; Kids in Philanthropy; and Out and Up, an employment program for women prisoners, asylum seekers and refugees, Catriona’s charitable side projects are both noteworthy and telling of her passionate disposition. The mother of five also mentors both Indigenous and non-Indigenous women

Speaking Topics Include

·            The Future of Customer Experience

·            The Consumer Power Economy: When customers take charge

·            Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) - the new CRM

·            Corporate Entrepreneurialism

·            The Importance of Data & Big Data

·            Women In Leadership - The Rise of the Feminine Archetype

·            New Models of Philanthropy

·            Entrepreneurial skills: understands a market, see a need, rapidly develop a solution and commercialise

·            Resilience: learn how to embrace failure, embrace criticism, keep getting back up, keep going and just do it

·            Learn how to combine deep social beliefs with business beliefs: achieve both and achieve meaning