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Dr Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox is an introverted motivation scientist who inspires curiosity, progress & change. He is a motivation strategy and design expert who shows forward thinking leaders how to influence culture and build for the future of work.

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Testimonials for Dr Jason Fox

Jason did a fantastic job capturing all the ideas and messages at our event. It was a big program, but he wrapped everything up with humour and impact. Having the visual notes after the event is gold. Book Dr Jason Fox if you want to your event to conclude with a great sense of practical optimism.

CEO, Cotton Australia


Amazing! Jason provides a whole new perspective on business.

Business Events Director, NAB


Jason Fox presents a thought provoking yet humorous discussion highlighting the link between modern motivational science principles, strategy and leadership. Jason has certainly earned the title "the game changer”.

General Manager Australia, Australasian Society of Association Executives


Jason was the perfect presenter and guide for our leadership forum - a complex group of operations, sales and satellite engineers. He is entertaining, intelligent and deeply thought provoking. After just one day invested with Jason we decided on new and innovative ways to take our leadership development to the next level. Now the word is out. People outside our Division are asking about Jason and want to know more. Jason's involvement allowed us to make great progress in this new area of investment and it really motivated people to get excited about the possibilities and future of the industry. I highly recommend Dr Jason Fox if you are looking to progress great thinking and pave the way for real innovation.


Dr Jason Fox Travels from VIC
Fee Range: ::$10001 to $15000

Dr Jason Fox's Biography

Dr Jason Fox is an introverted motivation scientist who inspires curiosity, progress & change. He is a motivation strategy and design expert who shows forward thinking leaders how to influence culture and build for the future of work.


His adventures include working with the senior leaders of multinational organisations (to rethink leadership development, and make strategy happen), to the leaders of multi-million dollar projects (to keep things ahead of the game).


Such clients include the likes of Fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo and other multinationals like McDonalds, Toyota, Microsoft, Gartner, Beam Suntory and Sony, through to companies like Suncorp, Optus, Telstra, Sydney Water, AMP, and The International Institute for Research.


Jason is the director of The Future of Leadership Melbourne, the founding director of Clever Happenings and a global ambassador for the ideas execution conference 99U. He is also the bestselling author of The Game Changer, and his research has been featured in the likes of Smart Company, BRW and The Australian Financial Review.


When not liberating the world from poorly designed work, Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports like reading, coffee snobbery and fruit ninja.


Speaking Topics Include

Game On! (Ideas Execution)... crafting the games that make ideas work.
Conferences, meetings and events are fantastic - you get a whole bunch of clever people into the one room, mixing about and immersed in new thinking. The ideas your events generate can be priceless – but the real test is what actually happens as a result of your event. Rather than simply having everyone return to their bursting inboxes and carry on with business as usual, Game On! will arm your delegates with the tools and gameful savvy to execute their ideas and make clever happen. This amps up the return on investment for everyone, and ensures your event actually makes a difference. Ideal for anyone looking to make ideas happen as a result of their event. This keynote can be tailored for the opening or close of your event, ensuring your delegates are primed to take action on their ideas.

Level Up! (Productivity and Motivation)... get addicted to your own progress and development.
It's one thing to get people inspired about a new idea, but as Edison once said: 'Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.' Staying engaged throughout the 99% bit is the key to all progress and development. Yet right now (this very minute) hundreds of millions of intelligent adults are playing online video games with a level of focused, creative engagement that we do not see at work. Level uUp! will flip this, showing your delegates how to apply game design elements to build and maintain the motivation to do brilliant work. If you're thinking about getting a 'motivational speaker', get this one instead. Your people will learn how to lift their game and sustain high levels of motivation (in a freshly unconventional yet brilliantly effective way).


The Game Changer (Organisational Innovation)... igniting massive innovation.

Filling the gap between brainstorms and business results is a tough game, particularly when the status quo is so comfortable. You have established, tried and tested ways of doing things – yet these systems may be the very things getting in your way. The Game Changer is a totally tailored presentation that will show visionary leaders how game design can help them to achieve their business goals. You will benefit from fresh insight into what related industries are doing, and how you can do it better. If you want to enhance your customer journey or rework your business systems so that everything works better, than this keynote presentation is your ideal choice. Here, you will learn how to gamefully accelerate innovation.


Motivation and the Future of Work

This stimulating keynote will get your people rethinking (and rebuilding) the way we work. Robot unicorns, hoverboards and flying space ninjas? Probably not. But as many speakers like to say: the world is changing fast. And

it is. But what's more fascinating is how new and emerging technology and insight is being applied to enhance the way we work.


This keynote previews and unpacks emerging innovations, cutting-edge practices and simple, low-tech cultural 'hacks' that are reshaping the way we work. Learn what leading organisations are doing, what's on the horizon, and how you can work together to build a more nimble and progressive cultures fit for the future of work.


Learn how to find gold in a world of hype — and why you should view every new technology through the lens of motivation design; learn how to rethink meetings, emails and all the other work culture relics that get in the way of truly progressive work; learn why we need to be more like ninjas — and how you can protect your work from disruption (because the robots are coming).


This keynote can occur at any point in the program, but it's best placed early on into the event to stimulate great thinking and discussion. Elements can be tailored to your specific industry.

Lift Your Game

This pragmatic self-leadership keynote will get your people addicted to progress. Unlock new motivation by thinking like a game designer. Whether it's a board game, a sports game or a video game, we play games not to avoid work — but to engage in well-designed, challenging work.


But what is it about games that inspires such sustained motivation and engagement? And how can we use this to enhance our own motivation and performance in the things that matter most?


In this insightful keynote, Dr Jason Fox unpacks the best principles of game design through the lens of motivation science. The result? Your people will be savvied up in motivation design, and equipped with the tools to elevate

their own productivity, performance and growth.


Learn why we thrive in challenge and how everyone can design work challenges that inspire great performance; discover why we are profoundly adept at getting in our own way and what you can do to undo and reverse self-sabotage; learn about fancy new trends, like 'the quantified self', and how you can game it to get ahead.


This keynote is ideal for sales teams looking for new ways to elevate performance, or general audiences

wanting to learn how they can leverage technology and motivation design to lift their game.


How To Lead a Quest

This insightful keynote will get your people pioneering through doubt and uncertainty. This one's for the game changers and intrapreneurs. Every organisation has them. The people who have a hunch — an intuitive

notion that things could be done differently, or that new markets are ripe for disruption. Conferences fan the flames of these hunches — exposing people to new ideas and new connections.


But then we get back to our overflowing inboxes and business as usual. Progressing these ideas is an uphill battle through doubt and uncertainty. But in this keynote, Dr Fox shows organisations and leadership teams how they can proactively dial up curiosity and experimentation, to harness good hunches and lead pioneering work through unchartered territory.


Learn when questions are more important than answers and how you can resist the urge to default to quick fixes; learn why we need to keep our goals fuzzy and our progress clear; discover how to craft new rituals for better thinking, individually and collectively (even if everyone is busy).


This keynote is an ideal precursor to strategic development, and is an ideal fit for any organisation that wants to courageously face uncertainty and change head on.