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Dr Louise Mahler

Dr Louise Mahler

Dr Louise Mahler is expert in delivering energy, passionate and interactive keynote presentations and workshops focusing on your leadership voice and promoting innovative strategies to inspire and motivate in the workplace.

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Testimonials for Dr Louise Mahler

"Very entertaining, the feedback from the participants has been exceptional"

Brimbank City Council


"It was a wonderful session Louise - very memorable, and generated a lot of conversation among attendees afterwards."

Linda Price - Gartner


"The feedback I’ve received about your presentation today us outstanding. I can’t thank you enough! Thank you for your intellect, playfulness and professionalism."

Simone Hulse - Gartner Australasia


"For my part I rated it outstanding. This should be a compulsory topic for all groups. In fact, it should be incorporated in TEC Chair training. Everyone was really alight after the presentations. My observations were that you engaged the groups better than any other speaker I have seen in many years. Two wonderful sessions, thank you very much."

Phil Kerrigan - TEC

Dr Louise Mahler Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Dr Louise Mahler's Biography

Dr Louise Mahler is a communication specialist and proven performer in moving individuals and groups to take positive action through a unique view, an inimitable style and deep insight in her field.


Dr Mahler is the foremost expert in the psychology of face-to-face engagement. With a PhD in Business, and degrees and post-graduate studies in Service Management and Music, together with a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Louise combines her years of professional performance on the European opera stage to put her in a league of her own. These skills blend to bring powerful observation that elicits discernible, positive change in those with whom she works.


In the process of completing her award-winning PhD, Louise observed a ‘missing ingredient’ in corporate leadership around the unsung wisdom of the mind-body-voice connection she calls Vocal Intelligence.


Through her innovative work, Louise developed a unique program that teaches the skills to perform in hostile environments so that you can ‘be heard’, both loud and clear.


Her energy and enthusiasm for her topic is presented with palpable expertise and large doses of humour, energizing audiences to achieve things they never thought they would and come out better for the experience.


Louise has worked with politicians, business leaders, managers and groups, providing education and opportunities for personal, team and organisational improvement. Positive results abound in lessons for leadership, presentation, inclusion and sales all the fields where presence matters and influencing skills sort the amateur from the professional.


She considers the mind-body-voice connection to be ‘a complex creative tool for effective personal and professional development and a source of deeper under- standing and cultural awareness’.


Louise shares with the audience new and simple techniques to manage their state, resulting in an integrative personal presence. She aims to give participants a greater awareness of how to express themselves, how to avoid habitual patterns, how to resonate fully with purpose.


She has been referred to as ‘The Wizard of Aus’ and when Dr Louise Mahler takes the stage, her audience is treated to a mixture of transformative education combined with a polished artistic performance.


Her focus is on highly participatory activities, which are conducted with humour and in an environment informed by her musical masterclasses experiences in Europe. Her signature style is fun and candid, full of high doses of humour, reflection, energy and passion. Participants can’t help but get involved in her highly interactive sessions; conservative corporate audiences find themselves breaking patterns and doing things they never thought they would and come out more confident and empowered people through the experience.


Her book entitled ‘Resonate’ is the bible for everyone who wants to unlock their true potential and self-confidence, and allow their message to resonate and to ‘be heard’.


Louise is a highly sought after keynote speaker, corporate coach and executive mentor internationally. She is often called upon to appear as an expert commentator on radio and television, and regularly writes for prominent Australian publications.

Speaking Topics Include

•Work with your voice to build rapport with clients

•Take control of your leadership voice to motivate and inspire

•Manage yourself physically, mentally and vocally through the media

•Getting rid of performance anxiety and getting back in control

•Women taking control of the leadership voice

•Presentation skills

•Leading with confidence

•Making difficult messages easy to hear

•Grow personal resilience and creativity

•Develop strategies to recognize and manage stress in the moment

•Build a culture of collaboration and harmony

•Discover how to expand your creative zone and improve innovation at work

•Develop new ways to interact and present in the world

•Managing change