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Dr Nicholas Mabbott

Dr Nicholas Mabbott

Dr Nicholas Mabbott is a Fatigue Risk Management Specialist with over 25 years of experience in sleep science and fatigue risk management. He has provided fatigue management training and education to over 25 thousand personnel, from mineral resources, to health, construction, transport, education, and a range of other industries.

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Testimonials for Dr Nicholas Mabbott

“I cannot recommend Dr Nick Mabbott highly enough. At the time in 2017 I was Chair of the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council and we had engaged Nick remotely from Perth to review and advise on a proposed new NSW Mining Fatigue Guidelines. His initial work and advice was so good we arranged for him to attend in person in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney and run an all-day seminar for the Advisory Council members on the broader issues of what causes bodily fatigue and what personal and organisational steps can be taken to address it. It was one of the best workplace seminars I have ever attended. If it is about fatigue and Dr Nick Mabbott is not on your consulting or speakers list, then you haven’t got the A team on the job”.

Past Chair NSW Mining Safety Advisory Council


Wesfarmers Kleenheat have had a most productive association with Dr Nick Mabbott since 2013. Over the last four years Kleenheat have conducted 16 two-day Driver Forums nationally, where heavy vehicle drivers (employee and contractor) were bought together in a central location, along with other Operational staff. The primary aim of the forums was to improve driver safety and wellbeing.

To assist in reaching this goal, a number of external and internal presenters delivered sessions on various subjects specifically targeting driver safety and wellbeing. Dr Nick presented at all the two-day forums on Fatigue and Sleep Management, a session that always rated extremely well in the feedback from both drivers and other staff who were present. So much so that, as a result of good feedback, Dr Nick has also delivered his presentation to other teams in the WESCEF group.

Transport Compliance Manager, Wesfarmer’s Kleenheat


As we discussed today, your incident investigation in-service was well-received by the Investigations Team as well as my DGO colleagues. I believe it hit the mark both personally and professionally, and we can definitely use the tool to our advantage in DG transport incident situations. We appreciated the examples that you gave and also the analysis you provided around personal circumstances that our staff presented to you in “real time”. 

It was a pleasure to be taught the fundamentals of fatigue-related issues with a professional practitioner like yourself, Nick. Your background knowledge and currency of relevant research came through strongly – as did your passion for safety and personal growth.

Department of Mines and Petroleum, Western Australia


Dr Nick has been a regular presenter at Transafe WA’s Road Transport Industry Safety Forums where he shares valuable insights into sleep science and hygiene that always fascinate our audiences. Nick combines expertise, passion and real care for people when delivering content. He successfully reads his audiences, generating participation and adapting content to suit. As a road safety organisation, we are certain Nick’s presentations have resulted in behavioural change that has positively impacted the health and wellbeing of those who hear him speak.

Executive Officer, TransafeWA

Dr Nicholas Mabbott Travels from WA
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Dr Nicholas Mabbott's Biography

Dr Nicholas Mabbott is a passionate Fatigue Risk Management Specialist and is sought out for his highly interesting and informative content on sleep and performance, coupled with his ability to connect to the audience. He uses storytelling to illustrate sleep’s effects on people, both positive and negative, drawing from presenting to over 25,000 people. He walks the talk with his love of sleep and desire to share the range of benefits of good sleep - from safety to health and wellness, and improved productivity. Nick’s information has changed lives and has the ability to save lives. He will soon publish his life’s work, with a book titled: Beyond Midnight – The wonder of sleep.

Dr Nicholas Mabbott is a Fatigue Risk Management Specialist with over 25 years of experience in sleep science and fatigue risk management. He has provided fatigue management training and education to over 25 thousand personnel, from mineral resources, to health, construction, transport, education, and a range of other industries. He has presented to at least 50 forums and conferences. Most of his clients refer to him as: Dr Nick.

His early academic career with ARRB Group was mainly focused on fatigue and road safety, with research for the National Transport Commission, AUSTROADS, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and most state and territory transport regulators.

Dr Nick’s’ PhD project was in the research, development, implementation, and testing of a fatigue monitoring device for truck drivers. Using this, he captured data from 14 successive nightshifts for mine haul truck drivers. One of the first in Australia to capture performance data from such a number of nightshifts. He also measured the extended driving periods for two-up truck drivers driving across Australia, and livestock operators driving between WA, the NT and Qld. He is sought after to assist with implementation of fatigue technology in mining haul truck fleets.

Dr Nick uses practical strategies to assist people to understand and get better sleep, helping them improve their health and wellness, and safety at work and on the road. He has provided fatigue risk assessments, roster assessments, fatigue incident investigations, assistance with the implementation of fatigue technologies, and training and awareness sessions, to clients within industries such as:

•          Port & maritime;

•          Mining;

•          Oil and gas resources;

•          Rail;

•          Road transport;

•          Health;

•          Education;

•          Construction;

•          Horticulture & forestry;

•          Police and emergency services;

•          Government, and

•          Small businesses.

Dr Nick has represented the WA Police Major Crash Division on numerous fatal fatigue crashes, supplying expert evidence to courts and coroners. He assists groups at the workforce and corporate level to better manage workplace safety and performance through enabling the workforce to obtain the best sleep possible. He also assists mining groups at the Australian and global level.

In the last 13 years he has implemented his theory on sleep timing to assist people to get to sleep within minutes and achieve a full night of sleep. Many employees are now benefitting from increased quality and length of sleep, including those working nightshifts. Dr Nick’s main drawcard is his ability to engage people to discuss sleep and fatigue management, not only in the safety space but within the health and wellness arena.

People find Dr Nick’s knowledge, coupled with his wit, stories and ability to adapt to different groups, easy to believe and understand. Attendees enjoy taking their learnings home to their families.

Speaking Topics Include

The Science of Sleep – The most sought after topic yet. Dr Nick illustrates the homeostatic requirement for sleep, how sleep cleans the brain of toxins, and how each stage of sleep provides something wonderful for humans. He fully explains what a ‘sleep debt’ is.


Sleep and Injury Prevention in the Workplace – People are often left wondering what went wrong when someone so smart can do something so seemingly dumb in the workplace. This can lead to injury, ridicule and re-training, when all the person needed was more sleep. Walking through the stages of sleep, and how sleep architecture changes with sleep restriction, people are often amazed at how much sense it makes to make mistakes when sleep restricted.


Sleep Restrictions Effects on Mental Fitness – Ever wondered why you go off the handle quicker on some days than others? Sick of living in a world full of idiots? Perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror and take charge of your ability to see the cloud’s silver linings. Good sleep, good food and exercise, the three pillars of health, can help you remain the person who often gets asked: “Why are you always happy”?


Sleep Restrictions Effects on Health and Wellness – With an emphasis on Type II Diabetes, and other human ailments, Dr Nick extracts information from his “Science of Sleep” program, to illustrate how you can be in more control of your health and wellness. People are often prompted into action after hearing this information.


Sleep to Assist the Ageing Brain – Why wouldn’t anyone want to have more control of their brain as they age? Using knowledge from the sleep sciences, coupled with learnings from neuroplasticity, Dr Nick will fascinate your group regarding just how much control you actually have over your ageing brain.


Sleep for Performance – Use sleep to bring out your best performances. Whether they be sport, the arts, or anything that requires skills and stamina. Dr Nick has assisted athletes who compete internationally, through to the locals playing disc golf. In particular, getting the right sleep to perform at their best at the right time. This session also delves into how the early morning training for water sports, could be the worst timing for athletes to be the ‘best version of themselves’.


Planning for Safer Driving Holidays – It’s all too common. You go to bed late, stressed and unable to get to sleep. You wake early to beat the traffic and within an hour, the family is fast asleep, and you are left to drive, short of sleep, fatigued and willing to push through to get to your destination. But you don’t see your eyes slowly closing and no-one else in the car is aware you are about to run off the road. It was going to be a great holiday. Dr Nick will show you the ten-step process for an enjoyable and safe holiday.


Sleep and Road Safety– When will it stop? The carnage on the roads has slowly reduced over the years with the awesome work of road safety practitioners and the police. But people are still losing their lives and causing disabling injuries to themselves and others. At the end of a training session with Police Major Crash, one officer said, every driver should do this course before they get their license. Listen to Dr Nick and you will soon see why.


Speaker Topics – Workshops (2 – 4-hours):

•          Fatigue Incident Investigations

•          Fatigue Risk Assessment Principals

•          Developing Fatigue Management Plans

•          Supervising Fatigued Employees (for supervisors)


Two-day Interactive Sleep & Fatigue Experience. Topics include:

•          The Science of Sleep

•          Sleep restriction – Factors & Fallacies

•          Sleep Restriction, Health & Wellness, Safety & Productivity

•          Mitigating Controls

•          Fatigue Incident Investigation

•          Fatigue Risk Assessment

•          Fatigue Risk Management Plans

•          Enabling a Sustainable Fit-for-Work Culture